best rage broadheads Why I That was before I fired my hitlist number one in 2012. The shot was at 55 yards, which I was very comfortable with, but it went four inches forward and reached nothing but shoulder. There wasn’t much penetration, there wasn’t much blood, and I started blaming my broadhead for the loss. It wasn’t until last fall that my good buddy shot a pleasant public land buck, leaving a huge blood trail. I figured, maybe I’ll give them another shot. So in the spring, when the turkey season came, I was planning a hunting trip that Scent Crusher and Cherokee Sports put on at the Hooray Ranch in Kansas. I wanted to fire Rage Turkey Xtreme broadhead. What came next was the most humiliating, ego-killing experience I’d go through since I started writing.

I fired my latest Xpedition Xplorer SS, incredibly accurate with field tips. When I put on Rage Turkey Xtreme broadheads, they not only missed the goal, they went off whack. Instead of looking at the owner’s manual or reading online, I immediately wrote an email. My job as a writer in field testing products is to tell the readers the facts. I want to break through ads and give them the product details they’ll spend their hard-earned money on. So, I did what I thought was right and I wrote an email to Feradyne saying their broadheads don’t work and they’re wasting my time. This is the most humiliating email I’ve ever written.

Why I Used To Hate The Rage Broadheads

Rage Broadhead’s testing process was the main reason I wanted to shoot them this season. The broadheads are tested for several performance metrics. They’re checked against pre-deployment first. For vertical bows, this is achieved by firing an 80-lbs bow with a 30″ draw length and full-length arrows through tuning paper. When the arrow is fired through the paper and if a widehead pre-deploys before or after the launch, the test shows blade slits in the paper. The wideheads must pass a pre-deployment test before considering going on with the other tests.

Pre-Deployment Testing Of The Rage Broadheads

In addition to the above checks, the broadheads are also tested for toughness. This is a series of shots through half-inch chipboard at 90 degree angle or straight on. This test demonstrates the blade strength by impact as well as the ferrule’s structural integrity. In addition, the broadheads are then measured at a 45-degree angle with the chipboard, which is completed for a few reasons. The first takes into account the lateral stress on the assembly, validating structural integrity. Additionally, this examination would result in any geometry on the structure that will help redirect the broadhead rather than allow penetration. Of course, you want your broadhead to completely penetrate and never deflect regardless of angle, so this test is completed and considered a critical broadhead testing process.

Testing The Durability Of The Rage Broadheads

best rage broadheads Why I I quit firing Anger Broadheads after a non-lethal shot on my number one hitlist buck. I didn’t want to admit it may have been my fault. The fact is, and now proven, it was my fault. We all know that no matter the broadhead, a precise heart shot kills a deer. After a recent study, we also know that precision is among the most important consideration for bow hunters.

Feradyne Outdoors knows this and checks all their broadheads before they ever leave the manufacturer. The test is completed at 50 yards. There are a series of variations of arrows with field points into a blank page of paper. After the shot, the arrows are pulled and checked to ensure that the arrows were not broken during the first test round. If any of the arrows detect the slightest defects, the result is voided and a new test starts. The arrows are fired in groups of five. The test is repeated after shooting with field points using the same piece of paper with broadheads. This is done to classify the group with both field points and broadheads.

How Accurate Are The Rage Broadheads?

The end result looks like the above picture showing the broadheads in correlation with the field points. The assumption is that the broadheads group is not more than 2.5 inches from the field points group. All these tests are performed using a Hooter Shooter (as seen in the picture above) to ensure accuracy and remove potential human error. Tests are often completed using a multitude of bows to ensure efficiency across several brands, not just one. Bottom line, there are so many variables that can contribute to your loss in the field.

We, as hunters, always blame it initially on our equipment because it’s the easiest scapegoat. Feradyne and Rage have made it so I can’t use that excuse anymore but have told me that the next time I take a shot on my number one hitlist buck, four inches off at 50 yards is at least my broadhead. Knowing your tools, training relentlessly and practicing ethical hunting steps will only maximize your chance in the field at the end of the day. You will read more Dustin Prievo posts here. Join him and his hunting party, Top Pin Outdoors, on Twitter Facebook and Instagram NEXT:

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Best Rage Broadheads Of 2020 – Ultimate Review

best rage broadheads Why I

Jeff If you’re going to a competitive hunting game, you’ll note how most hunters will be carrying Rage gear. That’s how popular the brand is when it comes to bows and broadheads. It’s been around for quite some time now and has developed a variety of products to meet the needs of all hunters over the years. Broadheads are commonly regarded as sharp arrowheads used either for hunting large animals or for military purposes. Below, we will concentrate more on their use during hunts and competitive shooting exercises. The article will also address some of Rage’s best models, which will be analyzed against their pros and cons for a better picture.

