Best Organic Baby Formulas

Best Organic Baby Formulas

best organic baby formulas

Top 10 Organic Baby Formulas (Summary).

There is no one perfect baby formula. However, these are some of the best. Click the name of the formula to visit the online store that sells it. Organic baby formula that is all organic. This formula contains high-quality ingredients, including a whey to-casein ratio which mimics breastmilk, vegetable oils as fat and prebiotics/probiotics. It also contains DHA/ARA. GMO ingredients, added sugars and starch are not allowed. It also contains synthetic nutrients and preservers.

best organic baby formulas

Holle Pre

Holle PRE’s ingredients are very similar to Lebenswert. It is also a great option for parents who don’t want pre/probiotics or ARA added to their formula and want to supplement with that separately (it does have DHA added). This formula can be used from the birth of your baby up to 6 months.

Best goat milk infant formula. It is made with A2 goat milk, not skim. No palm oil, soy or added sugars. It is also 100% vegetarian. Contains prebiotics, has a whey:casein ratio that mimics breastmilk for easy digestion. It is technically not organic but it does contain Red tractor-certified ingredients and non-GMO. This means Kendamil follows rigorous production standards and the farms they obtain their goat milk from do not use growth hormones. Plus, the local farmers follow responsible use of animal medicines on their farms. This family-owned, beloved goat is treated with the utmost care.

Baby’s ONLY with Whey can also be used as a lactose formulation, however it is made using organic skimmed cattle’s milk and organic cottage cheese. It contains no additives or sugars. It is natural extracted from egg yolks. Lastly, this is marketed as a toddler formula but similar to Kabrita, it meets the nutritional requirements for an infant formula. Before giving this formula to your baby, please consult your doctor.

These ingredients are non-GMO and contain prebiotics. The whey-to–casein ratio is very similar to breast milk. No glucose syrup solids are used, as well as no maltodextrin or taurine. This product also does not contain palm oil. Although it is labeled as toddler formula, the formula meets all nutritional requirements. You should consult with your pediatrician before you give this to your baby.

Happy Baby Organic does not contain gluten or corn syrup. Easy digestion is possible with this non-GMO product. It includes pre and probiotics. The oil contains both palm oil and soy oils but is naturally rich in DHA. The oil is also thin so it takes some getting used to.

Holle’s ingredients are similar to Lebenswert. Holle also has pre/probiotics and ARA. Holle, however, does not have DHA. Holle Bio has maltodextrin as an ingredient. This is the main problem.

If you’re looking for an organic goat milk product that is free from pre/probiotics and ARA, this alternative to Kabrita may be a good choice. It does contain DHA. The only problem is, as Holle Bio said, the additional maltodextrin.

best organic baby formulas

Organic Baby Formula: Ingredients You Should Avoid

US standards for organic baby products are more diverse than those in Europe. That means even top-quality formulas can be made with lower quality ingredients. Here’s a list of ingredients that are not allowed in organic infant formula. The National Organic Standards Board has also listed them. You should avoid using these ingredients in your organic formula.

The following are processed refined sugars: Syrup solids, corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids, maltodextrin, (a hydrolyzed starch that is derived from rice, potatoes, and/or corn), or brown rice syrup. Manufacturers use these because they are cheaper than lactose (which is what should be in formula).

DHA, ARA oils extracted with hexane: DHA is an essential fatty acid that’s important for brain and eye development. Certain types of DHA (and ARA), such as C. Cohnii (DHA), and M. Alpina (ARA), can be extracted using hexane, a non-toxic petroleum-based solvent. DHA and ARA can be used in formulas that don’t need hexane. Although hexane can be removed from formulas after processing and isn’t detected in European Formulas, it is worth noting DHA/ARA are not required for extraction if they come from any other source than alga and fungus. It’s also worth noting that any oils that are listed as “organic” on EU formula labels cannot use hexane for extraction.

Carrageenan: typically added as a stabilizer to ready-to-feed formula in the US; it is not allowed in the EU and has been linked to intestinal inflammation.

Synthetic Nutrients include lutein (lutein), lycopene nucleotides taurine and l carnitine. None of these nutrients are required in infant formula by the FDA, but many US infant formulas include them. They must be extracted using chemical solvents. These substances are also removed during processing.

Palm Oil: This is to replicate the amount of palmitic acid found in breastmilk. Some manufacturers also add palm oil. The problem is that palm oil does not act the same way that palmitic acid does in the baby’s gut. It reacts with calcium and forms “soaps,” which can be harmful to the baby’s digestive system. Palm oil is in most formulas (EU & US), but more manufacturers are now making formula without it.

Soy oil: Because of the phytoestrogens in soy proteins (and soy products), soy oil and soy lecithin are potentially harmful for babies. (Refer to this soy study). Soylecithin, and soy oil have low levels or trace amounts phytoestrogens.

best organic baby formulas

The 10 Best Organic Baby Formulas (Details)

1. Hi. PP Dutch – The Best Overall Reasons I Love It: This formula is hands down the most organic. The whey-to–casein ratio mimics that of breast milk. It also uses vegetable oils as fat. It’s also free of GMO ingredients, added sugars, starch, soy, and synthetic nutrients and preservatives. The container is easy to use and seals well.

Take note: For any concerns about the extraction of hexane, please contact Hi. This technique is employed by PP in order to recover the DHA and ARA. However, they claim that all hexane has been extracted and it is in the formulas. This European brand adheres to stricter guidelines than the US so I believe it.

Get the latest price Loulouka – Best Formula with DHA and No Palm or Soy Oil

Loulouka: It’s one of few formulas with DHA and prebiotics. However, it doesn’t have soy oil nor palm oil. Loulouka uses coconut oil. You can trust it to provide healthy, natural fats and organic milk from grass fed cows.

