How Do You Cancel Usps Passport Appointment?

How Do You Cancel Usps Passport Appointment? (Guide)

It happens–a big project comes up at work, the babysitter can’t make it, you’re having car trouble. It does not matter. You need to cancel the appointment for your USPS passport.

  • It’s not difficult to find out how to cancel USPS passport appointments and what happens in the event you make a mistake. It’s a subject I am curious about. Continue reading to find out what I discovered.
  • How Do I Check When My USPS Passport Appointment Is?

    When you make a reservation using the USPS Retail Customer Apppointment Scheduler, (RCAS), you’ll get an email with information about your appointment.

    This email address can be used to clarify any issues regarding your appointment.

    If for any reason you cannot find your appointment details please visit the Post Office to have someone look them up.

    How Do You Cancel USPS Passport Appointment? (Guide)

    What happens if my USPS Passport appointment is missed?

    Fortunately, nothing will happen if you miss your USPS passport appointment. With that, all you need to do is make a new appointment and show up.

    More than 4,800 USPS points offer passport service. There is no need for you to wait longer than 30 minutes before getting a substitute appointment.

    How many times can I cancel an appointment for a USPS passport?

    It doesn’t appear that there are any limits on the number of times you can cancel a USPS passport appointment.

    You don’t need to wait for another appointment after you cancel your previous one.

    A passport application can take 8-11 weeks.

    If you are planning a trip, you should keep your appointment open so that you can return your passport in the quickest possible time.

    How Do You Cancel USPS Passport Appointment? (Guide)

    How Do I Reschedule My Passport Appointment With USPS?

    You will receive details regarding the location and time of your appointment after you have made an appointment using the USPS Retail Customers Appointment Scheduler.

    Also, USPS will send you a confirmation number. You can modify or cancel an appointment at any time by clicking the “Manage Appointments” link found in your email.

    Next, type in your confirmation number, email address, or telephone number into the appropriate areas.

    You can cancel or change your appointment once you have completed your information.

    How do I cancel an appointment for a passport from the State Department?

    The majority of passport appointments are made at libraries, Post Offices, and other government facilities.

    However, if you need an urgent appointment, you’ll need to call the State Department directly.

    After making your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the National Passport Information Center.

    To cancel an appointment, please email the confirmation email with the subject “Cancel My Appointment” to

    Please do not send any status updates or questions via email.

    USPS personnel will not be able to answer your questions if there are any.

    How Do You Cancel USPS Passport Appointment? (Guide)

    Is it necessary to make a USPS appointment for passport?

    Before diving into how to cancel USPS passport appointments it is helpful to first know the purpose of the appointment.

    Here is the list of circumstances when you would need to schedule an appointment with the postal office for a personal passport.

    This is your first U.S. Passport (i.e. you have never received a U.S. pass before).

    If your last U.S. passport was issued 15 or more years ago.

    You can report a passport loss, damage, or theft.

    If you are 16 years or less

    If your previous passport was issued in another name and you don’t have a legal document (e.g., marriage license) to prove your legal name change.

    If you do not fit into any of these categories, your passport application may be sent by mail.

    How do you bring your passport to an appointment?

    Here’s the list of documents that you will need to submit if you have decided to schedule a passport appointment with the Post Office.

  • Form DS-11 (completed and not signed)
  • Proof of identity document and a photocopy of the front and back (e.g., driver’s license)
  • U.S. Citizenship document. Citizenship document and a photocopy of the front and back (e.g., U.S. birth certificate)
  • Photograph of your head and shoulders in color, 2’x2′
  • Passport fees
  • $35.00 Post Office Acceptance Fee
  • $15.00 Post Office Fee (If necessary, a photo fee)
  • Adults pay $110 State Department fees, Children under 16 receive $80
  • You can cancel your passport appointment if you are missing these items and then reschedule the appointment once you have all you need.

    For more information about USPS you can refer to our other articles. These include whether USPS stamps will expire or not, whether USPS needs a signature and if USPS allows passport photos.

  • Conclusion
  • You can cancel your USPS passport appointment easily.

  • To do so, simply head online to the USPS Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler tool, enter your confirmation number and email/phone number and click ‘Manage Appointments.’
  • From there, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.

    What’s more, there are no consequences for missed appointments, and you can reschedule or cancel as many times as you need to.

  • You should remember that it can take approximately 11 weeks to process your passport application. So, make sure you keep your appointment as scheduled!
  • What is the best way to cancel my passport appointment?

    Log on to Passport Seva’s official website using your login credentials. Select the “View saved/Submitted applications” tab, then click on the “Schedule Appointment” option. You can choose the appropriate option between the two available- either ‘Reschedule appointment’ to modify the date/time, or ‘Cancel appointment’.

    What happens if I miss my passport appointment?

    What happens if I am unable to attend my passport application appointment? Passport seva portal lets you reschedule if your passport application appointment is missed. It is possible to do this twice within a single year. After that date, you will lose your application and must submit another one.

    What is the Maximum Number of Times a Passport Appointment Can be Cancelled?

    Appointment rescheduling/cancellation for an application are allowed up to three times only within a year of the first appointment date. Visit to a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK):May 10, 2019

    What can I do to cancel my Passport after Submission?

    To do so, click on “Submitted/View Selected Applications” in the PSK portal. Next, go to “Schedule Appointment”. For your passport cancellation, click on the Cancel’ button.

    .How Do You Cancel Usps Passport Appointment? (Guide)