33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names

33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

When we look back at the origins of IKEA, it becomes clear that Ingvar kamprad, an Almhult resident, founded the company. IKEA is a home furnishings and accessories retailer that sells high-quality products at a reasonable price. It has always been proud of its history.

Each item is named individually in Swedish. If you do not speak Swedish it can be difficult for some to understand.

  • We have listed 33 impossible-to-pronounce funny furniture names and the meaning behind them; if you accept the challenge of reading these names aloud, keep on reading!
  • 33 IKEA Furniture Noms It’s Hard To Name. [+ Meanings!]
  • Before We Start
  • It is vital to be able to comprehend the contextual value of IKEA’s unusual names. This was done to enable the founder, who has dyslexia, to quickly identify specific items. Therefore, every category of furniture was named in accordance with a key.

    Norwegian place names have been used for hall furniture and beds as well as wardrobes and wardrobes. The names of bookcases reflect the professions and names of Scandinavian boys, while names for sofas and armchairs were inspired by Swedish cities. Similar to the Danish names, rug names correspond with those of Danish areas.

  • You can pronounce it “free-hehtun” so why not give it a try! You can find the name of the beloved charcoal-grey corner sofa bed at this link. It is published biweekly by the Norwegian Communist Party, which was founded in 1941.

  • This mind-blowing word refers simply to a type or cirruscloud, reflective of how this light blue cushion is named. It is used in Swedish spelling, and is sometimes pronounced as the “au sound” in English.
  • To the untrained eye, this word may defy all you have learned about spelling; however, pronunciation is relatively simple; “yee-per-lig.” The collaboration between IKEA and the Danish company HAY is named after the Swedish word for excellent!
  • Bjork, which means tree in Swedish, is the name of the BJORKSNAS series. This fits perfectly with the Nordic, natural wood look of the furniture. O, the Swedish vowel, may appear daunting. However they can be pronounced either as an “i” or as an “u” in many dialects.

  • 5. ORFJALL
  • It may surprise you to know that ORFJALL the most popular office swivel chair in vissel white and blue is named after an isolated village in Sweden’s Northern region.

  • 6. EKET
  • Versatile EKET cabinets are designed with minimalistic features, suitable for any colored room. Eket is the singular plural form of uncountable Noun “eke”, and comes from Old Swedish Connotations of “oak”.
  • 7. VIKTIGT
  • IKEA collaborated in the creation of handmade glassware and natural woven furniture with Ingegerd Raman, Swedish ceramic designer. “Viktigt” derives from the concept of a person with high status and importance. The word is easy to pronounce, just silence the G (“Viktigt”)

  • Natural bamboo is used to create the FROJERED fronts. They are durable and can be used to give your kitchen a modern, vibrant look. Named after another village within Sweden’s southern region, the surfaces have been named.

  • IKEA rug names are usually taken from villages in Sweden or Denmark. The STENLILLE, a rugs company, was named for a small town in Denmark’s Eastern regions. This area used to be called the West Zealand County.

  • 10. BEKVAM
  • Now that we understand that “A” vowels are spoken as “e” in many dialects, the pronunciation of the BEKVAM step stool should be a little less challenging. The Interpretation of “Bekvam” correlates to “providing comfort and ease.”
  • 11. EKOLSUND
  • Ekolsund Castle’s Ekolsund Gunnared light yellow-pink recliner also has this name. The castle’s first construction dates back to the 14th Century!
  • 12. SVARTA
  • Swedish is not your first language. If so, this definition may shock you.

  • 13. HEMNES
  • IKEA beds, like rugs are named after Norwegian areas. Hemnes, for instance, is a municipality located in Nordland Country, Norway, which sits south and east towards the border of Sweden.

  • 14. BESTA
  • BESTA storage solutions are built to last and provide modern style. BESTA stands for endurance and constancy, which is positively reflective of the storage pieces.
  • 15. FNISS
  • Comically, the FINISS wastebasket translates as giggle! This would imply that all poor jokes go in the garbage. The spelling of the word doesn’t matter. You should pronounce it as it is.

  • 16. NISSEDAL
  • NISSEDAL is an elegant black-framed mirror that will be a classic piece in any home. However, where did it get its name? Nissedal is located in Telemark, Norway. This rural municipality was named after Telemark River.

  • 17. EXPEDIT
  • With up to 16 compartments, the EXPEDIT storage unit was the ultimate vinyl collection dream. Like IKEA bookcases, “Expedit” translates to shop assistant or clerk professions!
  • Unfortunately, the EXPEDIT collection was discontinued in 2014, which leads us to our next item.

