Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Why Are Ouija Boards So Controversial?

Ouija Boards were first created in the 1890s, as a toy for children produced and later mass-produced by Hasbro.

Hasbro currently owns the patent for the name ‘Ouija’, though these have also been known as Spirit Board or Talking Board.

Mysticism has long followed the Ouija Board; however, this mysticism has led to multiple criticisms from Christian and Catholic communities, leading them to either advise against people using them or simply forbid the use of Ouija Boards altogether.

Science has proven that Ouija Boards are based on an ideomotor response. However, many believe the Ouija Board could invite spirits and demons to take control of people or cause chaos in their daily lives.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards?

  • Target sells Ouija Boards

The Ouija board came into existence during the 19th century due to America’s obsession with spiritualism where they believed the dead can communicate with the living. In the aftermath of the civil war, many lost their husbands, sons, and fathers. Hence they were desperate to find a connection with their departed loved ones. Learn more about Target’s Ouija Boards

Kennard seized the chance to create the Ouija Board. It served two purposes: it was a mystical tool that allows you to communicate with the spirits, and also serves as an easy board game anyone can play. These products are not available for purchase online at Target.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Target Doesn’t Sell Ouija Boards

Target has not stated a specific reason as to why their stores do not sell Ouija Boards, however as they have previously sold different brands and themed Ouija Boards this may not be down to supernatural beliefs.

Ouija Boards may not be sold in local stores to protect the religious community. It is known that Ouija Boards are not approved by many Christian Americans.

Local Walmart stores have been known to do this to avoid conflict with the community, so Target may have also taken this approach.

Alternatively, Target may avoid selling Ouija Boards simply because there isn’t much demand for them outside of the Halloween season.

While some stores may stock them online like Walmart, demand may not be enough for Target to keep them available all year round.

Ouija Boards Aren’t Selling at Target: Why?

It is well-known that not all Christians approve of Ouija Boards. Some of the local Walmart has also been not selling Ouija boards due to such complaints. Target may also have wanted to follow such an approach.

The reason why they stopped selling Ouija boards may also have been something simple like since there isn’t much demand for it except the Halloween season. While some choose to stock them at least in their online stores, the demand isn’t enough for Target to do so.

The picture shows an Ouija board along with the plastic heart-shaped planchette

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards: The Conundrum

Ouija boards were initially created in the 1890s for the entertainment of children which Hasbro later mass-produced. The patent for the name “Ouija” is theirs.

The mysticism that followed the board has been a subject of multiple criticisms by Christian and Catholic communities. Some have advised people from using it, while some had forbidden its use completely.

Ouija boards are scientifically believed to work from the response from an ideomotor. But some people believe it invited spirits and demons to the living realm who possess them or cause disturbances in their daily lives.

Charles Kennard formed four investors, Elijah Bond and Col. Washington Bowie. They were all local attorneys, surveyors, and lawyers. The Kennard Novelty Company was to be solely responsible for marketing and manufacturing Ouija boards.

None of the four men were spiritualists, but they were excellent businessmen who knew not to identify a niche.

Harmless children’s game?

The Ouija board has always been sold as a toy, a family-friendly game. However, Sterling-Vete says it shouldn’t have been.

He says that they are misrepresented as toys for children, when in reality they can channel and contact some extremely nasty energies and entities.

Sterling-Vete claims that he’s seen people using the board to create “very bizarre energy attachments”.

“The problem seems to be in that the Ouija board can, on some occasions, somehow open a line of communication with ‘something’ malevolent, and once the line is opened, even if the Ouija board user ends the session, the malevolent entity can still keep the line open to come through to that end.”

In the end, Sterling-Vete advises not to use the Ouija board without an experienced professional to guide you.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Our Relationship With Death

Robert Murch is chairman of the Board at Talking Board Historical Society, a historian, collector and expert on talking boards and Ouija.

“Death touched everybody in a way that had never touched the United States before,” he added.

We now have a totally different view of death. We don’t see it as often as we used to. We’re [made] uncomfortable by it. It’s not something we physically live with it anymore. Hell, we’ve even changed the name of the parlor room — or “the death room” — to the living room.

“It is a reflection of our comfort level and our experiences with death,” Murch adds.

And yet our relationship with death and how it impacts our individual lives is why Murch believes Ouija boards are still popular and used today: because people are still dying.

People who do not believe in God aren’t able to experience miracles. Paranormal experiences are not possible for people who do not believe in ghosts. You can believe if you’re open to them. Then you will see the world differently. He says that’s why the Ouija Board is so popular and intriguing today.

Murch says that it is the story we tell ourselves about the board’s power that makes us believe in its potential.

Murch explains, “When you start a narrative using the Ouijaboard, suddenly, you hear things which have always been happening in your home, but they have meaning to us because we have backstory.”

