The best crossbow broadheads

There are lots of distinctions in General style to account for top muzzle velocities and far better shooting performance, but there’s also a large spectrum of different variations. Should you’re battling to seek out very good groups using your standard compound bow with the crossbow broadheads, it truly is time for you to consider a †crossbow broadhead. These enable it to be achievable to simply create higher velocity photographs, with substantial muzzle velocities, without having sacrificing accuracy or efficiency.

You’ll find a number of kinds of crossbow broadheads accessible to shoot using your crossbow and when you’re bewildered concerning which of them are greatest in your crossbow, this article will aid. When you’re not sure about what type of crossbow you have got or tips on how to utilize it correctly, listed here’s some helpful information. With regards to crossbow broadheads, there can be a good line amongst various kinds and what can make them so great.

Crossbow Broadheads Vs Regular Broadheads

Crossbow broadheads, according to old-school bowhunters, are nothing more than a marketing trick, with the only exception being the word “crossbow” on the packaging.

That may have been valid once, but with the rise in popularity of crossbow hunting, that is no longer the case. Why would you want to fire broadheads built for crossbows if you hunt with them? – Crossbow blades usually weigh between 100 and 150 grains, while most vertical bows weigh between 85 and 125 grains.

While there is some overlap, the heavier heads provide a weight-forward balance that allows the vanes to work their magic. A heavier, perfectly balanced FOC arrow flies straighter and has more strength than a smaller, perfectly balanced arrow.

Fixed Blades with a Shorter Length – If you study fixed blade crossbow blades closely, you will find that they are slightly shorter. Shorter blades compensate for the shorter length of crossbow bolts, allowing the arrow to travel more true and with less resistance from the wind and air.

Stronger Blade Retention – Mechanical broadheads are favoured by many crossbow shooters over fixed blades. The explanation for this is that crossbow bolts are fired at higher speeds, causing them to be more affected by the wind. At 400fps, the key problem with mechanicals is premature deployment.

Knives Clear the Foot Stirrup – Some mechanical broadheads designed for vertical bows will catch on the crossbow’s stirrup, causing blade deployment. As a consequence, the crossbow and the archer are at risk of being damaged.

Excalibur Boltcutter – Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Excalibur Boltcutter – 150 Grain (Pack Of 3)

Company Name: Excalibur Boltcutter – 150 Grain (Pack of 3) Key benefits/features: Broadhead arrow tips are made for durability and strength Made from high strength stainless steel to withstand the hardest hit Increased front of center weight for lethal accuracy at extreme range Designed for use with high-speed hunting crossbows Broadheads work for Excalibur crossbow arrows Excalibur’s Boltcutter broadhead arrow tips are made from high strength stainless steel to withstand the toughest hits. The Excalibur Boltcutter Broadhead is a 3-pack of broadheads that are made for durability and strength.

These broadheads are made from high-strength stainless steel to withstand the hardest hit and increase your accuracy at extreme range.
They’re perfect for use with high-speed hunting crossbows, delivering lethal accuracy every time.
These 150 grain broadheads are made of high-strength stainless steel and are designed for use with high-speed hunting crossbows.
With their increased front of center weight, they deliver lethal accuracy at extreme range.

Boltcutter Excalibur The Boltcutter is a crossbow broadhead with three blades and a 150 grain fixed tip. The option of a 150-grain head, according to Excalibur, was made to increase accuracy over 300 fps by increasing front of centre balance.

To withstand the high kinetic energy effect of crossbows, the entire broadhead is made of high-strength stainless steel. The Boltcutter strikes a nice balance between fixed blade strength and longevity and mechanical pace and accuracy.

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow

Muzzy Trocar Hbx Hybrid 4 Blade Crossbow Broadhead, 100 Grain

Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 4 Blade Crossbow Broadhead, 100 Grain The Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid is the ultimate broadhead for crossbows. The blades are offset to induce spin on impact, which increases stability and accuracy from your crossbow. Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 4 Blade Crossbow Broadhead, 100 Grain The Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid is a 4 blade crossbow broadhead that utilizes the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available to deliver unrivaled performance and accuracy.

This top-of-the-line broadhead is engineered to deliver a devastating blow, thanks to its fixed blade cutting diameter and expandable cutting diameter.
The offset fixed blades also induce spin for even greater accuracy, while the steel ferrule ensures a clean cut every time.
Featuring a 1 inch fixed blade cutting diameter and 1 5/8 inch expandable cutting diameter, this broadhead can take down even the largest game.
With offset fixed blades to induce spin and a steel ferrule with chisel tip, you can trust that this broadhead will do the job.