  • 18. FJALLBO
  • Although difficult to pronounce, IKEA’s Industrially Rustic-Looking Storage and Shelving Units are named for their good nature and fun. Funny enough, the Norse sneeze is what “Fjallbo”, actually comes from!
  • 19. KVARTAL
  • IKEA lights have been named in accordance with units of measurement or Swedish phrases. Pronunciation of KVARTAL seems pretty cool however it simply means “quarterly” in English.

  • 20. ANRIK
  • IKEA’s sleek, modern-looking coffee pot was named “rich and heritage” because of its elegant appearance.
  • 21. VITTSJO
  • The “Vittsjo”, a name with deep context values, was home to the 1612 Battle of Vittsjo where Gustavus Adolphus nearly died. Vittsjo’s rich Swedish heritage inspired the IKEA sturdy glass cabinet. This area can be found in Hassleholm Municipality.

  • You will find it easier to pronounce this word than you realize. Its use of SOCKERKAKA (sponge cake) is the perfect name for silicone bakeware.
  • 23. APPLARO
  • IKEA’s outdoor furniture has been named after Scandinavian island names according to the key. The modern APPLARO collection is named after Stockholm’s picturesque city.

  • 24. MINNEN
  • The MINNEN bed is unique and can be used to create memories. Coincidentally “minnen” means “memories”, so it seems the bed is a great fit.

  • 25. BRIMNES
  • As we are focusing our attention on IKEA’s bedroom furniture, let us now turn to the pronunciation of Brimnes. Many translations of Brimnes sound like a “d”, which is the beginning of the word. The favorable wardrobe series is named after a small village located in Southern Sweden.

  • 26. KYRRE
  • The Old Norse term “krr” is the inspiration for “Kryrre”, which means “calm, peaceful”. Not what you would expect to find on a basic birchwood stool.
  • 27. INBJUDEN
  • IKEA’s INBJUDEN, romantically designed wedding furniture collection can be pronounced. In English, Inbjuden means “invitation”, and you’ll definitely need it to go to a wedding.
  • You may be familiar with the following: “Godmorgon,” the Swedish word for “Good Morning,” is what IKEA calls the “Good Morning” series of bathrooms.

  • 29. VARMER
  • IKEA has a range of winter accessories that you can use to warm up in colder months. Strategically, VARMER’s name is derived from the Swedish term “warmth”, which is another wonderful match.

  • 30. IDEALISK
  • The chances of you being correct if you make a guess about this one. The Swedish word “idealisk”, which is a way to say “ideal,” may be used to describe the stainless-steel appliances.

  • 31. BARBAR
  • Designed with angled edges for easy grip, IKEA’s bird printed tray was introduced for your convenience. IKEA has undoubtedly chosen the name Barbar, which means “carryable,” to reflect the product’s idea.

  • 32. RODASK
  • RODASK rug is light brown and orange. It brings warmth into the home. Designed with woven cotton and cotton-chenille, you’ll see different textures working together in harmony. The name “red-ash” is a translation of the meaning. This is a fitting connection to the rug’s look.

  • IKEA’s oak top table was named after Morbylanga Kommun, one of only two towns located in the south of Oland on the Swedish Baltic Island of Oland. Like the region, the MORBYLANGA Table has plenty of personality.

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  • Conclusion
  • IKEA furniture names can seem confusing for those that don’t know the terminology. The brand’s quirky names are unique and add authenticity, which is what sets them apart from other competitors.

    How Do You Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names?

    According to the company’s website, it’s pronounced EE-KAYUH. IKEA has spoken the pronunciation of the word a couple times, but it can be easy to forget, especially when others pronounce it in a particular way. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pronounce IKEA correctly.

    Why Does Ikea Use Weird Names?

    Ingvar Karmarad, the founder and CEO of IKEA created the naming system. Kamprad struggled with dyslexia, and he had trouble remembering the order of the numbers in item codes. Therefore, he switched the numbers to his name. It made it much easier to identify each item and he was less likely to make mistakes while filling in forms. Jun 19, 2018

    What are the Names of Ikea Furniture?

    Feb 3, 2008

    What does Bjorksnas mean?

    BJORKSNAS: The name of a Swedish village. Bjork means tree. July 8, 2016, YDDIGEN.

    .33 Impossible To Pronounce Ikea Furniture Names (+ Meanings)

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