What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What Kind Of Prices Should I Expect?

Parcel Select Lightweight has a few price points that you could expect to pay. However, these prices may vary depending on several factors.

Parcel Select Lightweight and any other Parcel Selection services will not be available to you if your third-party vendor is involved.

All of you need to register with Stamps.com, or any other 100% USPS authorized business partner. You can find more information online at the USPS website or call your local postal office to get additional details.

Prices are going to bounce around a little bit depending on the specific service that you choose.

A lot of people go with Stamps.com because they have such a fantastic reputation, fair prices, and a streamlined overall online experience. It might also be worthwhile to shop around for a better deal.

Parcel Select Lightweight service prices will depend on both the weight and volume of your packages.

Packages that weigh in at 1 pound or less are more costly than packages sent through Heavier Parcel Select.

Parcel Select Lightweight Services usually offers the lowest prices for lighter packages sent in higher quantities.

All in all, you shouldnat find this kind of delivery system set up to be all that expensive. Thatas a big part of why so many people love to take advantage of this program from the USPS the first place.

What is Usps Parcel Select?

USPS provides a range of services for clients who use eCommerce. If you want to find a cheaper service [Compare the delivery cost and estimates by leading carrier] then USPS Parcel Select Ground is the best place for you. This service takes the longest time to deliver. This shipping option is available if you don’t need to send urgent parcels. Using ParcelPast, USPS formerly provided dealers a shipping alternative. The parcel select ground was updated later. This was beneficial for the merchants because transportation costs were extremely inexpensive, even when you had a huge and large cargo.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Use Usps Parcel Select Earth

It is crucial to understand how to take advantage of the service to make the most of USPS Parcel Select Ground. Parcel Select Ground provides five service options, each with standard and special charges. These are the five options available:

Parcel Select Ground is an online service that targets primarily those who have no minimum package requirements.

NDC Presort: This is supplied with at least 50 parcel parcels Select Ground parts. To select NDC/ASF destinations, the packages must be pre-sized.

Entry to the destination: This service is also available, like the NDC Presort, with a

Minimum requirement: 50 parts

ONDC Presort: This is equivalent to two service options because only 50 Parcel Select Ground pieces are provided on a minimum requirement. Pre-sorting packages is required in order to select destinations.

For businesses that have packages less than one pound, this service may be of interest to them. You will need to have certain quantities.

Shipping is all about comfort. Therefore, it is important to be aware that Parcel Select Ground is not widely available in post office locations. This service may be available from post offices if the merchant has been recognized by USPS partners.

Tracking Of Usps Parcel Select Ground

You may fully use the Tracking of USPS Parcel Select Ground by using our USPS tracking feature while booking Parcel Select. To view the status of your packages, enter the reference ###. The tracking number can also be shared with the recipient to follow the item from the top to the bottom.

Whenever you post a parcel, a number is assigned by the postal staff, this number is known as USPS Tracking Number. Also known is the label, or number for the item. The USPS usually has a 22-digit tracking number. The numbers can vary depending on which service you are using. There are different types of tracking numbers for different services.

USPS Tracking provides the receipt or label number for all parcels and mail. Point-by-point trackings of items sent with Priority Mail Express will be included whereas mail and parcels handled with other services will only appear when an item is dispatched. Priority Mail Express International Priority Mail Express International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Registered Mail Confirming Signature Services.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Rates Of Usps Parcel Select Ground

We can schedule the same service for a lower cost than if you order it from the postal office directly because we ship a lot of items through USPS. To find out the USPS Parcel Select Ground rates, simply enter the Zip code of your parcel in the intelligent delivery calculater. Also, be sure to include weight and destination. If you reserve Parcel Select online, you may compare prices with different shipping firms and save.

Retail Ground is the comparable retail service and costs as much as Parcel Select Ground up to 43 percent higher. Pirate Ship receives the lowest rates for Parcel Select Ground. The maximum size is 130″ long for a Parcel Select Ground which means the largest component of the packaging and the thickest section are placed together. The combined length and circumference is 130.

