Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Garden Plants Aldi Fresh

When I went to the Aldi on Shoemaker Road, I saw live garden plants when I first entered the building. It took everything in me not to pick up a pot of pink tulips that caught my eye!

It would be food for the local groundhog, who has been terrorizing our gardens and yards the last few years.

After my quick shopping trip I realized that somebody had bought the tulips which I was eyeing. It’s possible that I may have fed the groundhog.

It’s now that I am eager to go back to Aldi and check out any Aldi Garden bargains, plants, vegetables, or other gardening goodies.

I’ll be sure to update this post whenever I do!

Aldi sells flowers?

Yes, Aldi sells fresh flowers. You can buy a variety of flowers at Aldi, including roses, carnations, tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils, daisies, orchids, snapdragons, and lilies, based on the season. Beautiful fuchsias can be purchased at Aldi to brighten up your home.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to send 100 roses and a bouquet of roses and lilies, as well as a Valentine’s bouquet and Shades of Love gift basket bouquet. In addition, premium mixed bouquets, premium tulip bouquets, hyacinths, calla lilies, and even orchids are available for Mother’s Day, amaryllises during winter, and potted lilies for Easter.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Can You Order Flowers Online At Aldi Via Instacart?

Yes, you can order flower delivery online at Aldi via Instacart. It’s easy. You may order your favorite flowers from an ALDI near you using the Instacart app or website. Instacart matches you with an individual shopper to shop for your flowers and then delivers them once you have placed your order. The “Leave at my door” option allows for contactless delivery. Using the app or website, you can keep track of your order’s status and connect with your shopper at any time.

These are the steps

  • Log in to your Instacart Account
  • Input the information of the recipient
  • Select a nearby store
  • Flowers can be ordered to arrive the next day or later.

Can I Return Aldi Flowers?

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Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Does Aldi Flowers Cost in Cost?

Everyday bouquets cost $3.99, regardless of the type of flowers included. This category also includes Aldi’s small rose bouquets which include six roses. Additionally, daisies and mixed bouquets of flowers are also prevalent.

The prices for ALDI Finds flowers can vary widely. The regular bouquets start at $3.99. However, the premium bouquets with more flowers and larger sizes may be available for as high as $8-20.

Small potted flowers can cost as little as $2.50 and can cost as much as $13. Even for potted flowers, Aldi seldom charges more than $20.

Additionally, the pricing of Aldi’s ALDI Finds flowers may be reduced if they don’t sell out quickly enough. With a bit of luck (and a keen eye), you could even score a bargain on a bouquet!

Does Aldi Deliver Flowers?

No, Aldi does not deliver flowers. However, you can get flowers through the grocery delivery service Instacart.

However, keep in mind that the price for fresh flowers through Instacart may be higher than inside Aldi. It’s because Instacart often charges more than the shelf price to make money and help compensate the driver.

Aldi also offers curbside pickup in most of its stores. If your order exceeds $10 you can opt for pickup. You don’t even need to visit the shop. Instead, an Aldi employee will carry the bouquet to your vehicle in a designated pickup parking spot.

See our guide on Costco food court delivering pizza.

Aldi does not currently offer customized flower services. You can still find fresh flowers in any of the stores, or you may order ahead for a particular date. If you need to, they can be arranged by you into a customized bouquet.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Does Aldi Flowers Cost in Cost?

Aldi sells everyday bouquets for $3.99, regardless of the variety of flowers in the bouquet. A daily bouquet typically includes half-dozen roses or carnations as well as daisies and tulips.

In addition to regular bouquets of $3.99, the grocery store offers a variety premium bouquets that can be used for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The cost of a basic bouquet is the same whether it contains single-type or mixed blooms. Premium large arrangements of floral flowers can cost between $8 and $20 depending on what variety is included.

Aldi sells a wide range of tropical houseplants including lucky bamboo, Boston fern and mini cacti. Each one costs about $10. Seasonally, they also sell hundreds of hanging houseplants for a low price. They also offer potted flowers at a price that is below $20

For those flowers that aren’t selling out, you might also be able to get a discount in the Aldi Finds section. So, if you’re lucky, you might be able to buy a beautiful bouquet for half the price!

Aldi Can Sell Cut Flowers

Aldi flowers are perfect gifts for both teachers and grads. For $3.99, Aldi offers cut flowers every day. A price like that lets you splurge early and often before any important event.

Where does Aldi get its flowers from?

Aldi has extended its relationship with its long-time supplier, JZ Flowers, for a further five years.

How long does Aldi flower last?

