Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

No matter if you’re a novice or a pro, these are the best 12 hair scissors.

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A home haircut used to be something we shuddered at once. Nowadays, the idea of a home haircut doesn’t seem foreign to us (global pandemic we see you). You don’t have to be a professional if it’s your first time trying DIY. You won’t even need to cry, tantrum or have a tiny set of micro bangs. Keep scrolling for the top professional hair-cutting tools.’s Top Picks Matsui Aichei Mountains Offset Shear

This kit will help you get your home started if you have a limited budget.

This micro-serrated edge is sharpening and durable.

These shears feature an adjustment knob that lets you quickly and easily adjust the tension.

The ergonomic shape allows users to move and snip easily without feeling any tension.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Here are 10 of the

The 12 Best Hair Shears, Whether You'Re A Novice Cutter Or A Pro

“>Best Hair Cutting Scissors.

We compiled the best 10 professional hairdressing scissors based on customer feedback!

Each hairdresser shear can be used to trim hair in a barbershop or salon.

Barbers and hairdressers can use Jaguar, Juntetsu Kamisori Kamisori Ichiro Yasaka hair scissors for professional hair cutting.

A professional hairdressing cutter from Japan Scissors will make you the best!

It’s made in Japan, at a cost that won’t break your budget. Yasaka Offset Hair Cutting Scissors is the top-rated shear in Australia. It is highly praised by hairdressers and barbers alike for its superior quality and reasonable price.

Yasaka’s reputation is well-known in international hairdressing circles, and it stands out from other China pop-ups. Their 60-year history of producing hairdressing tools made from premium Hitachi steel makes them one of the most sought-after brands.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Maddie Ziegler’S hairdresser was kind enough to answer our question: What are the best tools for cutting your own hair?

There are many bad locks days, including split ends and outgrown layers. No matter whether you have to go to the salon, are on lockdown or just trying to minimize social interaction, cutting hair is something that should be done. Even if it’s been difficult to get out the scissors in the past, experts suggest that you should. Clayton Hawkins is a L.A. celebrity hairstylist with an impressive client list including Elizabeth Olsen (Dakota Johnson), Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Banks. Clayton’s hair-cutting skills have been refined since his teens, having worked on major events like The Academy Awards. Here’s the scoop on how to do your hair, and the best hair tools to make it look good.

It is important to remember that hair shears do not come in all shapes and sizes. Clayton Hawkins, the celebrity hairstylist warns against using any regular household scissors you may have around your house.

Clayton warns against using your office scissors to cut hair unless you are looking for frayed and broken ends. Clayton says that you don’t need to spend a lot to get a good pair of scissors. Hair Care and Advice: How to do your hair at home

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

We have compiled the best 13 hairstylists to do expert-level cuts and trims.

You shouldn’t try to do a DIY cut or trim without one.

Most of us have changed how we see beauty. We don’t mind if it feels safer going to the local salon than it did last, but we do not blame you for preferring to cut your hair yourself. Pros say that it is tempting to simply grab your kitchen knife and cut off the ends, but you need quality hair scissors first before you attempt anything major. Garrett Markenson, celebrity hairdresser and stylist tells that while quality is important, less than perfect is better. It is important to have scissors that fit comfortably in the hand. A dull knife will cause more problems than could be prevented with the right pair of scissors. Sally Hershberger believes that cutting your hair at home is easier. If you are considering cutting your hair at-home, I recommend slowly. It’s always easier to cut off more hair if needed,” says Hershberger. Point-cutting ends is a method that involves holding the scissor horizontally at the ends of the hair, and then lightly snipping. This will blend the ends and soften the blunt edges, masking any uneven cuts.” For a short list of their top hair tools worth adding to your collection, we asked a few professionals for their tried-and-true, salon-quality shear and scissor picks to upgrade an everyday at-home haircut. Keep reading for the top 13 hair-cutting tools available.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Trimming Bangs

Brooke Jordan from Birdhouse Salon, Gowanus warns against cutting bangs. (In general, stylists who spoke to us agreed that no cut should be made that’s too different from the one on your head already). For trimming bangs already in place, Jordan recommends using the point cutting method. This is better than straight-cutting. Jordan also suggests using the point-cutting approach to shaping. Start by placing your hair straight in front of a mirror. After you have trimmed the ends, place a single strand at the top of your head. Now trim the neighboring side strands to the left. Make sure it is only a hair longer than the first cut. Repeat until your bangs reach the ends on the side. From the center, go to the right end of your bangs.

