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Best Dual Coffee Maker

Bunn Axiom Dv-3, Dual Voltage Automatic Commercial 12-Cup Coffee Maker, 3 Lower Warmers, 38700.0009

BUNN Axiom DV-3, Dual Voltage Automatic Commercial 12-Cup Coffee Maker, 3 Lower Warmers, 38700.0009
The BUNN Axiom DV-3 commercial coffee maker is dual voltage adaptable, making it perfect for locations with varying water pressure. The BrewWIZARD technology simplifies brewer programming, and the digital temperature control ensures coffee brew quality. The cold brew lock out capability prevents the machine from brewing when the tank temperature is too low, and the electronic diagnostics make service easier. The BUNN Axiom DV-3 commercial coffee maker is dual voltage adaptable, so it can operate at 120V/15 amp or 120/208-240V/20 amp. The Axiom DV-3 also features BrewLOGIC technology that calculates flow rate and adjusts brew time to maintain consistent pot levels, as well as BrewWIZARD technology that simplifies brewer programming with a LCD display.
  • Dual Voltage Adaptable Can Operate At 120V/15 Amp Or 120/208-240V/20 Amp
  • Adjusts Automatically To Varying Water Pressure
  • For High Lime Areas Brewlogic Technology Calculates Flow Rate And Adjusts Brew Time To Maintain Consistent Pot Levels
  • Brewwizard Technology Simplifies Brewer Programming With A Lcd Display; Set Brew Level Cold Brew Lock-Out And Tank Temperature From The Front Of The Machine
  • Digital Temperature Control And Accuracy
  • Ensures Coffee Brew Quality With Cold Brew Lock Out Capability
  • Electronic Diagnostics And Built In Tank Drain Make Service Easier
  • Splashgard Funnel Deflects Hot Liquids Away From The Hand
  • Coffee Extraction Controlled With Pre-Infusion Pulse Brew And Digital Temperature Control
  • Automatic Warmer Shut-Off
  • Energy-Saver Mode Reduces Tank Temperature During Idle Periods
  • Carafes Not Included

It has BrewLOGIC technology that calculates flow rate and adjusts brew time to maintain consistent pot levels. You can set brew level, cold brew lock-out and tank temperature from the front of the machine. Plus, the digital temperature control ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability. This machine also has electronic diagnostics and built in tank drain making service easier. Plus, the SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from your hand. It adjusts automatically to varying water pressure and has BrewLOGIC technology that calculates flow rate and adjusts brew time to maintain consistent pot levels. The machine also has BrewWIZARD technology that simplifies brewer programming with a LCD display; set brew level, cold brew lock-out and tank temperature from the front of the machine. Digital temperature control and accuracy ensure coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability. The SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquid away from hands.

Best Dual Coffee Maker

La Marzocco
Type Private
Industry Domestic & Professional Espresso machines
Founded Florence , Italy, 1927 ; 95 years ago ( 1927 )
Founder Giuseppe Bambi
Bruno Bambi
Headquarters Scarperia e San Piero ,
Area served
Products Espresso Machines
Website www .lamarzocco .com
Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Check the Price. The Cuisinart SS-20 Thermal Single Serve Brewer ranks high on our list. The versatility of this single-serve brewer makes it the best duo coffee machine. This brewer supports K-Cups, comes with an adjustable drip tray and is available in three serving sizes. This means that it works exactly as any K-Cup machine – easy, simple and efficient.

Do you prefer pouring from the pot instead of brewing K-Cups? If you do, then the carafe can give you several options in how you prefer to brew. Its carafe side features a thermal coffee carafe that can make up to 10 cups. This side is totally automatic with its slew of handy controls: brew-strength control, 24-hour brew start, a ready alert, and a self-cleaning function. There is also an option to purchase a 12-cup glass cafe, which can be used if 10 cups seem too small.