Crossbow Muzzy Trocar The Trocar is a very sharp, three-cornered stainless steel tip that can be used on surgical instruments as well as the tip of these broadheads.

This feature’s aim is to increase penetration, which I believe it accomplishes admirably. It punches through bone without deforming when paired with a strong stainless steel ferrule.

The Muzzy Trocar has a right-hand twisted helix, which, when combined with a compact profile, is intended to improve stability while reducing wind resistance, resulting in consistent flight characteristics and accuracy.

These were created by Muzzy specifically for use at higher speeds. These broadheads come in 100 or 125 grain weights, with.035′′ thick blades and a 1-3/16′′ cutting diameter. The blades are easily replaceable if they become bent or damaged; simply unscrew the old one and screw on a new one.

Nap Spitfire Crossbow

Nap Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead 3 Blade 1 1/2 Cutting Diameter 125 Grain Three Pack

The NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead 3 Blade 125 Gr. is a great broadhead for any crossbow hunter that wants to get the job done right. This arrow head has three blades and a cutting diameter of 1 1/2 inches, making it perfect for large game like deer and elk. It features an ultra-sharp blade with serrated edges which will easily slice through the toughest hide or fur with ease. NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads are the perfect broadhead for any crossbow hunter. They have a 1.5″ cutting diameter, 125 grain weight and 3 razor sharp blades. These mechanical broadheads are made to fly perfectly every time with no adjustments necessary. If you are looking for a high quality, affordable crossbow broadhead then this is the one for you! The NAP Spitfire Crossbow Broadhead features three razor-sharp blades that will ensure quick kills on your next hunt.

Introducing the NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead – perfect for hunters who demand the best in accuracy and lethality.
This 3-blade broadhead has a 1 1/2″ cutting diameter and 125 grain weight, making it ideal for taking down big game.
NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead is a reliable option for hunters who want to take down their prey with ease.
With a cutting diameter of 1 1/2 inches and a weight of 125 grains, this broadhead is capable of inflicting major damage on targets.

Spitfire Crossbow from NAP The NAP Spitfire is a three-blade mechanical broadhead with a well-deserved reputation for dependability and efficiency. The blades are razor sharp thanks to NAP’s proprietary

Diamize sharpening technology. The hardened-steel Trophy Tip, which maximises penetration and eliminates deflection off the bone, is another proprietary feature. It also has a micro-grooved ferrule, which is expected to help with precision.

Even when using high-speed bows, the Spitfire uses a mechanical spring clip retention mechanism to prevent the blades from deploying in flight, removing the need for O-rings. Users agree that the proprietary (boy, do they have a lot of patents on this) blade retention system is very effective, with few instances of blade deployment occurring prematurely.

In reality, customer reviews for these broadheads are consistently positive, with customers praising their accuracy and performance.

Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadhead

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Tip 1 1/2-Inch Cut 3 Blade, 125 Grain

The Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Tip 1 1/2-Inch Cut 3 Blade, 125 Grain is a great broadhead with a razor tip and three blades. They have been designed for high-speed crossbows. The blade thickness is the same as the Grim Reaper’s fixed head broadheads, making it very durable. The Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Tip 1 1/2″ Cut 3 Blade 125 Grain is built for speed. If you’re shooting your crossbow at speeds over 300 fps, then this is the mechanical broadhead for you. The Grim Reaper Razor tip will open up to a 2 inch cut on impact and its thin blades are designed to cut on impact.

The Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead is the perfect addition to your crossbow hunting arsenal.
Introducing the Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead Razor Tip!
This 125 grain, 3-blade broadhead is designed specifically for high speed crossbows.
With a razor tip and 440 SS blades that are .035 thick, this broadhead can take down any big game in its path.

Crossbow of the Grim Reaper These broadheads are virtually identical to the Grim Reaper Razorcut SS broadhead for compound bows, except they’ve been tweaked to fit with crossbows that fire at or over 400 fps.

The distinction is difficult to discern since Grim Reaper’s website contains almost no details. Guys, get with the programme. The X-Bow heads come in two grain sizes: 100 and 125 grains, with Razortip or Razorcut SS tips.

Crossbow hunters have been pleased with the scale of wound channels for humane take-downs because the cutting diameter is a wide 1.5”.

Swhacker Two-Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Swhacker Swh00219 100 Grain 1.75 2 Blade Crossbow Broadhead 3Pk With Practice Tip

The Swhacker 100 Grain 1.75″ 2-Blade Crossbow Broadhead 3pk is the perfect broadhead for any crossbow hunter. This three-pack of 100-grain broadheads includes three broadheads and practice tips, so you can get used to shooting with these broadheads before using them on your next hunting trip. Swhacker SWH00219 100 Grain 1.75 2 Blade Crossbow Broadhead 3pk with Practice Target The Swhacker broadheads are the best on the market! The blades have a hardened tip that is strong enough to penetrate through an animal’s hide yet not damage your arrows. These broadheads come with practice targets so you can hone your skills before heading out into the woods or fields.

