Mcdonald’S Teacher Discount 2022

Mcdonald’S Teacher Discount 2022 (Do They Have One + More)

You may wonder where teachers can get free food or drinks.

  • You might be interested in a McDonald’s Discount for Teachers. We’ve got all of the answers about whether McDonald’s offers a teacher discount plus other ways to save so keep reading!
  • McDonald’s Offers a Discount to Teachers for 2022
  • McDonald’s offers a teacher discount at certain times of the year, including the week of Oct 10-15. The fast-food chain also offers a discount and free items during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. There are many other savings you can make throughout the year. For example, download and use the McDonald’s App.

  • We’re confident that you still have questions about the McDonald’s teachers discount. Read on for more information!
  • McDonald's Teacher Discount 2022 (Do They Have One + More)

    McDonald’s is offering free breakfast to teachers

    McDonald’s gives school teachers and staff free breakfast every week from October 10-15 as a thanks to McDonald’s for all the hard work they did over the past 12 months.

    To get your complimentary breakfast, all you have to do is go to McDonald’s with your identification.

    The Happy Meal box contains a breakfast sandwich, hashbrows, and a beverage.

    Sausage Biscuits and Egg McMuffins can be made for breakfast.

    Additionally, you can get either a medium iced coffee or hot coffee, or a medium soda.

  • The deal is running all week long so a teacher can stop in every morning on the way to work and pick up a free breakfast since it’s once per day!
  • McDonald’s Does Anything For Teacher Appreciation Day

    McDonald’s does not offer international or national promotions to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day. It is always held on Tuesdays in the first week of May.

    Even though the deal is not available nationwide, there are many deals offered at locations such as a free muffin when you spend $1.

    Mcdonald’S Teacher Discount 2022 (Do They Have One + More)