But not all people agree with Murch’s views.

Where Else Can I Buy A Ouija Board?

Many sellers and small businesses online sell customized or themed Ouija Boards. Some through an online shop, others through sites like Etsy and Big Cartel.

Online sellers can offer more spirit boards, as they can be customized with your personal preferences and sent to you.

You can choose from printed spirit boards on cardboard to fully etched wooden spirit boards in multiple shapes and sizes.

It is worth noting that these sellers may charge more than stores do for regular Ouija Boards as they are custom-made.

You can find more details about products in our guide: Target Sells MacBooks? Target Sells Nike? Target Sells Yeti?

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Set an Intention

Professional psychic and energy healer Julie Bradshaw, on the other hand, has always had positive experiences with the Ouija board, including making contact with her deceased father.

While she has admittedly had one very scary stint with the board in college, she said that since then, she’s figured out where she went wrong with the board.

Bradshaw states that the Ouija board works in the same way as any other method of divination or dowsing. “You must set the intention of who is allowed to ‘speak’ to you through the medium of the board.”

This is why people end up in serious trouble by allowing the darkness to intrude.

“It’s highly likely that the people who are most drawn to Ouija boards are also highly intuitive themselves, thereby attracting all sorts of entities, both dark and light,” she adds. “Setting the same intention applies to any form of dowsing or divination, whether it is tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, scrying mirrors, crystal balls, runes, I Ching or tea leaves.”

In the end, she seems to agree with Murch regarding why people seek and use the Ouija board: for answers.

A Hazy History

From where did this board originate? If only we could use the board to get an accurate answer for this, but here’s what we do know.

More important, they were advertised as a family game.

These advertisements were not made before the spiritism obsession was a major part of American culture in the 19th Century. It wasn’t taboo to believe that dead and living could communicate. Seances were held in many homes back then.

Kennard asked the board what it should be called and it didn’t give a name. It spelled out “Ouija.” When Kennard and co. asked what it meant, it replied, “Good luck.”


That’s the quick history, and there’s more to tell. offers a fascinating article on the bizarre history of the Ouijaboard. It is well worth reading.

But this leads us to the next question: If the board hasn’t changed and people used to use the talking board openly and without fear of judgment, why do many people now keep it at arm’s length, going so far as to ban them from their households?

Murch simply replied, “We’ve changed.”

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards


Ouija boards are also called talking boards or spirit boards. It’s a flat board with all the letters of the alphabet on it. It also has the numbers 0-9 and the words “yes” and “no”. Some versions may also have the words ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ along with additional symbols and graphics.

Which stores sell Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards can be purchased online by multiple stores, although they may not be available in your local store due to the community’s feelings. Stores that sell Ouija Boards and Spirit Boards through their website(s) include;

  • Walmart
  • Hasbro
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Toys’R’Us

Local board game and tabletop gaming stores may also sell Ouija Boards – simply check by searching ‘stores that sell Ouija Boards near me’ through your search engine of choice and either enter your location or allow your browser to see your location.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards: Where else are they available?

Many small businesses and sellers choose to sell personalized or theme-based Ouija boards online. While some sell them at online stores, others sell through websites like Big Cartel or Etsy.

You can choose from a variety that suits your individual preferences. One can choose either a printed version or one that is etched fully on the wood. They come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Ouja Boards Are Sinful

Ouija boards can be dangerous and sinful. We use Ouija boards to gain unknown knowledge. Instead of trusting in God’s providence, we place our faith in demonic spirits.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards for Sale in Stores

Multiple American stores sell Ouija boards. In consideration of local sentiments, they might not sell them in their stores. But Ouija boards are available in their online stores all year round.

Some such stores that sell Ouija boards on their online websites are:

  • Walmart
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon
  • Hasbro
  • Toys’R’Us

They might also be available in local board game stores or tabletop gaming stores. Any individual can search online for the availability of it in local stores.

Target Alternatives To Ouija Boards

Target currently does not sell Ouija Boards alternatives, but they stock many different Hasbro products in-store and online.

They may also reintroduce Ouija Boards at a later date, depending on the season and demand for the product.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022?

Target no longer sells Ouija Boards in-stores or online. Target did previously stock Ouija Boards, but they no longer sell them. Customers can now buy Ouija Boards from Walmart, Amazon and Hasbro as well as Barnes & Noble and Toys’R’Us.

To learn more about why Target doesn’t sell these mystical board games and alternative places to buy them, keep on reading!