These 100-grain expandable broadheads fly true, thanks to the honed stainless steel blades and hardened high carbon steel point.
The anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule ensures durability, while the practice ti tips help you perfect your aim before taking down your target.
Then you need to check out Swhacker’s new 100 grain expandable 2-blade crossbow broadheads.
Featuring a hardened high carbon steel point and an anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule, these bad boys are ready to take down whatever comes your way.
So make sure you add these broadheads to your arsenal before your next hunt.

Swhacker Crossbow with Two Blades Swhacker is known in the industry for its high-quality products and groundbreaking designs, and these mechanical broadheads are no exception.

Stainless steel blades, anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule, and a high-carbon hardened steel penetration stage are all included. Their unique style, according to their website, offers two separate cutting edges, a main and a secondary attack.

Two short wing blades, much smaller than the main blades, are deployed when the primary cutting blades are retracted. These will be used in the initial attack, cutting through dirt, fur, hide, and bones to get to the interior.

They say that they need much less energy to penetrate than broadheads that open on impact, and that they relieve the ferrule of some of the load. They open the primary blades within the body cavity when they enter, leaving them with “virgin tips” as they open.

It’s a really clever style. These blades come in a 125-grain weight, are.032′′ wide, and have a 2-1/4′′ open cutting diameter. In terms of mechanical broadheads, this is a reasonable choice.

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 100 Or 125 Grain, 3 Pack

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting The Rage Hypodermic is the most accurate mechanical broadhead ever made. The Rage Hypodermic has a massive leading edge blade and razor-sharp .035″ stainless steel blades. The hypodermic broadheads have a 2″ cutting diameter and are 100 or 125 grains. The hypodermic crossbow broadheads come with improved high-energy shock collar technology which ensures proper blade retention. Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting The Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadheads feature the exclusive hybrid tip that provides increased penetration and accuracy.

Complete with F.A.T. technology for aerodynamic flight and massive leading-edge blade, the Rage Hypodermic Crossbow Broadhead will make short work of your prey.
With its precision design and razor-sharp .035″ stainless steel blades, this two-blade broadhead has a cutting diameter of 2 inches.

Crossbow of Rage Hypodermic For years, hunters have flocked to the Rage Hypodermic mechanical broadheads, which have gained a reputation for dependability, precision, and game-catching performance. It’s a tried-and-true design that works.

Their popularity was largely due to the simplicity of their design. Ferrule Alignment Technology (FAT), as the company calls it, ensures proper bolt-to-ferrule alignment and contributes to sleek aerodynamics. For deep penetration, the steel ferrule has a rather pointy hybrid edge.

For blade retention, the device employs a dependable high-energy shock collar. The.035′′ stainless blades have a massive 2” cutting diameter when deployed, resulting in an equally massive wound channel.

100 or 125-grain options are available. It’s difficult to go wrong with this tried-and-true beast slayer.

G5 Striker Crossbow

G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple To Use, High Performance Broadhead.,3 Pack

G5 Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple to Use, High Performance, and Long Lasting. The Montec is a premium broadhead that has been redesigned from the ground up. It features a new 1-1/16″ Diamond Cut sharpened blade with an additional honing process to maximize blade edge 25 percent sharper than original Montec. The Montec delivers unmatched accuracy for better shot placement and devastating results on game animals. Its simple design G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple to Use, High-Quality Broadhead with a Cutting Diameter of 1-1/16 Inch and Diamond Cut Sharpness With An Additional Honing Process to Maximize Blade Edge 25 percent sharper than original Montec. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads are the perfect choice for all bows, whether you prefer compound or recurve.

Crossbow G5 Striker The G5 Striker is a top contender for those who prefer fixed-blade broadheads, thanks to its longevity, precision, and stopping strength.

It employs the ANIX blade locking system, which is essentially a very sharp three-sided steel tip that locks over the lower part of the blades, absorbing the brunt of the impact and protecting the three fixed blades from injury. The blades are metal injection moulded for stability, tapered for improved aerodynamics, and sharpened using the company’s Diamond-Cut Sharpness technology.

For optimum precision, the entire device is made of solid steel and spin-tested to 0.002′′ straightness. The G5 Striker is an enticing high-tech option for the modern hunter, available in either 100 or 125 grains and with a cutting diameter of 1-1/8′′.

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