What Is Amazon Flex?

What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

Amazon.com, Inc.
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)



Founded July 5, 1994

; 27 years ago




Bellevue, Washington

, U.S.
Jeff Bezos


Area served
Key people
Revenue Increase


469.822 billion (2021)



US$24.879 billion (2021)


US$33.364 billion (2021)


Total assets

US$420.549 billion (2021)


Total equity

US$138.245 billion (2021)


Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


Number of employees
1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)




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In addition to the Amazon Prime vans seen in towns and cities widely, the company hires a number of independent contractors to pick up the slack.

This guide will help you if you’re a Prime member curious about Amazon Flex, or if you want to drive for the service. What I have learned so far about Amazon Flex.

What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

What Is Amazon Flex In 2022?

Amazon Flex allows drivers to pick up Amazon packages and deliver them to their homes. The program allows drivers to collect packages from various cities in the US using their vehicle. They also have access to a support app on the smartphone. Drivers are paid on a contract basis and must pay for all gas and vehicle expenses.

  • You can find answers and a complete guide to Amazon Flex here.
  • Amazon Flex: How does it work?

    Other ride-sharing or delivery services, like Uber, can be thought of. Now consider Amazon Flex to be an Uber, of sorts, for Amazon merchandise.

    Drivers work as independent contractors to fill gaps in order to fulfill the ever-increasing delivery needs of companies.

    By bringing packages to the buyer faster, you create more satisfied customers.

    This is also the overarching goal of this program.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What is the secret to it all?

    The driver first informs Amazon about the delivery times and days they wish to use an online platform. Amazon then assigns the driver to a delivery Block’, which means a shift in a different geographic location.

    The driver will pick up package orders at the Amazon fulfillment center nearby, and drive to the doorstep to deliver it.

    The majority of deliveries happen between 6 am and 10pm, so flexibility and part-time hours are great.

    Income potential depends on the delivery blocks assigned and the hours the driver wants to put in delivering packages.

    Are There Any Cities Where Amazon Flexin’s?

    Amazon is determined to provide the fastest possible shipping. It has invested billions into systems that cut down on delivery time, which includes drones.

    Amazon Flex is currently available in 50 US locations, and plans are to add more.

  • By taking on delivery blocks, drivers have almost unlimited potential to make a living as they can earn virtually no income.
  • Take these blocks and drivers will commit to delivering the packages they have ordered within their time frame.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Who Delivers Amazon Prime Orders?

    Amazon offers many different products, and Flex drivers may be able to make several types of delivery.

    The biggest group of packages probably comes from the Amazon website orders and Prime packages.

    Since time is of the essence when it comes to Prime shipping and delivery, many Flex drivers will be charged with delivering merchandise to Prime members.

    Prime members also are offered Prime Now, which is a feature of membership that ensures lightning-fast shipping of their order.

    Prime Now members have two delivery options, one- and two hour deliveries. This service may be subject to a fee.

    The type of delivery that the driver makes is decided once the driver chooses their local fulfillment center, since this is where they will be picking up the orders to be delivered.

  • Moving to another fulfillment center can present challenges. Customer service support is required. Choose your cache carefully as you might be left with the same area for a long time!
  • What Deliveries do Amazon Flex Drivers make?

    Amazon Flex driver may deliver many packages or provisions to Amazon customers.

  • You will also have new possibilities every day and each delivery block.
  • The type of Amazon order drivers want to fulfill first may allow them to pick blocks over the years.

    Flex drivers will deliver packages from fulfillment centers to the customers’ door from Amazon.com. Blocks and deliveries depend on how close you are to a fulfillment center.

    Prime Now packs often include fresh Whole Foods products. The driver will pick up and deliver the pre-packaged grocery order to the customer. It is your responsibility to check the ID of any customer who orders alcoholic goods.

    When you deliver Amazon Fresh, you pick up at a designated site to bring the goods directly to the buyer.

    Amazon Flex drivers are also able to deliver your store order. These packages are picked up at local retailers and shops for delivery to customers.

    Although the product offerings may vary slightly, Amazon Flex drivers are essentially the exact same process with some variations in pick-up locations and protocol.

    There are many types of deliveries. Each type has its own delivery block and takes up different amounts of time.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What Are The Requirements For Amazon Flex?

    The job requirements for being a Flex driver include many that you would anticipate with any position.

    These are the things you should consider when deciding if Amazon Flex driving is the right decision for your.

    Drivers must be 21 years or older.

    Drivers must have a valid US driver’s license.

    The driver must be able to provide proof of Social Security.

    Drivers need to pass background checks that include driving and criminal histories.

    In order to deposit funds for payments, drivers will need a current bank account.