Not Worth The Risk

You don’t have to genuflect in front of a tabernacle. Jesus is still there. We believe that simply being in the presence of Christ you are in the presence of His grace — graces that will give you peace, help you to avoid sin, and graces that enable you to be a holy person. It doesn’t matter if you believe Jesus exists.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards

Conclusion Ouija boards and local shops are currently not selling them. Low demand, or conflict avoidance with local communities could be the reason. You can find them in different stores, online and offline. They can also order custom-made boards that might be pricier than the normal mass-produced ones.

It’s not really fun to chat with demons

Demons can also bring despair, oppression and defiance in a similar fashion. When we willingly put ourselves in their presence we also invite these problems. Demons exist, regardless of whether or not you believe they are true. They have one goal: To rebel against God’s plans by leading God’s children astray, then destroying them. This is not the ideal friend. But seriously though, demons are not to be messed with.

Promise me you won’t listen to those demon talkie-talkies, and that Satan will not know about your Halloween plans.

Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

Target stocks a range of toys and items for family enjoyment. If you are looking for something scarier for your Halloween celebration, an ouijaboard to channel spirits may be the right choice.

  • Target actually sells Ouija Boards. Let me tell you, I did my research.
  • Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

    Target To Sell Ouija Boards by 2022

    Target currently does not sell Ouija boards online or in-store at this time. Target had previously carried Ouija Boards. However, they have stopped selling them. You can instead buy Ouija Boards online at,,, Barnes &, and Toys’R’Us.

  • Continue reading to learn why Target does not sell these board games, and other places you can buy them.
  • Why Doesn’t Target Sell Ouija Boards?

    Target has not provided any explanation for why its stores don’t sell Ouija Boards. However, Target previously sold Ouija Boards of different brands and themes.

    Ouija Boards may not be sold in local stores to protect the religious community. It is known that Ouija Boards are not approved by many Christian Americans.

    Target has also been reported to have taken similar steps to prevent conflict between local Walmarts and the community.

    Target may also avoid Ouija Boards sales outside Halloween, simply because the demand isn’t high enough.

    Target may be unable to stock the items online, even though some retailers may have them in their stores like Walmart.

    Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

    Why Are Ouija Boards So Controversial?

    Ouija Boards appeared for the first time in 1890s.

    Hasbro owns the patent currently for the name Ouija, although these are also called Spirit Board or Talking Board.

    Ouija Boards were a popular medium for mysticism. However this has drawn criticism from many Christian and Catholic communities.

    Science has demonstrated that Ouija Boards have an ideomotor effect, but some people believe that Ouija Boards could attract demons and spirits to their lives or create havoc.

  • Target Alternatives To Ouija Boards
  • Target doesn’t currently carry an alternative Ouija Board, but it does stock several different Hasbro products on

    According to the seasons and the market demand, they may also be able to reintroduce Ouija Boards.

    Are there any stores that sell Ouija Boards for sale?

  • Ouija Boards can be purchased online by multiple stores, although they may not be available in your local store due to the community’s feelings. There are several stores which sell Ouija Boards, Spirit Boards from their website.
  • Walmart
  • Hasbro
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Toys’R’Us
  • Ouija Boards may be sold in local tabletop and board gaming shops. Simply search for’stores selling Ouija Boards near you’ using your preferred search engine and enter your address. Or, allow your browser access to show your exact location.

    Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

    Are There Any Other Places I Can Buy A Ouija Board

    There are a number of small businesses and sellers online which sell personalized or thematic Ouija Boards on the web; some through their online store and some through websites such as Etsy or Big Cartel.

    You can personalize your spirit board before it is sent by these online sellers, which will allow you to choose from a greater selection of spirits boards.

    You can choose from printed spirit boards on cardboard to fully etched wooden spirit boards in multiple shapes and sizes.

    It is worth noting that these sellers may charge more than stores do for regular Ouija Boards as they are custom-made.

    Our other guide explains more about the products and includes information such as whether Target sells MacBooks or Nike.

  • Conclusion
  • Target sells no Ouija Boards online or in-store at

    This could reflect the demand or avoid any conflict with their local communities due to the controversial nature Ouija Boards.

    Ouija Boards will be sold through a few stores, like Walmart or Barnes & Noble.

    Website sellers and small business owners can make personalized Ouija Boards for their customers. These boards come in a variety of price points, however.

    What is the Ouija Board Rate?

    New (7) from Rs4,136.29 FREE Delivery.

    What Is Ouija Board In English?

    A Ouija board is an open-ended board which has all of the letters written on them. The board can be used to inquire about the lives of people who are deceased. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

    How old is a Ouija Board recommended?

    Ouija Game by Hasbro. Ages 8 and above. For 2-4 players.

    How Do You Play Ouija?

    It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic) as a movable indicator to spell out messages during a seance. Participants place their fingers onto the planchette to move it around on the board.

    .Does Target Sell Ouija Boards In 2022? (Do This Instead…)