Be aware: The formula is not ARA- or probiotic-free, and you’ll need to supplement it if this product is chosen for you baby.

Find out the price Kendamil – Best Whole Milk Formula with Prebiotics. DHA. ARA. What I love about Kendamil? Kendamil has whole milk rather than skimmed and does not contain palm oil. Kendamil’s cows come from pastures and are grass fed.

It is important to remember that probiotics are not included in this formula. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to take supplements if you wish to make sure your baby gets the right nutrients. It also contains taurine, l-carnitine, and nucleotides, but Kendamil does not use solvents to extract these nutrients for their formula.

best organic baby formulas

Our Top Hypoallergenic Formulas

For more information on hypoallergenic baby formulas, this article provides detailed information. Here is a quick summary of 3 top hypoallergenic formulas.

Why I love it: Hi. PP Hypoallergenic baby milk formula contains no casein. The formula also includes pre-, probiotics and DHA. If your baby is sensitive or has an allergy to cow’s milk, this formula may be a good choice. Hydrolyzed protein is used extensively (86-87% of it broken down), with 100% whey, no casein. It also has the same level of lactose as non-hypoallergenic baby products. If your baby is severely lactose intolerant, it may not work for them.

Keep in mind: Hi. PP Hypoallergenic, while technically not organic, is due to the fact that hydrolyzing the milk proteins requires more processing. However, all other ingredients included are still organic.

Get the Price Hi. PP Comfort – Best for more severe cow’s milk protein allergies Why I love it: This is an even more broken-down formula that is worth trying for babies who don’t do well on Hi. PP HA. This is most comparable to the US hypoallergenic formulation. It is rich in hydrolyzed protein (86-87% of it broken down), 100% whey, no casein and reduced lactose. While technically, Hi. PP HA hypoallergenic formula. Comfort isn’t specifically indicated for gassiness colic or constipation. But, Comfort can help parents search for a “hypoallergenic”. But, their success may be due to the reduced lactose content in addition to the hydrolyzed protein.

The 93% hydrolyzed formula. US hypoallergenic formulas suit babies who suffer from CMPA (cow’s dairy protein allergy). You will need to change to US hypoallergenic formulas if Comfort is not tolerated by your baby.

Hi. PP Anti-Reflux – Best for Reflux

It’s why I love it: Hello. PP Anti-Reflux is EU Certified Organic and a great choice for children with sensitive stomachs. The formula is made up of 100% whey and no casein to stop reflux. This formula contains DHA and prebiotics as well probiotics for your baby’s healthy digestive system.

best organic baby formulas

Where Can You Buy European Baby Formula In The Us?

Want to purchase Hi. It’s easy to buy PP Lebenswert Holle online. I know of a few retailers that are either based or shipping to the US safely and securely. Since I am in direct contact with all the company owners, I can recommend them all to you.

My Organic Company, founded by Cecelia und Kevin in 2017, is dedicated to providing organic European formulations to parents who wish to purchase them in the USA. You can be sure of safe, timely and reliable shipping with their multiple European warehouses. Because of their strong supply chains, they almost guarantee to have stock of every formula at all time.

They come with all European standard formulae like Hi. PP Dutch Hi. PP UK Hi. PP Germany Holle Lebenswert Goat Milk recipe, and the sensitive formulations Hi. PP HA. PP Comfort Anti-Reflux ); but they even have Loulouka Good Night Formula from Hi. PP. PP, Holle, Lebenswert and Loulouka! They offer the largest, most expansive set of European formulas available today, and they have free shipping on orders over $50!

There are many other things they do that make them special: they offer an extensive mixing guide with every recipe that you can access here. They have a Subscribe and Save option that saves you an additional 7%, and they provide amazing customer support!

My Organic Company is the best place to buy formula Organic’s Best Organics Best has its headquarters in Germany. They are passionate about making organic formula and baby foods available to all families worldwide. They carry Hi. PP Dutch Hi. PP Germany Hi. PP UK Holle Lebenswert Loulouka . They also carry Hi. PP HA. PP Comfort hi. PP AR This company stands out because it ships internationally free of charge and guarantees express delivery in the US within 1-4 Business Days. All new customers receive 2 boxes of formula free of charge! The formulas are affordable and come with free shipping insurance. They also guarantee the availability of every formula, so there’s no need to fret about it being out of stock.

Organic’s best Formula Store Bottles & Burps When it comes to affordability, Bottles & Burps is the lowest priced US retailer I have found that sells Hi. PP Holle Lebenswert Kendamil . You can have all the items delivered within a few days of receiving them from your warehouses. They also offer free shipping and free delivery.

Bundles can be ordered directly from Germany’s warehouse. You will receive express 2–5 day shipping to the US. Priority shipping from Europe to the USA is vital because alternative options may take longer than 30 days or cause customs delays.

What is the Best Organic Baby Formula for Health?

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Infant milk Powder Dairy Formula.

Which is the closest formula to breast milk?

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula, Our closest to Breast Milk – Powder, 20.5 oz Reusable Tub.

What is The Best Formula for Milk?

  1. Best Overall: Gerber Good Start GentlePro.
  2. Ideal for budget-minded parents: Baby formula Powder with iron based on infant milk
  3. Happy Baby Organics Infant formula is best organic.
  4. The Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula With Iron is the Best Organic Runner Up
  5. Enfamil A.R. is the best for reflux

Which Baby Formulas Are The Best?

Similac is the #1 brand of baby formula chosen by hospitals, so there’s a good chance that if you’re using formula from day one (or even just supplementing), the hospital where you deliver may have some samples to help get you started.06-Jan-2021

.Best Organic Baby Formulas

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