Best Broadheads For Deer (Fixed Blade & Mechanical)

A broadhead is a simple tool in its most basic form, think back to ancient Native Americans with blade-sharpened stones. There are far more options out there today about the right broadheads. Broadheads can be broken into two major categories; fixed, mechanical. These categories contain lots of options. For example, the rear-deployed or front-deployed are two types of mechanical heads. The difference is the direction the blades deploy from. Here’s our top-rated broadheads in both categories. With all these variations and types, when selecting a broadhead style, there’s even more to consider.

Consideration of fixed blade vs mechanical broadheads includes: What kind of bow would you shoot? There’s a variation on whether to fire from the draw poundage. What weight or grain you need? Different bows, like crossbows, require different grain scores. How long are your shots? Your range and accuracy affects arrow setup and varies with various types of grain and broadhead. Are mechanical broadheads permitted in your state? Regulations of each state are different, so check your local DNR guidelines. Magnus Stinger… Magnus Stinger BuzzCut Four-Blade Broadheads I’d imagine the Buzzcut is a creepy, wide-looking deer. From the aggressive leading edge to the serrated, knife-like leading edges, the Buzzcut is destroyed.

G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple To Use, High Performance Broadhead.,3 Pack

G5 Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple to Use, High Performance, and Long Lasting. The Montec is a premium broadhead that has been redesigned from the ground up. It features a new 1-1/16″ Diamond Cut sharpened blade with an additional honing process to maximize blade edge 25 percent sharper than the original Montec. The Montec delivers unmatched accuracy for better shot placement and devastating results on game animals. Its simple design is G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads. Simple to Use, High-Quality Broadhead with a Cutting Diameter of 1-1/16 Inch and Diamond Cut Sharpness With An Additional Honing Process to Maximize Blade Edge 25 percent sharper than original Montec. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads are the perfect choice for all bows, whether you prefer compound or recurve.

That was the sound of devastation as G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads tore through your target. These babies are simple to use and wickedly sharp, making them the perfect choice for any bow hunter. Plus, they come in a pack of three so you can always be prepared for the next big hunt.

The G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads are perfect for all bows! They’re easily re-sharpened after repeated use and come in a pack of three. With their diamond-cut sharpness and additional honing process, they’re 25 percent sharper than the original Montecs!


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INNERLOC’S SHAPE SHIFTER BROADHEADS ARE A NEW BREAKTHROUGH IN ARCHERY TECHNOLOGY. THEY ARE THE FIRST TO PUT THIS MUCH POWER AND PERFORMANCE INTO A 3-BLADE DESIGN. INNERLOC’S SHAPE SHIFTERS ARE THE WORLD’S FIRST ALL STEEL, 100% MACHINED BROADHEAD THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT BROADHEAD DES The Innerloc Shape Shifter Broadhead is a 3 blade 100 gr. broadhead that will change the way you shoot your bow. The unique design of its blades allow for multiple wound channels, which means more blood and less time spent tracking wounded game.

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Innerloc’s Shape Shifter broadheads will change the way you hunt!
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Magnus Stinger Buzzcut

Not sure what kind of broadhead you need? An report from the Quality Deer Management Association offers excellent stats from Andy Pedersen’s analysis of fixed blade versus mechanical broadheads. Here’s something they noticed. Fixed blade arrows recovered 82% of their targets. The goal area was 1,066 deer, 874 bagged. Mechanical broadhead arrows recovered 91% of their goals. Of 230 hits, 209 deer bagged. Bow Style Matters Compound bows had an 89% recovery rate with mechanical broadheads, while mechanical broadheaded crossbows had a 96% bag rate.

Real Life Data –Fixed Blade Vs Mechanical

The study target was deer, a species that offers a size and kill zone that makes both fixed blade and mechanical arrows relatively comparable. Using mechanical broadheads, the bow type mattered greatly as crossbows have more direct power and deeper penetration. Know, penetration was one of the mechanical broadhead’s drawbacks. That’s overcome with short-distance shooting (crossbow 19.7 yards) and more power behind the bolt. This raises the distance issue. Both shooter styles were similar in this analysis. Crossbows took shots averaging 19.7 yards and compound bow 17.6 yards. Adding distance to the equation and this study’s findings may be different.

Final thought So while mechanical broadheads seem to outperform fixed blades, you really have to consider skill level, distance, and conditions under which hunting occurs. Only pick a broadhead with a stout edge, whether cut on touch or chisel. In most cases, cutting contact style is possibly preferable when searching for larger animals like deer. Cutting broadheads on contact seems to do the most harm, regardless of whether you hit bone or vital. Whose conclusion is the best broadheads is not a broad assertion, but rather an individual response. What’s your goal? What’s your spectrum? What’s your accuracy and ability?

What Does This Mean?