Aldi claims the flowers will last for 12 months, so it could be worth it over time. A special solution that removes moisture from roses is applied to preserve them. This ensures they don’t become wilted and also keeps their size, shape, and color intact.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Top Twenty Non-Food Finds This Week

  • Crofton mega bakeware, $9.99
  • Crofton 20 piece meal prepping containers for $4.99
  • Huntington Home sofa cover, $19.99
  • Huntington Home wax melts – scented $1.69 or odor elimination $2.29
  • Huntington Home 10-drawer rolling storage cart, $28.99
  • Huntington Home essential oils, $4.99
  • Huntington Home 3-wick candles, $4.29, or single wick, $2.49
  • First Alert photoelectric smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm, $14.99
  • First Alert HOME1 rechargeable fire extinguisher, $16.99
  • WORKZONE All-Purpose Mats, 18″x30″, $5.99 or 3×4′ for $14.99
  • Serra faux fur slides, $6.99
  • Serra Ladies’ 4-piece set, $14.99
  • Children’s hat, gloves, and scarf set, $6.99
  • Visage heated massager, $18.99
  • Heart to Tail cat scratching post or corner condo, $14.99
  • Natural dog chews Heart to Tail, 5.99
  • Pet bed Heart to Tail Plush, $19.99
  • Heart to Tail bone or fish basket, $19.99
  • Pure Being assorted premium dental dog chews, $5.99
  • Easy Home portable vacuum cleaner, $24.99

Although the price of a fire extinguisher has increased by $2 over last year, it is still very affordable. Think about updating your fire safety equipment this week, if it’s been a while..

Crofton’s meal preparation containers for the week are available again. Pick up single or double compartment 20-piece sets, which contain 10 containers + 10 lids. They stack well and can be used for leftovers and meal prep as well as portion control and lunches.

Inspect The Petals

The petals should be soft and supple. They are near the end of their lives if they have curled edges or become dry and brittle.

Aldi’s discount pricing is well-known. The same applies to fresh cut flowers. No matter what type of flowers are included in the bouquet, Everyday Bouquets cost $3.99.

Aldi Finds sell seasonal flowers and arrangements starting at $3.99 up to $14.99. Aldi flowers are rarely more expensive than $20.00.

Yes, Aldi carries flowers and bouquets specifically for Valentine’s Day. Aldi features their Valentine’s Day flowers as part of their Aldi Finds right before the holiday.

When buying Valentine’s Day roses at Aldi, use the same criteria as mentioned above for buying fresh cut flowers.

Carefully inspect the bouquet you are about to purchase to make sure the stems, petals and leaves look healthy. After all, you want to make sure you impress your Valentine!

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Are The Flowers Worth At Aldi

Everyday bouquets are $3.99, no matter what kind of flowers are contained within. This includes Aldi’s small rose bouquets, which feature a half dozen roses in the bunch. You can also find daisies and carnations in mixed bouquets.

For tiny plants, potted flowers can be as low as $2.50 and as expensive as $13. Aldi rarely charges more than $20 even for potted flowers.

One additional note about Aldi flower prices: sometimes when their ALDI Finds flowers don’t sell out they get discounted. You might be able to get a bouquet at half the price if you are lucky.

The Top 15 Food Picks of the Week

  • Get Elevation Ready to Drink Protein Shakes in Cafe Latte, Mochaccino or Espresso for $5.95
  • L’Oven Fresh bagels that are keto-friendly, $3.99
  • L’Oven Fresh Keto Wrap, $3.49
  • Specially Selected mozzarella pesto or roasted vegetable flatbread, $3.79
  • Mama Cozzi’s stone baked pizza, 4 cheese or veggie, $4.19
  • PopCorners flex protein crisps in BBQ or buffalo, $2.98
  • Savoritz Parmesan crisps in four cheese or everything, $2.99
  • Southern Grove chickpea snacks, sea salt or BBQ, $2.99
  • Turkey Creek chili lime pork rinds or dill pickle, $1.49
  • 2.69 USD for Palmini Hearts of Palm Rice,
  • Loma Linda plant-based protein meal, $2.99
  • Spread with flaxseed and chia from Simply Nature, $2.79
  • Simply Nature 28 oz coconut oil, $7.99
  • Tuscan Garden Sweet or Savory Keto Salad Topping, $1.99
  • Delici Strawberry white chocolate mousse cups, $2.79

Flatbread looks beautiful, don’t you think?

If you’ve been waiting for the flaxseed and chia peanut butter to come back, stock up now!

And yes, this week’s other theme is keto: If you’ve been waiting for the keto-friendly bagels and wraps, hurry on in for those. These were found in my bakery’s endcap, near the registers.