For the coffee on the carafe side, there is a golden-hued filter. A charcoal-colored filter is used for water on the single-serve side. If you want to grab your coffee quickly, the “brew Pause” button can be used. If you are running late to work and the brew is not complete, just hit that button to pause it and grab what is already available. Convenient, right?

This dual coffee brewer, which is reasonably priced at only $149 comes with a BPA and 3-year warranties in case of damage or accident.

Three sizes of servings on the K Cup side

Cuisinart HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup

Energy-Saving mode

Brew Power Control on the Carafe Side

This diversity of features lets you customize each cup or pot and present an extensive list

Easy-to-use control panel

Best Dual Coffee Maker

Double Coffee Maker: For you or a few

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I’m stuck. Which do you choose? A regular drip brewer of a single-serve model. We get it. Coffee lovers, as well as households that adore coffee, need their brewers do multiple things. Dual Coffee Makers may be the best choice for you.

Dual coffee makers are a prime example of the ingenuity within the coffee brewing industry. The perfect choice for many coffee lovers, dual coffee makers can be used to cater to a range of home brewing needs.

Take a Look: Top 5

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“>Best Dual Coffee Makers Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew. Ninja Top Choice Hot And Cold Coffee Machine (CP307) Cuisinart (SS-20 Coffeemaker) De’Longhi (BCO430 Combination Brewer Hamilton Beach 479980A coffee maker). Read on to find out which dual coffee makers are best for you.

Best Dual Coffee Maker

6 best dual coffee makers of 2021: 2-Way brewers reviewed

If you’re one of the people that have both a single-serve coffee maker and a large capacity model with a carafe on your counter, you know the pain of having to spend a lot of your precious cabinet space on just one task. Dual coffee makers give you the option to save some space, but still, get the single serving and large capacity coffee brews you need.

However, when buying online it can be difficult to decide which model to get. There are many dual coffee maker options available. It can sometimes be difficult to know which model is worth the price and which one you should avoid.

We want you to know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. Our reviews cover the upsides and downsides to every model so that you can find the one which best fits your needs and your budget. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, so you can learn more about the best dual coffee makers before you buy.

Comparison Chart (updated on 2021)

Best Dual Coffee Maker

This is the list of 6 top dual-coffee makers.

1. Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual coffeemaker – The Best Overall Price Hamilton Beach 499880A is the ideal choice for those who need a machine that makes single cups of coffee as well as brews whole pots. You can choose whether you want to use soft or loose coffee in the single-serve section. The multi-level cup rest allows you to fill either a large travel mug with coffee or a small one. This model is also programmable, so you can wake up to the smell of great-tasting coffee every day.

Its auto-pause/serve function is one the most impressive features of the carafe. When you are ready to enjoy a cup, take the carafe out of the carafe and place it back. The automatic pause will ensure the coffee doesn’t spill onto the heater while it is being returned. Unfortunately, the single-serve option brews less coffee and is colder than the carafe. This model would be a great choice if that issue was resolved. You’ll still be satisfied with the coffeemaker if it can make espresso for you or your family with equal ease.

This is, in our opinion, the absolute best dual-coffee machine this year.

Uses either soft or loose coffee

Multilevel cup rest


Automatic pause and serve

Single-serve Side not as good

2. Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Espresso Maker – Premium Selection Check the Latest Price The Cuisinart SS-15 Single-Serve and Coffee Maker is an excellent dual-coffee maker. You can have both lovers of coffee and those who enjoy it. K-Cup compatibility means that you will be able use the extensive list of compatible coffee brews when using this single-serve version. It also comes with a reusable filter so you can use your favorite loose coffee grounds as well. It also includes a top-quality filter to the main machine, which means you don’t have countless paper filters.

Also, this large carafe is among the best on the market. It isn’t likely to spill and drip as much as other carafes, which will save you a lot time cleaning up. If you have a shorter mug, it can cause side splashes. The problem is solved in our top-rated model. This makes this coffee maker second. Still, if you want to be able to use K-cups, then this is the model for you.