Ikea Trojka Scousers 3/3 for $3 Hairdressers shears can be used to trim bangs but Albaeck explained that she also uses Trojka scissors.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Different Blade Types

Along with high quality stainless steel blades we simply cannot forget the razor sharp cutting edge of the blades and what that consists of. Yes, the blade is more than what meets the eyes. To choose the perfect professional haircutting shear, it is essential to understand the different types of edges. You don’t have to worry about it, as long as you know the basics of each type. There are three types of edges: semi-convex, beveled, and convex. Let’s now talk about the professional razor edges.

Convex Edge – Convex knives are much sharper than others and can only be handled by professional shearers. It is best to use this edge for making your point, feathering, and slide cuts. Which is why we generally suggest carrying a second pair of shears to make your perfect blunt cuts of either semi convex or beveled edge. The convex shears are fine razor edge and need to be looked after, the more you use these bad boys the more maintenance will be needed which is why again we suggest having a second pair on hand. Semi convex and semi convex shears are designed to cut thicker or more blunt hairs. The shears can damage semi convex shears and/or beveled, but they won’t hurt the convex.

Semi Convex, also known as Semi Convex, is an ideal combination of Convex or beveled edges. Semi Convex – A semi convex will be slightly wider than the convex, but it is still not as narrow as a convex. Although the semi convex edge may be slightly narrower than the beveled, it is sharper and more useful for the second pair that we recommend if your main scissors is a Convex. Semi convex shears can still be used like true convexes, but may cause hair pulling if you take too many sections. When you take your sections with your semi convex shear make sure to cut thinner sections. This will prevent your client from pulling at their hair. The semi-convex shear is an excellent all-rounder shear that can be used for blunt, point, and feather cutting. However, we recommend taking smaller sections.

Beveled edge: Ahh the beveled Edge. Although this type of edge performs less well than semi or convex ones, it still has the potential to do the same job as convex. This is an older design that is more affordable, but it can still be used. What are the ‘right cutting techniques’? These include blunt cutting, and the scissor-over comb which is most commonly used by barbers. Barbers are the most popular customers for this type of edge. They don’t do delicate cuts or slide-cutting, but they will often do a quick cut and more serious haircuts. Know what you are cutting before selecting your blade.

The serrated and micro-serrated edges – Most people associate serrated knives with a razor sharp edge. But a stylist, or a barber more than anyone else knows that serrated is a way to hold hair in place. It allows for a smooth cut without any slipping. The edge of the blade with the sharpest point will usually be the one on top. The serrated scissors can be used by hairdressers and students to go with their scissor over-comb technique. We DON’T recommend doing any form of slide, point, or feathering techniques because OUCH it would pull on the clients hair and be super uncomfortable for them.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

You can handle designs:

There is no better way to get super-sharp cutting blades. The design of the handles of the haircutting scissors. The handle design of the hair cutting scissors is not what we would call “the best”. Because every hairdresser and barber are different, some will have wrist injuries due to using incorrect haircutting scissors. Others might be able to use any style they like. It is important to note that the best hair scissors have the most simple handles or more complex designs. To narrow the matter, there are four types of handle that can be used to insert fingers and then take those inserts out. These are just four designs. Classic, Crane Crane, Offset, and Swivel are available. Let’s break it down further so you can decide which the best handle design would be for your hair cutting shears.

Classic – Most barbers or hairdressers have heard of the classic handle design. Classic is used by those who grip their scissors with their middle fingers instead of their rings. You may have been trained in the 21st-century, and most people are familiar with using your ring finger. Your ring finger will allow you to move your hands more easily and reduce fatigue. However, stylists who are used to using their middle finger and not their ring fingers can find it difficult to change. This can cause hand (and wrist) problems later on in life such as carpal tunnel and RSI. That is not what you want.

