Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes

Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes In 2022? (Do This Instead)

A post office box is a safe option if you don’t receive your mail or need additional security.

  • Unfortunately, receiving packages can be more challenging if you have a PO box address. Keep reading to learn if Amazon can deliver to PO boxes.
  • Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Do This Instead)

    Amazon Will Deliver to PO Boxes, its marketplace sellers and others will now ship some items to a postal box starting in 2022. They do however often work with carriers that can’t deliver products to PO boxes. Amazon shoppers can instead use General Delivery addresses or other workarounds to receive Amazon packages.

  • You can still order an item online if your postal address is not a Post Office Box. Continue reading to find out why Amazon uses this policy, and to discover solutions!
  • Amazon Orders can be shipped via general delivery
  • Although it may increase the risk of package loss, some Amazon shoppers with PO boxes successfully use General Delivery addresses to receive their items.

    Just like a PO Box, you can pick up the package at your local post office (remember to bring identification).

    How to set up your Amazon shipping address. Make sure you use uppercase letters for General Delivery.

  • Your Name
  • ZIPCODE: City and State
  • The USPS Service was established to help individuals who frequently travel or do not have mailing addresses but still wish to receive mail.

    Anyone can however use it to acquire parcels at the post office instead of at their home or businesses.

    However, it is important to confirm the acceptance of General Delivery packages with your post office before you use this option.

    You might be nervous about this process and send your items to a friend, relative or trusted person with a street address.

    A box could be rented at The UPS Store, or any other shipping facility that takes Amazon orders.

  • Amazon Locker is also an excellent solution
  • You can send Amazon Products to Amazon Locker locations, if you do not want the item sent to General Delivery.

    Amazon Lockers works in much the same manner as PO Boxes. They have a designated storage space that can be used by the person who is retrieving the item.

    Additionally, this service is completely free and there are 1,000’s of locations throughout the US.

    Amazon Locker Locations are also available for selected locations 24-7. Product is kept in storage for 3 calendar days until pickup.

    Why Doesn’t Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

    Amazon is currently using UPS and Independent Contractors to ship many products. Unfortunately, UPS does not serve PO boxes as per its website.

    The same goes for shipping contractors and FedEx. While Amazon has stopped using FedEx, some marketplace sellers utilize its delivery service.

    Amazon has chosen UPS or other independent contractors as their delivery partner for many items. It is financially motivated.

    Although the post office charges the lowest rate for lightweight, small packages, most other carriers transport heavier items much more affordably (especially large packages that exceed a pound).

    Amazon makes a few exceptions to this policy. Amazon will ship replacement phones and upgrade to mailboxes within 5 working days. To purchase a cell phone, however, you will need to have a street address.

    You should also be aware of the fact that Amazon Pharmacy does not deliver to PO boxes if you order medication.

    For this product to be available, you must have a valid street address. No off-site pick up locations will allow you to get prescription drugs.

    Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Do This Instead)

    Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

    Amazon Prime subscriptions that include a postoffice box are eligible for free shipping.

    Amazon Prime provides coverage for the majority of PO boxes within the United States, provided that you select a qualifying seller or buy items from directly.

    At the same time, Prime members with PO boxes don’t qualify for Amazon Day or release-date deliveries. Sometimes you may need to be patient.

    The retailer downgrades some Prime orders to standard shipping rather than same-day or two-day delivery when customers have this type of mailing address.

    Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

    You may not send a gift or live in Puerto Rico if these restrictions are met.

    Amazon can serve some of the PO boxes in the island but not all. When you go to checkout, the Amazon website will inform you if the address you entered is eligible.

    Amazon also doesn’t offer expedited or priority delivery for Puerto Rico postal boxes.

    You can’t send certain heavy, dangerous or large products into this area. The weight limit for a package sent to any address in Puerto Rico is 70 pounds.

    Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Do This Instead)

    Amazon Fresh Can Deliver To PO Boxes

    Unfortunately, customers with PO boxes cannot pick up items from the post office. Only street addresses that are eligible for Fresh delivery will be delivered. If you live near an Amazon Fresh Pickup location, you can collect your groceries there instead.

    What shops ship to PO boxes

    Alternative options include buying the identical item from a different vendor. Numerous stores, including, limit shipping to boxed items. These retailers may not offer expedited or 2-day shipping.

    Some companies do offer delivery by PO box for any item.

    Some stores ship merchandise to PO boxes. Ordering small items will likely be easier.

    For instance, Target delivers products to these addresses when they don’t exceed certain measurements or weight limits. Find out whether an item is eligible by checking the information below “Shipping”.

    A few retailers will exclude postal boxes entirely because they use FedEx or UPS as shipping methods.

    Staples Sears Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and Sears are just a few of the stores. All four of these companies offer customers the ability to place orders online and have them delivered at their nearest stores.

    Amazon has a narrow selection of products that can be delivered to your post office boxes, which is the bottom line.

    If you are a Commercial Shipping Center, General Delivery Address, Family Member’s Street address, or another retailer that can send merchandise to PO boxes, it is possible to order merchandise online.

    Check out our post on Amazon’s late delivery, how many Amazon apartments deliver, and whether Amazon can ship to Mexico.

    Amazon will ship to Po Boxes?

    The company certainly does. How you address your order will impact whether you get it to your PO Box. Let your postal address be 1 line if your package is to go to the PO Box.

    How can Amazon send a package to the post office?

    All you have to do to get your order delivered to a post office is choose your local post office or preferred pickup location during the checkout process on Amazon’s website, and present ID at the branch to collect your parcel.Nov 25, 2014

    .Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes In 2022? (Do This Instead)

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