Best Dual Coffee Maker

Final Verdict

Hamilton Beach’s 49980A coffee maker is our preferred model. This is because of its flexibility in using loose and/or soft pods, the multi-level cup stop, as well its automatic pause/serve function. The Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Maker and Single-Serve takes second place due to its great brew-strength control, compatibility with K-cups, and inclusion of a reusable filter, through its splashing issues keep it out of the top position. SharkNinja CF085Z – An expensive model which includes a hot/cold tumbler and a decent cup, and can do rich or simple brews. Unfortunately, it has software issues that make it third. DELONGHI BCO330T takes fourth, making espresso and coffee. However, it cannot rise higher than fourth due to its huge size and drip-prone cafe.

Our reviews and the buyer’s guides have hopefully helped you to better understand dual espresso makers and help you select the perfect dual coffee machine for you. Happy brewing!


We Love Our Coffee Makers

Best Dual Coffee Maker

The Best Dual Coffee Maker with Drip and Single-Serve Features

Many people like to make coffee themselves at home. This is why it can be difficult to choose between single-serve k-cup or best coffee machines. We wanted to offer you an alternative, and it is the best. A dual-function coffeemaker is a good choice if you need a multitasking machine.

This is a quick look at our top 5 picks for dual coffee makers Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker CucinaPro double-brew coffee brewer station Keurig K–Cafe coffee maker. Many homes and offices have been able to get rid of the clutter with these dual-coffee makers. It consolidates your counter space and makes it more efficient than any single-serve coffee machine. We found the following dual coffee maker options.

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IMAGE PRODUCT Hamilton Beach 2-way


12 Cup Carafe

Simultaneous Brewing View On Amazon – Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Easy To Clean

Highly Programmable

Strength Setting View on Amazon – Hamilton Beach FlexibleBrew Coffee Maker

Best Dual Coffee Maker

Best Dual Coffee Maker

The top 7 best dual coffeemakers currently in production are reviewed below. This multifunctional machine can offer single or multiple espressos, which is what we prefer.

To start off our list we have the Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer Coffee Maker. This beautiful, elegant coffee machine will meet your every need. Although dual coffeemakers are great for office use, these are equally good for home.

It’s great to start your day with freshly ground coffee, but you will be even happier if your cup is with you as you head out of the house. Many people simply make their coffee, pour some into a cup, and then take the remainder of the coffee with them to work. However, this can lead to many problems.

You don’t have to live in the same place as you are if your partner is living alone. You don’t have to go home to an empty glass coffee cup, coffee grounds, and a dirty floor. We suggest the altruistic option.

The dual-coffee maker is the perfect solution. Hamilton Beach has the option to make single servings of coffee and prepare 12 cups. The coffee brewer will not require you to use every last drop.

You can set the preferences for your coffee using the built-in controls. The brewer takes care of the rest. It’s easy to prepare for your day even while the coffee is still brewing. A warming plate ensures that coffee does not burn and is always hot.

This machine can prepare both full and single-serving coffee pods. It is also a two-way coffee maker’s unique advantage. You can still enjoy a 12-cup glass carafe with single serve, even if the machine is not used.

The Dual Brew Coffee Maker is the top coffee brewer on the list. This includes the fact that it’s a very affordable model. It’s fairly cheap, nicely built and it looks amazing. It can brew coffee for hours.

The next on the list is our Keurig K-Duo coffee maker. You don’t have to jump to conclusions before you look at what this coffeemaker has to offer. Many people assume the Keurig can only make single-serve k cups when they hear its name. Keurig was popularized by the single-serve k cups. This machine, however, is very different.

Coming in at number six, this dual coffee maker doesn’t just make single servings, it also can make full pots. Many reviews point out how it produces exceptional java. There will be enough coffee left over to enjoy, as well as the option to make just one cup. You won’t have to refill the water tank for every brew because there are separate reservoirs.