Turkey Creek chili lime porkrinds and Turkey Creek dill pickle are back at $1.49 each bag. If you’re a fan of chicharrones, these new flavors are sure to please!

Parmesan crispy are keto-friendly and very delicious. They’re also quite easy to make at home instead, if you feel so inspired.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Types Of Flowers Does Aldi Sell?

You can choose from single or mixed-type bouquets that will look great and last several weeks without needing to be replaced.

Those who want more than just an everyday piece also offer seasonal products like winter snowflake lilies in December. These beautiful bulbs make Amaryllis a popular choice for pot plants.

Plus, their flower selection changes regularly, so you can always find new and exciting options.

The online flyer ALDI Finds allows you to check out the latest stock. Look no further than these mini-fliers, which will be found around store exits. Customers who sign up will receive information in their mailbox.

Aldi Flowers make great gifts for teachers and graduates too

Aldi’s average price for cut flowers is $3.99 With a price point that low, this is the kind of splurge you can afford to do early and often before any major holiday or event.

Of course, this week you probably won’t pay $3.99. You’re likely to spend at least $9.99 on cut flowers from Aldi in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

You might want to wait until prices drop to $3.99 in some areas of the country before buying bouquets for teachers and graduates.

You sure can’t beat the price!

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Does Aldi Ship Flowers?

The Aldi chain stores don’t sell flowers like florists.

Nevertheless, there’s a work-around in case you’re in a bind and might’t make it to the shop!

Aldi is now partnered with Instacart, a grocery delivery service. Instacart delivers orders over $35, so if you wish to have flowers delivered you’ll be able to both buy $35-worth or add them to your grocery haul.

Instacart additionally lets you decide up your groceries curbside, so in case you simply don’t wish to go into the shop, you’ll be able to choose the pick-up possibility for orders over $10.

Additionally, you will not be able to take advantage of in-store price reductions.

Where Do Aldi Flowers Come From?

Most of the flowers found in the shop are from Ethiopian or Kenyan farms. However, Aldi also collaborates with Australian farmers to purchase as many flowers and plants grown in Australia as possible.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Kind Of Rose Wine Is Sweet?

White Zinfandel, one of the most popular sweet rose wines is available. The white merlot is a classic. Moscato in pink color.

Is Aldi Able To Deliver Flowers?

There is no flower delivery service from Aldi stores, as the florist shop does not use Instacart for its service. If you want your flowers delivered, you can purchase them for $35 and add them to your grocery bag.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Is It Worth Buying Aldi Flowers?

The company also provides tips on caring for your flowers if they are to last more than a few weeks. This will allow you to enjoy them for longer periods of time than other varieties on the market.

Are You Looking For Fresh Flowers in Aldi

Aldi does not have a designated floral department, so flowers and plants can be found near the register. Aldi doesn’t have a designated floral department so potted flowers and hanging bouquets will be found on shelves freestanding in different aisles.

You can also get restocked fresh flowers, plants, and seeds from Aldi on delivery days.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Aldi also sells other types of fresh flowers.

Aldi receives new products and Aldi finds every Wednesday.

Check Aldi’s online flyer or mailer for current and future Aldi Finds to get a head start on buying popular seasonal flowers before they are sold out.

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When Does Aldi Restock Flowers?

Aldi restocks flowers every day but tends to receive their fresh flower deliveries on Wednesdays. Contact your nearby Aldi store manager for the timing of its store deliveries.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

What Day Does Aldi Get Recent Flowers?

Aldi stores can sell out of in-demand merchandise. When you have checked forward of time and know there’s a sort of flower you need up on the market, get there early.

Aldi Sells What Kind Of Plants?

Aldi is also offering the following kinds of plants: dracena, spathiphyllum, philodendron, palm, and lubbersii. If live near one suggest stopping by a nearby Aldi.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers

Large Kalanchoe for Mother’s Day

Lucky for us, Aldi has released a new range of flowers suitable for every budget.

The bouquets, potted plants, and greeting cards are on sale in all Aldi stores from today!

Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

Founded 10 July 1946




(split in two parts in 1960, renamed to Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in 1962)




Theo Albrecht

, Germany (Aldi Nord)


, Germany (Aldi Süd)

Number of locations






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


121.1 billion (2021)



Trader Joe’s

(Aldi Nord)



In addition to pantry staples, Aldi grocery stores sell a terrific variety of gifts for the special someone on your list. And nothing complements a birthday or anniversary present like flowers.

  • These live, fresh flowers are a great gift. But, can you get them at Aldi too? Let me tell you what I discovered!
  • Aldi offers what type of flowers?

