Can You Use Any Box To Ship Usps?

Can You Use Any Box To Ship Usps? (All You Need To Know)

When it comes to shipping, one of the hallmarks of adulthood involves keeping a well-kept box.

You can order flat rate boxes online from the United States Postal Service. They also offer free shipping.

But you might be wondering: Can you use any box to ship USPS? Are you bound to the USPS Flat Rate services? Let me know if you need any help.

Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS? (All You Need To Know)

Do You Have the Right to Use Any Container To Send USPS Mail in 2022?

Although Flat Rate shipping boxes are encouraged by the United States Postal Service to be used, packages can still be sent using any container customers wish. The USPS has some guidelines regarding size and appearance. Most boxes, however, can be used for shipping.

  • Keep reading to learn more about how you can reuse or use a USPS container properly for USPS shipment, the services that require it and shipping best practices.
  • Is it possible to reuse a USPS shipping box? offers a wide range of guidance on how to make and reuse your own boxes in order to ship through the USPS system.

    To start off, there are five things you’ll want to consider when choosing your own box:
    Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS? (All You Need To Know)

    Does it need to be made plain?

    Is it promoting any items which are not allowed to be mailed by the USPS? This applies to firearms, alcohol, and other toxic materials.

    The USPS site states that any box containing words or images referring to such items will be removed.

    Is the box a standard size? Boxes in irregular sizes/shapes won’t go through the scanning/sorting/processing machines and may be subject to extra fees.

    Are the boxes strong enough? USPS won’t abuse your packages. However, you can expect boxes to resist a little bit of jostling.

    Are the boxes small enough? Customers must ensure that the box is not larger than 108 inches.

    For more information on preparing your box for shipment, check out the USPS page here.

    Is It Cheaper To Use Your Own Box To Ship With USPS?

    To save money on shipping, you can use your own package or a USPS flat rate box. It all depends on how big and heavy your box is as well the destination. explains that Priority Mail flat rate prices can be more affordable if you send something light.

    So if you want to determine which service is cheapest, you are going to have to do the legwork to compare and contrast.

    The postal calculator tool makes it easy. Just enter your shipping information, and you will be able to see all possible shipping options. You’ll also receive estimated costs.

    Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS? (All You Need To Know)

    Do you have the ability to send Priority Mail USPS through any type of box?

    As long as you are not attempting to access the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping prices, you can use any box to ship Priority Mail.

    If you want to pay Priority Flat Rate prices, however, you will need to use a Flat Rate box. They’re available online or at Post Office locations for absolutely free.

    Priority Mail Express doesn’t ship boxes. They only send letters and addresses.

  • You will need to select a different shipping company if you wish to ship a domestic box overnight or two days later.
  • Is it possible to ship USPS First Class using any box?

    For USPS First Class shipping, you can ship any container provided that your item does not exceed 15.999 oz.

    First Class shipping for packages is only available to small and light items. For heavier or larger boxes, choose another shipping option.

    USPS doesn’t sell First Class boxes. This means that you will have to order yours.

    Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS? (All You Need To Know)

    Do you have the right to use any international shipping box with USPS?

    If you do not want to ship using any of the USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate boxes, you can certainly use your own box to ship internationally.

    International parcels can be sent using Global Express Guaranteed and Priority Mail Express International.

    It is essential that any box used for these services meets international mail shipping standards.

    What is the smallest package you can send USPS? claims that USPS will accept small packages as small at 6″x3″, 3″x.25″

    A helpful suggestion is provided on the website if your chosen box is not large enough.

    Their advice? If you’re buying postage online, enter the minimum dimensions. Print it and attach it.

    USPS does not remove boxes that are too small very often.

    Can You Use Any Box To Ship USPS? (All You Need To Know)

    What Is The Largest Box You Can Ship USPS? lists the top two mail classes with their maximum boxes.

  • Prime-Class Package Maxes at 22x18x15
  • Priority Mail: Total size (Length x Girth) cannot exceed 108 inches
  • For the other classes, the maximum size is the same as Priority Mail, with the one exception of USPS Retail Ground, which is 130 inches total.

    You can read more about whether the USPS notarizes documents and if USPS scans package packages. Also, read our post on if USPS delivers directly to your door.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS has flexible options, such as parcel pick-up or yes, you can use your own box shipping to ship almost any of its mail classes, even international.

    If you want to use your own box to save money, use the postage calculator to find all the different services for which your parcel is eligible, as well as the estimated cost.

    Do I need to use my own usps box?

    Yes, so long as you’re not shipping via Flat Rate. You can send Priority Mail Commercial to your home using any type of box. Nov 23, 2020

    Can I Reuse An Amazon Box To Ship Usps?

    While recycling and reusing packaging are good for the planet, they must be properly sent. Don’t reuse mailing boxes; they can weaken in the shipping process.Dec 8, 2021

    Does it cost more to ship usps in your own box?

    Oct 31, 2018.

    .Can You Use Any Box To Ship Usps? (All You Need To Know)

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