Best Nursing Pillows

Best Nursing Pillows

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best nursing pillows

The best nursing pillow

Luna Lullaby has the ideal balance of softness and support. The Luna Lullaby’s ultra-plush covers and versatile shape make it easy to use for nursing, lounging and even tummy time. Amazon: *The price as of the publishing date was $57 Even though every nurse pillow style and design may not be right for you, we chose the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby to Nursing Pillow as our top choice. With its simple L shape, it offers more position options for nursing than similar body-hugging C and U-shaped models. The shape of this pillow and its cushy, but soft fill mean it is comfortable for breastfeeding mothers. It has the best cover, which is also one of the cuddliest and coziest. Advertisement

best nursing pillows

For Whom This Is

The lactation consultants we spoke to agreed that you don’t need a nursing pillow to successfully breastfeed a baby. While some breastfeeding moms find the use of a nursing pillow very beneficial, particularly in the beginning, others feel they are unnecessary and even harmful. For breastfeeding with pillows or not, you have many options. You may have to spend time practicing to determine which position is best for you, your baby, and they will probably change as your baby gets older. Kelly has many resources for breastfeeding. If you are unsure whether to get a pillow for nursing, you can meet with moms or take group classes.

When breastfeeding, nursing pillows are best used when you can sit upright, partially or fully reclined. This could be on a sofa, chair, floor or in a bed. These positions can allow you to raise your baby higher than usual, so your neck doesn’t get twisted, to support your shoulders and elbows while nursing, as well as provide stability for your baby.

Angela Horman, a lactation consultant said that nursing pillows are very useful in positioning a baby at the breast height. Susan Burger agreed, pointing out that a nursing pillow can help you avoid having to hunch over to reach your baby: “Most of the reason for using the pillow is to be able to get into a comfortable position where you are leaning back a bit,” Burger told us. “Leaning back is typically better for your back, so you want to be able to lean back and relax while you feed your baby.” Based on our conversations with lactation consultants and breastfeeding mothers, we found that nursing pillows tend to be most heavily used during the newborn phase, with many mothers saying they stopped using a dedicated pillow as often when their babies were about 5 months old. A pillow can support as much a 1-year old as it will a 2-year-old. (We tested the pillows featured in this guide with babies ranging from 7 weeks to 14 months old).

Everybody is different and no single pillow fits all. Different body types and sizes mean that different nursing pillows might be more suitable for certain babies. Our experience has shown that breastfeeders often use multiple types of pillows.

Use pillows from your own home. You don’t need to spend too much time looking for the right pillow. Burger said that you can usually make do with the pillows that are already there. She encouraged parents to try pillows and rolled-up receiving blankets to improve support and position.

You should know that neither the pillow shown in this guide nor any other type of pillows is intended to be used as a crib surface. They can also pose a danger of suffocation. This Consumer Reports article provides more details on these risks and also details about the recall of Boppy loungers in September 2021. You should place infants so that they can sleep on your backs.

best nursing pillows

The Best Nursing Pillow

Luna Lullaby strikes a great balance, being soft but supportive. With a plush, flexible cover, it is ideal for nursing, stomach time and lounging.

Amazon: Buy

*The published price was $57.

Our testers loved Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby’s Nursing Pillow the most. This was due to its large, supportive surface and simple, versatile design. It also has a super soft cover. This L-shaped pillow is larger than other ones we tested, making it ideal for supporting and positioning babies. It’s also not too heavy or bulky. The Luna Lullaby’s simplicity made it simple to place. It isn’t the firmest or most body-hugging pillow we tested, so it won’t be the best choice if you want very structured support and stability for you and your baby. But the soft and supportive pillow fill allows for breastfeeding, cuddling, lounging, or even tummy time. We loved the plush pillow cover, which is undoubtedly the best we have ever used. It also comes in an array of different colors and print options.

