Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston?

Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

Tasmania’s cost of living is relatively low, especially when compared to Australia. But that does not mean Tasmanians are willing to pay more for groceries.

Many Tasmanians are wondering if Aldi is coming to Hobart, Tasmania. The answer might surprise you.

Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

Is Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania In 2022?

Aldi’s corporate office issued an official statement on April 19, 2019 in response to speculations from Tasmanian hopefuls. The statement stated that the German discount grocery store will not be opening any stores in Tasmania or its capital, Hobart. Aldi has not made any additional announcements that contradict the earlier one.

  • You can learn more about Aldi’s reasons for not coming to Tasmania and Hobart by reading this article.
  • Aldi Isn’t Coming to Tasmania and Hobart?

    Aldi hasn’t stated explicitly why they don’t want to open new locations in Hobart, Tasmania or Greater Tasmania. However there are some reasons that I can come up with that could have something do with it.

    The first is that Tasmania’s cost of living is slightly lower than the Australian mainland. While some people still struggle to afford groceries, they have plenty of options for shopping and getting the best deal.

    Aldi is not a great market because of this.

    It is possible that the small island could also make it difficult to find suitable locations. Many cities in the world have been built so densely there’s no space for new businesses.

    Aldi, according to their corporate website, is very particular about their markets. So perhaps, they wait until their market share has increased in other parts of Australia.

    Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

    How do you find Aldi Stores near Hobart, Tasmania?

    Hobart seems like the most obvious location for Aldi in Tasmania.

    On another thread, commenters in the Bring Aldi to Tasmania page mentioned Devonport and Launceston.

    Is it possible to find Aldi shops in Hobart or Tasmania for people?

    Hobartian and Tasmanian desires for Aldi can be intense.

    Many wonder why only one Aldi store is not enough in Australia.

    Hobart, Australia’s ABC Network’s local news, asked its residents about their dreams for the city. Aldi was ranked above Costco and Ikea.

    Respondent one said that Aldi would clean up Hobart compared with the existing grocery shops.

    One Sarah Blockley created a petition to get Aldi back to Tasmania.

  • She said, “Don’t you think that is a bit unfair that very rural communities such as Casino NSW have an Aldi Store but Aldi shops…currently don’t have any plans to bring to Tasmania a single store?”
  • She cited how Aldi’s Special Buys made it possible for her family to purchase things they needed and were able to get such great deals on them.

    Although Ms. Blockley wasn’t able to get 262 signatures for her petition, it is obvious that she has a passion for this cause.

    Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

    Are There Other Places to Shop Other than Aldi in Hobart or Tasmania?

    In reference to Tasmania’s many supermarket choices, the word “monopoly”, is used repeatedly.

  • Woolworths’ and Coles’ supermarkets have been “slashing prices for more than 200 products” in recent months. This is a clear sign of increased competition.
  • There are many lovely shops in Hobart.

    Aldi may also be coming to Canada, Colorado and New Zealand.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi, to the dismay of Tasmanians, stated that they did not plan on opening a store in Tasmania, or Hobart. The supermarket chain also said that it had never made any changes since.

    The international growth of German grocery stores has been phenomenal in the past five to three years. So, when it’s right, Tasmanians will be able to expect an Aldi store.

    .Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

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