Bed Bugs in Hotel Bed Sheets

We can easily solve this problem by removing the sheets, soaking the bath towels, putting them among the sheets we’ve removed and leaving them anywhere on the floor at moment we leave the room for check out. By doing this, we can guarantee that all the stuff will be changed for our next mate. You can spill alcohol to kill bed bugs.

I spill coffee (accidentally) on the bed as soon as I check inn,then call front desk and ask him if they could come change the bedding since I had an accident works every time clean fresh sheets and fresh top blanket much like you would to deter a skunk away.

Sometimes a guest checks out late, around 12:00 and its a day or two earlier than what was booked. Most housekeepers get a list by 8:00 am with 8 hours of rooms to clean. This original list tells them which people are staying and which are leaving. That is how this can sometimes happen. While I don’t condone short cuts; sometimes it is a simple matter of housekeeping being notified of checkouts.

Where I worked they have a specific houseman who strips down the beds , we get to the rooms , the beds are already stripped down and ready for new sheets. My manager is very strict when it comes to the beds and bathroom. She always encourage us to do very good job because guests pay a lot of money for rooms.

She checks the room as soon as we are done to make sure theres no hair in the bathroom etc , make sure we dust and checks the kitchen to make sure pots , plates , glass etc are clean. Also the hotel i work are suites, they have kitchen, living room , and the rooms so the one i work is more like an apartment where people actually live there.

Trevor Noah On Women

I love when Trevor Noah shares his own experience, it’s so genuine and interesting, and of course funny. I just wish the actual show was more like this. But it’l get there. Jon Stewart took a few years of silly gag jokes before getting to real interdicting satirical commentary.

Thank you trevor for putting this in a way that all can understand. Most Americans have no clue how America is viewed from others countries perspectives. Most only believe what they are told by the biased media, slighted & skewed education that is being taught in our schools. Until we as human beings see that unless we learn to recognize the humanity in each other, we will never really be fully humane ourselves!

I agree with you 100 percent. I’ll once in a while see people, state that Trevor sucks and he’ll never be Jon Stewart.. but what they still have to realize is Jon Stewart wasn’t amazing right off the bat. As you said, it took him some time to get to where he is.. much like any actor/comedian… takes time, no one is amazing overnight in their line of work. I think Trevor is doing a great job.. hope he keeps it going!