These are the “Shipper-Focused Highlights”:

* Effective date proposed is January 24, 2021

All services are subject to the same rate tables: Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), and Commercial Base Pricing.

Priority Mail Express Express, Priority Mail Express and Parcel Select customers will pay $100 for parcels that are larger than the limit of mailable dimensions (combined length + girth > 130 inches).

* Priority Mail (PM) 1-5 Lbs. +3%, > 6 Lbs. Avg +8.2%; Cubic +7.2%, Regional Flat Rate +3.3%

* First Class Package Services (FCPS) +6.0%

* Economy “Parcel Select” (PS) 1-10 Lbs. increase 5.9% for DDU induction and 7.2% for SCF. Oversize increase is 10%

* Economy “Parcel Selection Lightweight” (PSL), less than one pound (+18.8%) (DDU Induct) compared to the +4.5% last year.

* Parcel Select Ground – Single piece (used for HazMat) increased .4% and is now -4.4% less than PM, many years ago there was a 5% historical delta between Ground and air (PM).

* Media Mail 1-15 lb. decreases -4.3% for 5 digit presort while the single piece increases 2.6%.

* Bound Printed Matter (BPM) Flats and Parcels remain unchanged.

* Parcel Return Service (+4.9% RDU) and 5.3% for RSCF Pickup

* Additional Services Key: Adult Signature +1.9% and Package Intercept +1.8%

First Class Package International Service (FCPIS), which no longer shares the same pricing zones as letters, now offers 20. Canada +4.1%, UK + 6.5%. Australia (+6.3%; Germany + 6.5%. France -1.0%

o Priority Mail International

— Canada Groups 1.1 – 1.8 +4.7%, Flat Rate Env +6.1%, Flat Rate Pkgs +6.0%

Groups 2-17 have been changed (20). Canada +6.6% and UK +6.5%. Australia +3.0%, Germany +26.4% and France +10.9%. Flat Rate Env +6.6%, Flat Rate Pkgs +6.9%.

o Consolidators use a M-Bag to save 4.7% per LB.

o Consolidators no longer use E-Packet zones; rates include both a per-piece and a pound fee: Canada +451% per piece, UK +226% per LB. rate, Australia + +335% per piece and + 5.9% per LB., Germany +465% per piece, France +668% per piece.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

How Much Does Parcel Select Lightweight Cost?

It is impossible to estimate Parcel Select Lightweight shipping cost without knowing all the details of your packages.

The following factors can affect the price of your product:

  • You can only purchase this service through Stamps.com.
  • The total weight of all your packages. It will be more expensive if it is less than the 1 lb limit.
  • The frequency with which you send packages. You’ll receive better rates if you ship more frequently.

That being said, Parcel Select Lightweight is significantly cheaper than similar products offered by competitors like UPS and FedEx.

Parcel Select Lightweight has a per-ounce rate, while other services are priced in increments of a pound. This is a major reason.

For example, 1 lb packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS, FedEx, or FedEx, start at $5 to $7. Prices can go up or down depending on the distance traveled.

Parcel Select Lightweight Packages, on the other hand are less expensive than comparable services, and range in price from $1.38 up to $3.20.

Features Of Usps Parcel Select Ground

The normal shipping features of USPS Parcel Select Ground including mail are a USPS service


Parcel Select Ground does not include the cost of insurance. You can add a surcharge to make sure your package is covered.

Planned Collection

Your customers can schedule pick-ups at their leisure with this USPS ground transport service.


Select Ground USPS Parcel provides free tracking on all domestic shipments. In this way, the tracking of goods by merchant and client until delivery has been confirmed.

Further information

This service has a longer transit time, but also carries a higher risk. There is a greater probability that your shipment will be substantially hosted and processed as it takes your consumer. Your products should be properly packaged. It reduces any potential damage. This service does not offer a return option. Additional advantages of this strategy include:

  • Confirmation of signature
  • Signing of adults
  • Retail prices discounted
  • You can also confirm additional details for an extra charge

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

How Long Will Parcel Select Packages Take To Be Delivered?