Eight of our 12 breastfeeding testers selected the Luna Lullaby as one of their two favorites, which made it the best liked pillow overall. Luna Lullaby offers baby a larger surface to rest on because it is not as C-, U-, or C-shaped like the other lap pillow we tried. It is also more flexible in positioning. You can either rotate it to one side or center it on your body. Numerous testers praised the Luna Lullaby’s wide, fairly broad shape. It has a large, broad, and flat surface. Mother of 2-month-old baby said that she likes the flat surface to allow her son to relax.

Luna Lullaby is a large pillow with a wide surface. It doesn’t hug your body as tightly as C-shaped pillows do, but most of our testers found it more comfortable. Rozette Rado. We found the Luna Lullaby to be one of our most versatile pillows. You can use it as an additional lounging or tummy pillow, as well as for breastfeeding. The fill strikes the right balance of being both supportive and cushy. The Luna Lullaby is still used as a throw cushion by one of our staffers, who was using it to breastfeed her twins. The covers of many pillows that we tried have zips, but the Luna Lullaby uses an extra fold to seal the cover. This means there is no way for the pillow to be uncomfortable.

best nursing pillows

It’s also great: My Brest Friend Deluxe

best nursing pillows

Here are Our Top Baby Nursing Pillows and How to Use Them.

best nursing pillows

What’s a Nursing Pillow, You Ask?

best nursing pillows

How to use a nursing cushion

best nursing pillows

How to Choose the Best Nursing Pillow

While you can breastfeed or bottle-feed baby while you are at it, even an eight-pound baby will drag on your shoulders, causing you to slump your head. The beauty of a good nursing pillow is that it effortlessly lifts baby up to the right height for feeding so you don’t have to throw your posture off. You can trust the pillow to do its work and concentrate on other things, like perfecting baby’s latch , breathing deeply to help letdown and chilling out while you breastfeed. When shopping for the best nursing pillow, you’ll want to consider:

* The size. Some moms prefer a sizable nursing pillow so baby has a wide spot to lie on while feeding. A smaller travel-friendly nursing pillow is preferred by others. This makes it easy to move from one spot to another while also making it easy to store for future trips. You can also choose the twin nursing pillow, specifically designed for multi-moms.

* Pricing. An average breastfeeding pillow will cost between $25 and $50. Upgrade to a luxurious, monogrammed slipcover, which costs about $70 Do you want an organic, twin nursing pillow to fit multiples of people? With this in mind, you can expect to pay closer than $100

* Washability. Is the pillow washable? While the former is less expensive, if baby is prone to spit-up or reflux, you may want to opt for the latter.

* Design and style. You can choose between solid colours, prints, or two-sided nursing pillows with different patterns. Nursing pillows are covered in fabric. Shopping for one is fun because of the variety!

best nursing pillows

The Best Travel Nursing Pillow

Which Type Of Nursing Pillow Is Best?

  1. Blessed Nest The Nesting Cushion
  2. Boppy Original Infant Feeding and Support Pillow
  3. Twin Z Pillow
  4. Humble-Bee Nurse-sling.
  5. Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow.
  6. My Breast Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
  7. Leachco Natural Boost Adjustable Nursing Pillow.

Are Breastfeeding Pillows Bad?

#2: Breastfeeding pillows can affect attachment and positioning. Some breastfeeding pillows could actually create more problems than they solve. The biggest problem with breastfeeding pillows is that the baby may be too high on the breast.

Does a Feeding Pillow Need to be Designed?

Does a nursing cushion really help? It’s definitely not required to have a nursing pillow–you can breastfeed effectively using just a regular pillow. Aug 9, 2021

Are The Boppy Pillows Worth it?

You can also use the Boppy pillows to hold your baby’s head while he learns how to sit. Baby’s stomach time can be helped by Boppy pillows (1). … Boppy pillows can make it more enjoyable for infants, so having one around is worth the money just for that reason to me.Aug 23, 2021

.Best Nursing Pillows

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