By Steve Flores, April 9, 2020, Broadheads do the murder; pure and simple. They ultimately do the range-down game animal harm. And just as many different bowhunters in the woods appear to have as many different styles of broadheads to choose from. What broadhead to use is a subject that will always be discussed. The best thing a bowhunter can do is know what each broadhead sort is and what it does. Then pick the best whitetail hunting broadheads.

Best Broadheads For Whitetail Deer

Commonly called the best deer hunting broadheads, mechanical broadheads fly like your goal tips and open their full cutting blades on an animal effect. Set blades are harder, but mechanics are easier to fire. Unopened blades’ lower profile provides very little wind resistance when the arrow is in flight. Manufacturers frequently advertise broadheads that fly just like your field points-and they do. Mechanical broadheads often deliver very wide cutting diameters, leaving spectacular entry and exit wounds, let alone extreme blood trails. Hunters will find that they don’t work well on the bone as some energy is lost as the blades open with the animal, but they will definitely reach the ribcage.

Check Some Of The Best Expandable Broadheads Below:

When it comes to hybrid broadheads, one model tends to have more favorable reactions than others in the same category. This model was developed by a company with an outstanding reputation for creating broadheads that can open clean cut wound channels with optimum precision. Starting with the steel ferrule made with aerodynamics in mind, these broadheads will make your arrows fly and reach the target for a safe kill, if your aim is good and you take your time to land the shot. Therefore, if you want to practice, a free head is included in the pack only. But the hybrid tip makes it better than mechanical ones. Its increased penetration ability will make your shots more lethal than ever, and you’ll also enjoy enhanced accuracy. Also, blade retention is top notch as Shock Collar technology can do its job.

The Game Type Matters

A common fixed broadhead is the Muzzy Trocar. Muzzy Trocar is a three-blade fixed broadhead that comes in various grains. Most deer hunters can use hundreds or twenty-five heads of grain. This particular muzzy head sports 1″3/16 lethal cutting diameter. The chisel tip and solid steel ferrell make this one of the market’s most reliable, robust and deadly broadheads. Another example of a great fixed deer blade is the Slick Trick Magnum One hundred and twenty-five grains wide-headed like the Muzzy Trocar. Despite some big variations.

Four Lutz stainless steel blade system is one of the main variations. While the one hundred twenty-five grain widehead is slightly heavier and less accurate at longer ranges than the one-hundred grain alternative. More penetration than its lighter equivalent. On the expandable end of the continuum, the Rage Trypan is a one hundred grain two blade mechanical broadhead that is held together by the proprietary keyed shock collar during flight. Ensure amazing pinpoint precision. Upon effect, the slip cam Rage blades deploy back and out the hardened titanium ferrell causing a crippling two plus inch gash on entry and through the target’s vitality.

Deer Hunters’ Preferred Broadhead

. This is a widehead expandable three-blade chisel. During flight, a shock absorbing spring holds the blades together. A big bonus when hunting as no need to think about a rubber o-ring or collar. The three blade device can cause more shock to the animal, allowing less penetration in return (three total). Any high-quality broadhead can be a deadly combination. Although the mechanical heads are more reliable. Even for devastatingly wide wound channels. The fixed blade leaves little chance. They may not be as effective at longer ranges, but you know what you get when it comes to impact when you release the arrow. It ends with personal interests and personal experiences. Shoot what you trust and practice with your broadheads.

Best Broadheads For Hunting: Expandable & Mechanical Broadhead Reviews

Hunting is definitely a gear-intensive sport, particularly bow hunting. You have an endless list of mission-critical gear to be reliable, so you can punch your name. To make matters worse, the outdoor industry has imported low-quality goods. If you’re hunting with a compound bow or a recurve bow doesn’t matter, these manufacturers make them mimic U.S. top-shelf designs. Many importers often depend on broadheads. So, how do you pick a broadhead for your next deer hunt? Hopefully, until opening day, you’re reading this well. You’ll need time to get a decent broadhead on your arrow’s end. Here’s five of deer and other game’s strongest expandable broadheads. Read on for helpful tips to make sure you never miss your search due to poor selection.

Expandable Vs. Fixed Broadheads

Modern expandable designs provide best performance for thin-skinned game like deer. Hunters have held heated campfire discussions on expandable blades for years. According to many reports, mechanical and fixed broadheads have virtually similar field recovery numbers. Expandable broadheads deliver efficiency benefits that outweigh any risks a fixed broadhead mitigates. The only real problem with an expandable broadhead is that it does not open. Using a touch style cut to minimize this. This will also guarantee a double pass.

Only make sure you use a broadhead quality to stop worrying whether your blades would deploy. If you fire an arrow through a deer’s chest cavity, you’d like to know that you’ll bring that animal down and make your broadhead recoverable. The expandable prototypes they sold in past years were not cut on touch. Modern expandable designs deliver a wider range, flatter trajectory. They also have amazingly large cutting diameters that make contact more lethal.