While actual delivery times will be entirely dependent on where you are shipping your packages from and where they are going to be delivered, on average you can expect Parcel Select Lightweight packages to take anywhere between two days and eight days to reach their final destination.

The delivery timeframe is USPS business day. This means that mail won’t be moving as fast on Sunday. This applies only to packages going to lower 48 US states.

If you are having Parcel Select Lightweight packages sent to addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US territory you can expect delivery timelines to be stretched out a little longer than the eight days we mentioned above.

Parcel Select Lightweight packages can take between 10 and 14 days to reach Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories.

You can generally expect that packages delivered through this service will be received within the same time frame as original Parcel Post mail. This is also similar to ground delivery via the USPS or first-class mail, though it can sometimes be even faster.

It wouldn’t be considered an expedited delivery. Itas much closer to standard delivery service than anything else!

Usps Parcel Select Shipping Features

USPS Parcel Select Shipping is an economical ground delivery service to all US domestic addresses. Parcel Select is a cost-effective way to ship large, lightweight boxes because the price is based on either package dimensions or weight, whichever is larger

Features of USPS Parcel Select shipping include:

  • Savings and reliability in one package
  • Delivery Lead Time: 2-8 Business Days
  • Zero fuel, residential or Saturday surcharges
  • All US addresses are eligible for delivery, even military and PO boxes.
  • Tracking included

Restrictions of USPS Parcel Select include:

  • Only available for US domestic shipping
  • Maximum package weight: 70 pounds
  • Maximum package dimensions: 130 inches in combined length/girth

Are you a frequent shipper of large quantities? If so, you may benefit from the ability to ship items price by box dimension instead of weight. If you are shipping large volumes of lighter boxes, USPS Parcel Select may be an option.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What is Parcel Select Lightweight?

It is important that you understand immediately that Parcel Select Lightweight, a sub service of Parcel Select of the United States Postal Service, is available.

Parcel Select is an exclusive postage program that small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of if they are interested in shipping a large number of packages on a regular basis via USPS’s most economical ground delivery options.

This is not the kind of program that youall want to look into if you are sending letters on a regular basis or packages sporadically. Thereas not a lot of benefit to Parcel Select or Parcel Select Lightweight if youare going to go down that road.

If you are a company that regularly ships merchandise and would like to ship via ground shipping through the USPS, it is a good idea to investigate the Parcel Select Lightweight and Parcel Select Mediumweight options.

The main difference between Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight has to do entirely with the weight of the packages that you are sending.

Parcel Select Lightweight is specifically intended for packages that weigh less than a single pound, packages that are used for order fulfillments, and packages that are already pre-sorted and ready to enter into the USPS logistical mail stream at either a DDU, SCF, or NDC designated mail entry point.

This has much more to do than how the local postal office is setup or how you create your online account. You can talk with your representative at your local postoffice about this later.

Other options are also available with Parcel Select, such as:

  • Parcel Select Non-Presort, service available directly through third-party vendors like Stamps.com
  • Parcel Select Destination Entry, specifically intended for those that are shipping 50 packages (minimum) at a time
  • Parcel Select NDC/ONDC Presort, another Parcel Select program that requires you to be sending at least 50 packages at a time through specific mail stream entry points

Usps Parcel Select Ground Pricing

USPS Parcel Select Ground is the least expensive service, especially for small packages. There are three options for pricing, each depending on the circumstances.

  • USPS Parcel Select Ground – for no minimum package thresholds. Customers must use online postage to send 50 pieces of mail or 50 pounds in one mailing.
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground NDC Presort/ Destination Entry/ ONDC Presort – all have a minimum requirement of 50 Parcel Select Ground parcels must be pre-sorted to NDC/ASF destinations
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground Lightweight – for packages weighing less than 1 lb.

To put it another way, the third option (USPS Parcel Ground Lightweight), costs $1.38, while the first (USPS Parcel Choose Ground) starts at $2.85.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What are the best ways to leverage Parcel Select Lightweight Services

Signing up with Stamps.com for Parcel Select Lightweight is the easiest and most convenient way to start using their services.