Offset – The offset handle design is the more commonly used design. This is best used for people who hold their scissor (in our eyes) correctly by using their ring finger to hold the scissor whilst cutting. This design gives you a natural/relaxed, free-flowing position that reduces your risk of injury to the wrist later on in your career. To ensure that you do hair properly, you must raise your elbow.

Crane – Now the Crane design is not as common but common enough for it to be created! Like the offset, the crane was made for hairdressers with neck and shoulder problems. This crane design lets you drop your elbow position due to the angle in either the scissor or arch. It allows for better body positioning while cutting than the offset, which requires you to raise your elbow more.

Swivel Design – While the Swivel design may be more challenging, it is worth trying. This swivel design was created to make cutting hair easier and less painful. If you’re used to the other handle designs this may take a few goes to get used to but trust us you need to know how good this design can be for the professional hairdressers and barbers (sorry no hair at home gurus).

Now that you are familiar with the various handle styles, what do you consider the best hair-cutting shears? There are many brands that can provide different types of professional shears. They can also be used for hairdressers and professional barbers. So let’s keep digging to find out what else is involved in making the best hair cutting shears.

Best Hair Cutting Scissors


You then need to consider the length. We aren’t going to say what the optimal length of a shear is. Surgeons come in different sizes and lengths, much like their handles. How comfortable the stylist/bartender is working with shears and their preferred cutting methods, such as point, slide, feathering, or solid/blunt are all factors that will help determine the appropriate length. So the best length would be what’s best suited for the stylist or barber.

What lengths can shears be used? You can find shears in a range of sizes, from 4.5 to 8 inches. To cut your hair, hairdressers usually choose lengths of 5 inches, 5.5 inches, 6inches and 6.5inches. Whereas barbers tend to choose from 6inch, 6.5 inch and 7 inch, these lengths can also be called ‘barber hair cutting scissors’ for an easy find.

A barber will usually use a longer, 7 inch shear. However, this is due to the fact that they are often using the technique scissor under comb. Therefore having a longer scissor to make those quick snips ensure that the section cut is even and not crooked (unless it was done on an angle, but still it will be a straight angle).

For hairdressers, the preferred length is generally between 5 and 5.5 inches. This is because they deal with more hair and are better able to control the area they cut. A smaller blade means a smaller snip. This will allow you to control your scissors and make less mistakes when comming the baseline, sectioning layers, point or slide cutting or feathering. You can use the shorter, scissor-over-comb technique, but it will take you longer to complete the cut.

A 6 inch hair-cutting scissors is a good choice if you’re a professional salon stylist who specializes in wet or dry cuts for men and women. Why? Because it’s long enough to get through a scissor over comb in a timely manner and it’s short enough to get through your other techniques of haircutting all while having complete control of your shears when cutting hair.

However, how can you find out the length of your professional scissors for hair cutting? Many people mistakenly measure just the blade to determine the length of professional hair scissors. However, this is incorrect. Measure the handle as well.

Take a measure of your hair by measuring from the base of your scissors to the edge. You can remove a removable or adjustable finger rest while measuring, but you should still keep it on. If not, you can just follow our instructions. Measure from the end of the finger hole/edge to determine your final measurements.

Which are the Best Hair Scissors?

  1. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Series 6″
  2. Sanguine Professional 5.5″ Hairdressing Shears.
  3. ULG Hair Thinning 6.5in Scissors
  4. Jaguar Lane 5.5 Inch Scissors.
  5. Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Styling Shears.
  6. Cricket Shear.
  7. Feather razor.

Which Scissors do Professional Hairdressers Use

Matsui Scissors. 248 Reviews.Yasaka Scissors. 32 Reviews.Joewell Shears. 105 Reviews.Kamisori Scissors. 73 Reviews.Sozu. 160 Reviews.Comparison Table.Aug 6, 2019

.Best Hair Cutting Scissors

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