    Aldi’s famed $3.99 daily bouquets are made with fairtrade roses. You can choose from single flowers or beautiful bouquets that include baby’s breath.

  • Additionally, Aldi is well known for its seasonal or holiday-themed fresh flowers. These products are called ALDI Finds.
  • For example, the stores roll out premium bouquets of a dozen roses around Valentine’s Day and potted lilies for Easter.

    For Mother’s Day you can also find premium mixed bouquets, premium tulip bouquets, hyacinths, calla lilies, and even orchids.

    The hanging baskets that can be placed on porches or used as planting containers for perennials, such as the sought-after hydrangeas, are available in spring. Even though they aren’t traditional bouquets these make excellent gifts.

    Aldi has flowers available for sale, including amaryllises. They come in festive pots.

    Aldi rotates their limited-edition/limited-quantity flowers every week, so even when there aren’t special holidays, stores receive new types of flowers. Consider paperwhites in a glass vase for October, or succulents in pots for July.

    It is best to look at their online flier to see what seasonal flowers they have. This flyer can be accessed one week before the actual stock arrives. A day before they receive new stock, you can check their flier.

    You can also find mini-flyers for the upcoming ALDI Finds at Aldi’s exits.

    Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

    What Are The Flowers Worth At Aldi

    All types of flowers can be included in every day bouquets for $3.99. Aldi also offers small rose bouquets that include half a dozen roses. You can also find daisies and carnations in mixed bouquets.

    ALDI Finds flowers can be purchased at a variety of prices. You can get them for as low as $3.99, or even higher, if you want to buy premium bouquets. These bouquets contain larger flowers and will cost anywhere between $8-20.

    Smaller plants can cost as little as $2.50 while larger potted flowers may run as high as $13. Aldi does not charge more than $20 for any potted flower. It’s rare.

  • One additional note about Aldi flower prices: sometimes when their ALDI Finds flowers don’t sell out they get discounted. You might be able to get a bouquet at half the price if you are lucky.
  • Where are The Flowers of Aldi Found?

    Aldi’s flower section doesn’t include a floral section as you would find in other grocery chains. Expect to see bouquets available near registers.

    Hanging baskets and potted plants are likely to be placed on shelves that can be freestanding in different locations around the store.

    Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

    Are Aldi Flowers Good Quality?

  • Aldi’s roses were praised by many buyers who have confirmed their satisfaction with the quality of the bouquets. Some claim the bouquets last as long as two weeks when taken good care.
  • Aldi flowers come with both flower food and care instructions, which can increase their longevity.

    Does Aldi Deliver Flowers?

    Aldi chains stores are not able to deliver flowers, as a florist shop would.

  • You can always find a solution if things aren’t going according to plan.
  • Aldi has announced a partnership to Instacart, the grocery delivery platform. Instacart will deliver flowers for orders greater than $35.

    Instacart lets you pick up groceries curbside.

    One thing to note, however: Instacart frequently upcharges on the prices you would see on the store shelves. A $3.99 bouquet located near registers might cost you 50c more.

    You also will not be able to take advantage of any in-store price-slashing.

    Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

    Can You Order Flowers From Aldi?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to order flowers at your Aldi location.

    The closest you can come, again, is to use Aldi’s partnership with Instacart and buy based on what they have available listed online.

    Aldi can get fresh flowers any day of the week

    On Wednesday, new products like ALDI Finds hit store shelves. You can check the shelves on Wednesdays for new flowers or limited-run plants.

    Aldi’s can be flooded with high-demand products. You can get the flower that you are looking for if you check ahead and make sure you go to Aldi before it is too late.

    Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

    Are Aldi’s flower seeds for sale?

    Aldi offers flower seed purchases if you’re looking for ways to take care of your flowers. However, these are only available as ALDI Finds during certain times of the year: spring and summer.

    Aldi sells bulbs ready to plant during this period, in addition to the seeds.

    See our posts on alternative locations to purchase flowers.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi flowers are available in a range of prices and for different occasions. Aldi has a long tradition of offering high-quality flowers at shockingly affordable prices, whether you are looking for holiday decorations or pretty bouquets.

    The Source of Aldi Flowers


    How Long Do Aldi Flowers Last?

    Aldi claims they can last 12 months, so the investment could prove to be worthwhile in the end. You can preserve roses by treating them with special “solution”. This liquid removes any moisture so they don’t wilt and maintains their colour, shape, and size.

    Aldi’S Carry Roses

    Aldi also sells groceries, but flowers. Many decorative flowers can be placed in the garden by Aldi. For $3.99, you can purchase bright flower bouquets. It includes half-a dozen roses.

    Aldi is supplied with flowers by who?

    JZ Flowers

    .Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

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