Best Dual Coffee Maker

Top 8 Best Dual Coffee Makers Reviews 2021 – Most Versatile Two Way Brew Coffee Makers

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It’s possible to buy a product that mixes your two favourite drinks. You can brew your favorite dual coffee with this machine, which has a carafe as well as single-serve. The machine is capable of brewing a single-cup to a full cup. However, a dual brew espresso machine (a two-way coffeemaker) provides more benefits than simply size. Dual coffee machines can be used with pods and K-cups. The machine is flexible and simple to use.

Multiple features are required to make your morning coffee. You can adjust your brew temperature and strength or the size of your cup. These dual-brew coffee makers allow for many different options when it comes to brewing coffee. Simply look for the right product.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffeemaker is our number one choice when it comes to dual-brew coffeemakers. The coffee maker boasts three different brewing options, which allow you to tailor the brewing process to your preferences. This programmable coffee maker is easy to operate and comes with an easy-touch control panel.

Best Dual Coffee Maker

This is the Best Coffee Makers for 2022

Consumer Reports’ pod and drip-brewer experts have compiled a list of top brewers including Technivorm (Cuisinart), Nespresso, Technivorm, Nespresso, and others. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.

Many people find that a cup of great coffee makes them feel more awake and alert. Today’s coffeemakers do much more than just make a cup of coffee. Others grind coffee, while others make lattes or macchiatos from milk. And some even make iced espresso.

Nearly 150 coffeemakers were tested to determine which ones are best suited for your counter space.

We take java seriously in our coffee maker lab, where our test team conducts a brew-performance test and measures contact time (how long water stays within the sweet spot of 195deg F to 205deg F for brewing) for each drip coffee maker single-serve (pod) machines , our engineers evaluate temperature and size consistency of individual cups of coffee. Engineers assess the cleaning process and taste test each cold-brewed coffee.

The following reviews are of twelve of the top coffee makers currently on the market. These are in alphabetical order. You can choose from a variety of options: cold-brew, coffee/espresso, pod, grind and brew, self serve, single-mug, dual, or multi-cup. Click on the model names to view detailed specs and ratings.

Find out more about coffee makers in our buying guide. We also have dozens of coffee maker options available in our comprehensive coffee maker ratings Bunn Heat N Brew Programmable. Our take: While the Bunn Heat N Brew Programmable scores very high in all tests, its features set includes a cleaner indicator and auto-shutoff. It does not offer programming, nor is it affordable. Still, you’re likely to love this appliance, which receives a Very Good score for brew performance in our testing. According to our most recent member survey, Bunn drip machines have an excellent rating in terms of owner satisfaction.

This CR Best Buy is a result of its outstanding performance, $50 price and deservedly so. With stellar performance in every test, this K-Cup brewer beats the $200 ones, earning Excellent ratings, which includes excellent first-cup speeds. At this price you won’t find many extras. This Chefman model’s only features are an auto-shutoff and the ability to brew from K-Cups or loose grounds.

is a self-serve coffee maker, meaning it forgoes a carafe and allows you to fill a mug straight from its heated reservoir. This model does well in our tests, earning an Excellent brew-performance rating. Cuisinart self serve machines have excellent owner satisfaction scores and very good predicted reliability. This machine comes with a removable reservoir, permanent filter, water filter, cleaning indicator, auto-shutoff, programming, and a small-batch setting.

Thanks to the 14-cup, glass-carafe with touch screen control, this model makes enough coffee for an entire house. This model gets an Excellent rating for its brew efficiency and also performs well in our other tests. This model has programming, an auto-shutoff feature, cleaning indicator, permanent filter water filter, brew strain control and small-batch settings. Although it is a little expensive, you can still count on a great machine for your investment.

. The grinder comes with a water filter, permanent filter and auto-shutoff. You also get programming and brew strength control. This model earns Very Good scores for brew performance and carafe handling in our lab tests, and as a group, Cuisinart machines receive an Excellent rating for owner satisfaction in CR’s latest member survey.

.Best Dual Coffee Maker

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