The USPS is a preferred vendor partner for online vendors. This is due to the simplicity and efficiency of their system.

It is easy to navigate the administrative backend, especially on your smartphone. Everything is setup to allow Parcel Select Lightweight deliveries from the beginning. This service is easy to set up.

While Stamps.com is the most user-friendly and affordable, there are many other USPS vendors that can offer this same service.

Thatas definitely something worth looking into, though, especially if you are using a different mailing partner already.

Parcel Shipping: What is it?

FedEx, DHL and FedEx use USPS Parcel Shipping for delivery to rural areas. It also offers Sunday delivery. Parcel Select Ground is an option for large shippers.

Freight shipping can be an alternative to parcel shipping. Freight shipping is a method of shipping multiple packages at once. Instead, the items are all loaded onto wooden palettes, or palletized, then transported in bulk. Freight shipping, which is cost-effective and can be used to transport large quantities of goods by large shippers or mid-sized ones, is very popular.

Larger merchants have a choice between freight and parcel shipping. For more information, see the complete guide on freight shipping.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Select Shipping: The Cost Of Usps Parcel

The following shipping factors will determine the cost of USPS Parcel Select:

  • Package weight
  • Size
  • Form
  • Destination

Below is an example of a USPS Parcel Select quote that would be applicable to a shipment with cameras. The package is 70 pounds in weight and will be sent from Denver CO to New York NY.

Parcel Select rates are calculated using USPS parcel shipping areas. This blog explains how shipping closer to your location will result in lower rates. Here are the rate quotes for shipping from Denver to Salt Lake City, UT instead of faraway New York.

USPS Parcel Shipping Rates may be charged according to special pricing models. You should ensure that your parcels do not exceed the weight and size limitations of USPS Parcel Shipping. Otherwise, you may be subject to costly surcharges.

Exorbitant Prices

Prices that are not machine-readable

Packages of unusual size and contents may be subject to a nonmachinable price

  • Parcel is more than 27 inches long, 17 inches long, 17 inches high
  • The parcel is no more than 6inches long, 14 inch thick and 3inches high
  • A parcel should weigh less than 6 oz. or more than 35 pounds
  • Each parcel contains at least 24 ounces of liquid
  • Parcel is a tube, roll or can
  • Parcel is considered subject to damage en route

If you are using USPS Parcel Select shipping, double-check that your package is eligible for special pricing. You will get the lowest USPS parcel shipping rates.

Inventory Management

Multiorders allows you to connect all of your USPS shipping carriers and sales channels. This allows you to manage all of your inventory from one place. You can also modify prices, stock levels, and other details. Every e-shop will immediately see any changes you made in www.multiorders.com

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What Is The Finest Thing For Usps Parcel Select Ground?

It is perfect for retailers wishing to mail their packages to customers for low cost and secure solutions. This is suitable if the shipments cannot be delivered as soon as possible and the package dimensions are not within the limits specified by other transport alternatives. You can also book domestic shipping via USPS Parcel Select Ground. For small and medium carriers looking for a more cost-effective shipping option, this is the best choice. And when it comes to shipment, you can save money enormously.

Does Usps Mail Forwarding Include Packages?

What Mail Is Forwarded. First-Class(tm) mail and periodicals (newsletters and magazines) are forwarded for free. For premium shipping services, such as Priority Mail (r), Priority Mail Express (r), and First-Class Package (r), you can be forwarded free. USPS Marketing Mail (r) cannot be forwarded.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Can Usps Deliver Before Expected Delivery Date?

Yes. The estimated delivery time is based only on historical performance. Many mail gets delivered well before that date. It is almost guaranteed that the package will reach you before the estimated delivery date.

Com Services Into Your Woocommerce Store?

