Lowes Attendance Policy

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)


It does not matter whether you’re currently working at Lowes or you want to get a job with them.

It is possible that you’re wondering what Lowes’ attendance policy might mean for your employees. Here’s what I learned from Lowe about their attendance policy.

  • Lowe’s Attendance Policy In 2022

At Lowe’s there attendance policy can be broken into 4 steps. This includes an initial notice, written warning, last warning and, if no progress is made, the fourth. Lowe’s will assume that you are done if you don’t call or you miss 3 consecutive days.

  • Keep reading to learn more about Lowes Attendance Policy including clocking in and getting out.

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

How Many Times Can You Call In Sick?

Without a doctor’s note, Lowes allows its employees to call in sick up to 6 times in a 365 day rolling period.

If you do not call in at all, then after three days Lowes will assume that you have quit and will terminate your employment.

If you call in sick consecutively, this won’t count for more than one day. These are instead counted by the occurrence.

For example, if you were unable to attend work for a week, this would count as one call-in out of the 6 and you would not be fired for missing 7 days of work.

It is important to note that a doctor’s note will not excuse or remove an absence from your record.

If your reason is valid, you may apply for FMLA intermittent leave. In this instance, the days that were missed are excused.

How many times can you ever be late at Lowe’s

Lowes considers being late to be clocking in six minutes later than you were due to start your shift.

If you are late three times in a 30 day period then Lowes will issue you with a first warning. And if this tardiness continues then your employment is likely to be terminated.

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

How Does Lowe’s Manage Clocking out?

Lowes follows a six-minute rule when clocking into and out of shifts.

To illustrate, suppose your shift starts at 9 am. You can still clock in from 8:54 to 9:06 and be on time.

Any time beyond this buffer of six minutes would be considered tardy.

Will I Still Be Paid For Time off Sick At Lowe’s?

Full-time employees will receive pay for being off sick. However, without a doctor’s note or an FMLAs intermittent leave form, any “at-will” workers may not be paid for any time off sick.

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

How long will poor attendance stay on my Lowe’s Record?

You will have to keep your attendance records for at least one year following the publication of your first issue. If you do not return your copy, it will become permanent.

It is crucial to be aware that the policy’s four steps can be skipped depending upon the severity of misconduct. If you don’t complete all of them, however, you may still be fired.

Do I have the right to be fired for poor attendance at Lowe’s

In the event that you already have a Lowes warning, then you may be fired for having a poor attendance record.

Lowes may terminate employment with or without warning if an “at will” employee is identified.

Sometimes, such situations don’t require warnings before an employer decides to terminate the contract.

Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)

You will be punished for violating the Attendance Rules.

“Reprimand, probation or suspension, forfeiture or demotion of a bonus, ou dismissal may all be considered disciplinary action according to Lowes Employee Policies.” They also stated that all employees are subject to the same disciplinary measures, even supervisors.

This is because you could be fired if Lowes enforces its rules, regardless of what your position may be.

Lowe’s can I get rehired?

Official Lowes policy is to allow former employees to apply again and possibly be rehired.

However, if your employment is terminated for something such as a poor attendance record, then it is likely that this will be flagged up and inhibit your chances of being rehired.

In case you still aren’t sure if you qualify for rehire, you can contact the manager at store where you have applied for employment. He or she will let you know if they would consider rehire.

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  • Conclusion

Lowes attendance policy is usually predicated upon their four-step system in which the last step is your termination. You can speed up the process depending on how serious your misconduct is.

The maximum number of sick calls you can make in the 90 days is three. If more than that happens, your contract could be terminated.

What happens if I clock out early at Lowes

If employees clock in earlier than 6 p.m. before the scheduled start time, they are entitled to overtime. To the employee’s benefit, they will receive overtime compensation by rounding off to the nearest 10th of an hour.

What does a Time-and Attendance policy mean?

For your company to succeed, a time and attendance policy is crucial. It sets out rules that your employees must follow regarding when they should show up at work and under what conditions.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Lowes Final?

Most cases can be rehired by Lowe’s within 6 months.

Lowes – Can I Leave Before It’s Too Late?

According to Lowe’s employees, you can give two weeks notice and be asked to quit early. For example, if you have taken a job with a competitor, Lowe’s may ask you not to work the two weeks and pay you instead.

.Lowes Attendance Policy (Being Late, Clocking Out + More)