Our Top Picks For Rage Broadheads

What Are Rage Broadheads And Why Are They So Popular?

Rage is considered to be a leading manufacturer of crossbows and compound bows, but that’s not all they’re known for. Recently, they’ve also gained a massive reputation for their excellent Broadheads that come with cutting-edge technology and higher durability.


best rage broadheads Why I

Having a company winning awards and accolades for its military equipment is very rare, but Rage has done this with ease. It leads consumer evolution by launching some of the world’s best lethal technologies. Many of its products earned a 5-star rating while also toping the list for most sold products. Also, the durability of all these products is unlike any other, adding to the brand’s appeal.

Award-Winning Models

Nearly all Rage manufactured units come with advanced technologies that can provide much improved accuracy and precision. The design is available with two, three, or even four blades, allowing greater diversity and variety. But that’s not all; you’ll also get big entry holes and a sharp-cutting-edge blade that ensures human killing. Moreover, with these broadheads, you’ll get excellent penetration Improved compatibility The company manufactures arrowheads for both crossbows and standard bows. It’s also known for its 100 and 125-grain versions, as well as its electric, fixed and hybrid blades. All these designs are designed to provide greater compatibility with various bows on the market.

Advanced Slip Cam Technology

It’s very rare to see a company that sells all kinds of designs on the market, and that’s just what Rage has done. It has a large collection of broadheads that can be used for various crossbows and standard bows. Contrary to what people believe, there are not many variations between units designed specifically for a crossbow and those designed for other purposes. The company also explained this by pointing out that any standard broadhead can be used for any bow on the market. The only difference is that models specially made for crossbows appear to be more costly, having a slightly better cutting technology. Moreover, these units are available in 100-grain or 125-grain. This just affects the weight and speed of the arrowheads and does not affect compatibility at all.

So, once you find a suitable model, be confident you can use it with any bow you have. Broadheads Rage® Rage Broadheads lead the evolution of Lethal Technology with award-winning prototypes and the ever-expandable broadhead number-one selling. They feature SlipCamTM technology and innovative rear-deploying blades that fly like field points, but are completely extended at impact without significant kinetic energy loss. Fail-safe by nature, Rage’s blade retention systems are second-to-none and include proprietary SHOCK COLLARTM and NC (No Collar) technologies that maintain the blades safely when not in use during flight. Rage Broadheads, available in two, three and four-blade styles with cutting diameters up to 2,3 inches, offers large entry gaps, gaping wound channels, excellent penetration and better blood trails with a wide variety of products for both vertical and crossbows.

Hypodermic rage Also the most diehard Rage fan will often concede the conventional shock collar can be fickle. If you don’t get it tightened properly, the expandable blades will fall out. The new Hypodermic NC (NC means no collar) solves this problem with a spring mechanism to hold blades closed. Collar blade lock is no longer required. Besides, the latest Hypodermic features blades with a much more swept back angle. Otherwise, you know and love the hypodermic. The 100-grain head has a robust, all-steel construction, chisel top, and 2-inch cut diameter. MSRP’s $50 a three-pack.

Are Rage Broadheads Universal?

best rage broadheads Why I

20 Foot Up I don’t fire mechanical. I fired Rocky Mountain Snypers (Rage before Rage) for a couple of years and really liked them and dind has no problems. Want to go back to simplifying stuff by using fixed blades. I think Rage’s best Hyperdermics yet. Strong steel construction with tip form chisel is much better than cutting on flimsy contact tips. Create your setup around what you’re capable of and hunt for. You don’t want to try driving a 2″ cut head through a 5 1/2 year-old whitetail if you’re low poundage/short draw lengths.

Many of these heads expect good shot conditions I feel. Broadside, quartering away, etc., and you place an arrow in a good position for those shots. But what happens when the deer moves at the release? What happens if you don’t make the great shot you’re aiming for? I know I’m not flawless and I know I’ll inevitably make a poor shot. Shoot whatever you feel secure in. Just make sure your bow is capable of shooting a head with such a wide cutting diameter. You owe the deer so much.