To incorporate Stamps.com services into your WooCommerce store, you can make use of ELEX Stamps.com Shipping Plugin with USPS Postage for WooCommerce plugin. The plugin is easy to include on your WooCommerce store and lets you avail yourself the USPS Parcel Select Ground services easily to ship the packages to your customers.

These are just a few of the many features that the plugin offers:

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

What is the Difference Between a Parcel and a Package?

Although packs can be shipped, they are not always able to be packed. Both words can be interchangeably used. Both words can be interchanged. The packaging refers to something, such as a container, box or shipment envelope, when they are used in conjunction with substances. While the parcel is the shipping package. Also, the package may contain an adverb that means part or all.


Parcel; Select; (wt. not over)Zones; 1 & 2Zone; 3Zone; 4Zone; 5Zone; 6Zone; 7Zone; 81 lb$7.01$7.31$7.52$7.63$7.84$7.97$8.152 lb$7.59$7.76$8.04$8.55$9.79$10.26$10.793 lb$7.75$8.10$8.47$9.29$11.80$13.00$15.05View 68 more rows(26)…

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Usps Parcel Ground Delivery Times

This service is the most time-consuming, with an average delivery period of 2-8 business days. Also, this service is not guaranteed, so there might be delayed delivery.

Parcel Select Is Cheaper Than Retail Ground

Parcel Select and Retail are also distinguished by the prices. Parcel Select Ground is generally cheaper than Retail Ground. Parcel Select Ground can be considerably cheaper in some instances (up to 43% less than Retail Ground rates at the highest end). This is because Parcel Select Ground is the ground service that USPS offers to shippers who have access to special Commercial Pricing rates. In other words, only a select group of shippers can capture these exclusive savings on their ground shipments. There is a way you too can save on your ground shipments.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight

Is Parcel Select Lightweight eligible to be forwarded?

Parcel Select Lightweight mailpieces are exempt from the return-to-sender postage or forwarding charges. These fees will be charged at Parcel Select Price or an additional fee. Undeliverable pieces will receive the same treatment currently provided to Standard Mail pieces.

What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

Parcel Select Lightweight USPS service is available to anyone who has an ecommerce store and ships over 50,000 packages per calendar year.

  • Shipping costs for light weight packages less than 1lb can be cut in half by using this service. To find out what this service is and how to take advantage of the money-saving options, check out the rest of this article!
  • What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022?

    Parcel Select Lightweight by USPS is an affordable ground delivery option for bulk packages less than 16 ounces (1-lb). You will pay per ounce for this service, so it is cheaper than ground shipping rates through Priority Mail UPS FedEx Ground Services, Priority Mail UPS and UPS. In 2022, delivery takes between 2 and 9 business days.

  • You have questions about Parcel Selection Lightweight? Then continue reading to find out more about this delivery service.
  • What is Parcel Select in the USPS?

    Before we get into the specifics of what USPS’ Parcel Select Lightweight service means, let’s take a step back and look at what the Parcel Select service is in general.

    Parcel Select allows you to send packages in large quantities into USPS’s ground delivery system.

    This service is generally intended for large- and medium-sized parcel senders (e.g. This service is for those who ship over 50,000 parcels per year.

    This isn’t a condition. The cost of this service tends not to exceed that of Priority Mail.

    Parcel Select mailers contribute to the shipping costs by paying postage.

    Parcel Select mailers are able to sort and drop-off parcels at an appropriate destination facility closer to your delivery address, instead of handing them over to a postal carrier.

    Parcel Select parts are being transported to either a target bulk mail centre (DBMC), a designated sectional center facility(DSCF), or a delivery unit (DDU). This is for residential and business deliveries.

    Parcel Select mailers take on a lot of USPS’s tasks and are charged a less mailing fee.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    What Does Parcel Select Lightweight Mean at USPS?

    Parcel Choose Lightweight is one among many available options as part the Parcel Service, which provides ground delivery for lighter parcels. Parcel Select Lightweight is eligible if the parcel weighs between 3.5 and 16 ounces (one pound).