  • The driver must have an Amazon Flex App app installed on their smartphone.
  • An Android phone must have a flash camera, GPS, at least 2GB memory and a SIM Card.

    Amazon Flex is compatible with iPhone drivers, provided that it runs on iOS 11 and later operating systems.

    Which vehicle is required for Amazon Flex?

    Amazon’s drivers are the employees of the company. Therefore, there are some requirements regarding vehicle ownership for anyone considering joining this program.

    The first requirement is that delivery drivers use their own vehicle.

    The exception to this rule is the pickup truck. It must have an enclosed bed.

    The vehicle must be at least the size of an average sedan, though bigger is better when it comes to delivering Amazon packages.

    Additionally, Amazon requires that drivers have their vehicle registered and insured under their own name.

    Some states, like New York, may have additional driver requirements, including that drivers need commercial auto insurance to adhere to state law.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    What’s The Amazon Flex Application Do?

    Amazon Flex App is what drivers use to keep track of where they are and what they are doing.

    For drivers, it is crucial to become familiar and comfortable with this app. This will help them plan their movements during shifts or deliveries.

    This app lets the driver accept orders, track where the packages are being dropped off and pick them up.

    A compatible camera is necessary for this job. All the necessary information for an Amazon Flex driver to be successful is available in this app.

    Amazon Flex drivers can work any day, as deliveries are usually made seven days per week.

    The number and demand for delivery depends on whether there are drivers present.

    As an Amazon Flex driver, you sign up for shifts and blocks that you want but will never be asked to deliver or fill in for other shifts or blocks.

    You can make it your own gig, so you don’t have to be tied down by other jobs.

    Amazon Flex Drivers are paid by Amazon twice per week. The money is directly transferred to the driver’s bank account that was provided during the hire.

    Are you over 18 to qualify for Amazon Flex driving?

    Amazon Flex drivers need to be at minimum 21 years old. Amazon offers additional job requirements.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Earn?

    Hourly wages can be expected to range from $18 to $25, but drivers are paid based upon distance traveled in order deliver packages.

    That is, your earnings also are based on the service demand, location, and time that it takes to deliver the package.

  • Also, many drivers receive tips that they are able to keep.
  • How do I know what a Delivery Costs?

    Potential drivers receive an estimate of what the delivery will cost before you agree to ship to a block through Amazon Flex.

    This is in addition to the fact that drivers get an estimation of how much time it takes.

    This is how you can figure out the cost of gas and time.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Amazon Flex Drivers Receive Tips

    Amazon Flex drivers can get tipped, and they are allowed to keep the gratuities.

    Amazon Flex will pay for the driver’s gasoline and other expenses

    Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors, so any on-the-job expenses, like gas or meals, is the responsibility of the driver.

    Amazon is unable to pay job-related fees.

    What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

    Who Do Flex Drivers Talk To For Support?

    Amazon Flex utilizes customer service through Amazon backs Amazon.

    Drivers may call, email or use an app help button to get the support and assistance they need.

  • The History Behind Amazon Flex
  • Amazon Flex was created in 2015. It is an independent contractor program which delivers Amazon packages.

    This presents a fantastic opportunity for interested drivers in cities widely to be their own boss and make more money.

    Every delivery block is given to drivers so they know what their earnings will be.

    Amazon Flex drivers in America play an essential role in getting Amazon customers their merchandise in a timely manner.

    Our posts include information on Amazon delivery and how it delivers.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon Flex provides a service that allows you to pick up Amazon parcels and have them delivered directly to your door.

    Amazon Flex drivers drive their own trucks for delivery and are treated as independent contractors by Amazon.

    Do you want to be a driver at Amazon Flex Use this information to determine if this is a good fit for you- as well as what to do next if interested in joining the Amazon team.

    Amazon Flex Pays more

    Amazon Flex gives you the opportunity to make your own boss. 22 February 2022

    What does Amazon Flex do to determine pay?

    Amazon Flex doesn’t pay every day as of now. Your blocks are counted every Tuesday and Friday to calculate how much you will be paid. 22 Feb 2022

    Amazon Flex Blocks pay More

    Amazon Flex: Surge Pay. Amazon could increase the payment for delivery offers if Flex drivers fail to pickup it quickly or there is high order demand. Drivers name the increase in payouts “surge” after Uber surge pricing.30 Nov 2021

    Amazon Flex: What is the Actual Payout?

    Amazon Flex states that Amazon Flex can pay you between $18 to $25 an hour for your block work. There are many variables that can affect your position on this scale. By driving a larger car you can earn more per hour and be eligible to deliver more packages.

    .What Is Amazon Flex? (How It Works, Drivers, Pay + More)

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