    Packages sent through this service must be pre-sorted and may enter the mainstream at one of three locations:

  • Destination Network Distribution Center
  • Destination Sectional Center Facility
  • Destination Delivery Unit (DDU).
  • Shipping distance and weight determine the price. So size does not matter. Parcel Select Lightweight Packages are delivered within 2-9 business days in the 48 contiguous states.

    Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may be delayed.

    How much does Parcel Selection Lightweight cost?

    It is impossible to estimate Parcel Select Lightweight shipping cost without knowing all the details of your packages.

    There are a few variables that affect prices, including the following:

  • The place you buy the service (it is only offered through third-party vendors such as Stamps.com).
  • The total weight of all your packages. It will be more expensive if it is less than the 1 lb limit.
  • The frequency with which you send packages. You’ll receive better rates if you ship more frequently.
  • Parcel Select Lightweight costs significantly less than other similar products like FedEx and UPS.

    Parcel Select Lightweight’s per-ounce pricing is the main reason, as other services charge in pound increments.

    One-pound packages that are sent via USPS Priority mail, UPS or FedEx cost between $5 and $7. The price will vary depending on the distance traveled.

    On the other hand, Parcel Select Lightweight packages range from $1.38 to $3.20, making them less than half as expensive as other comparable services.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    What Size Is Parcel Select Lightweight?

    Parcel select Lightweight must send mail items that weigh no more than 16 ounces

    For size purposes, your combined length + girth must not exceed 108 inches. It’s important to note that size doesn’t factor into the price, as rates are based solely on weight and distance to travel.

    Nevertheless, the package must be big enough to hold postage and any other items required to ship.

    Parcel Select Lightweight: What is the delivery time?

    Parcel select lightweight items are delivered within 2 to 9 days to addresses located in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

    Parcel Select can take up to 14 days to deliver your parcel if it is going to Alaska, Hawaii, or another U.S. Territory.

    What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Do I have the right to buy Parcel Select Lightweight from the Post Office

    Parcel Select Lightweight cannot be bought at the postal office. Rather, it’s only available online via a PC postage vendor (like Stamps.com), or from another authorized USPS business partner.

    Parcel Select lightweight: What should I do?

    Parcel Choose Lightweight is the best shipping option available for medium to large corporations, shipping more than 50,000 light-weight parcels (less that 1 pound) annually.

    It’s an excellent alternative to shipping through USPS Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx, as it allows customers to pay based on per-ounce rates, rather than per-pound rates.

    You could save up to half off on comparable services by using this pricing model. If shipping costs are less important than the delivery time, this could be the perfect service.

    Learn more by visiting our post on USPS Parcel Select, how long it takes to process a USPS Package, if you have the ability to reroute USPS mail, and what you do when a USPS package is taken.

  • Conclusion
  • Parcel Select lightweight is an option for businesses that need bulk shipping. It is offered by USPS as a ground delivery service.

    Prices vary depending upon where you purchase the service, how many packages are being shipped and how often they are delivered.

    What is Parcel Select lightweight?

    Parcel Select (r) offers economical ground delivery for bulk packages, even those that are entered at destinations facilities. … Parcel Select Lightweight(r) is a ground delivery service designed for lightweight parcels weighing less than 16 ounces.

    Which class is Parcel Select lightweight?

    #5 Parcel Select Lightweight – Designed to ship packages that weigh less than 1lb. and are used for order fulfillment, packages must be presorted and enter the mailstream at one of three entry points: Destination Delivery Unit (DDU), Sectional Center Facility (SCF) or NDC.4 Feb 2013

    Parcel Select lightweight: What size?

    Parcel Select Lightweight Pieces must not exceed 16 ounces and cannot exceed 108 in length and width combined. They must also be big enough to hold postage or other elements required on the address side.

    What is a Lightweight Package?

    Although it has a shared goal with other practices such as source reduction and waste consciousness (source reduction), lightweighting refers specifically to the ability of creating lighter, more efficient packages. The end result is an improved version of the original package rather than a completely new packaging design. 11 May 2016.

    .What Is Parcel Select Lightweight In 2022? (Full Guide)