Roomba 960 Review

iRobot Roomba 960

It’s a testament to the popularity of iRobot that Roomba has become synonymous with “vacuum cleaner.” It’s easy to see why after meeting the Roomba 960. The company’s top-tier offering is the robot vac. It provides Wi-Fi access, navigation, voice control, and comprehensive cleaning reports. Its three-stage cleaning system provided the best performance of any robot vacuum. Our Verdict

7.3 Bare Floor


iRobot Roomba 960

is perfect for bare ground. It is excellent at removing large and small debris and a good amount of hair, but it loses its efficiency as the dirt compartment fills. It is difficult to manage and needs to be constantly washed. Its manoeuvrability is excellent and its interface is smart.

What do you get with the Roomba 960?

In the box, you’ll find the vacuum itself, charging station, wall barrier, 2 AA batteries, extra filter, and extra side brush.

Battery run time: 70 – 75 minutes

Weight: 8.5 pounds

Diameter: 13.8” Height: 3.6”

1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

The 3-stage cleaning system uses multi-surface brushes and suction with 5X the strength of the Roomba 600 series. This also makes it perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

How does the Roomba 960 compare to the alternate models?

There are some variations between the 960 and the 980. Specifically, the 980’s battery life is 120 minutes rather than 75. Is this product worth the extra cost? Maybe. Since the 960 has a very small battery, it doesn’t offer much benefit as compared to a 1- or 2-port electric vacuum. Now, the 980 outperforms the 960 on carpet with its Carpet Boost mode. This function changes the suction power as required for carpet, as the parts of the carpet do not fit together. The 980s will provide better carpeting quality, so it might be worth the extra cost. The 3G is the one with the shorter battery life, but also the one with the most features and price. Output is on par with the 950. Navigating isn’t quite as sophisticated, but can struggle with dark surfaces and from one form of surface to another. It can’t find its way back to the dock or handle obstacles well. Homecare. Our Home Coverage metric is responsible for 20% of the overall score and is based on how much of the floor each robot cleaned, its spot cleaning capacity, and its ability to mount barriers. They got an average score of 7 out of 10. The the small furnished space was packed with objects, a sharp contrast to some of the other rooms with just a few items in the room.

Should I buy the Roomba 960?

The Roomba 960 is a fine, inexpensive alternative to the Roomba 980. It has the same navigation and WiFi as the Roomba 980, minus the Gen 3 engine. The greatest drawback of the Roomba 960 is the slower vacuum motor. The recharge and resume functionality is not a big deal. If you have a bigger home, the 120-minute runtime of the 980 would be better.

You should buy this robot if you:

Don’t want to spend as much:

The Roomba 960 is cheaper but retains the navigation, WiFi and Alexa features of the previous versions. There is too much space inside homes that do not have carpet so save your money. You want a robot that doesn’t need a lot of babysitting. This robot will be able to clean multiple rooms without getting lost thanks to the iAdapt 2.0 navigation.

Differences between Roomba 960 and 980:

Roomba 980 has carpet boost tech

Roomba 960’s battery lasts 75 minutes while the 980’s battery lasts 120 minutes. The 960 has 1 Virtual Wall, the 980 has 2. The 980 houses a newer generation engine, like the ones in the 800’s series. The 980 generates 10x as much suction power as the 960.

960 does not.

The 980 usually costs $200 more than the 960.

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Both these models connect to your home network. It helps you to monitor the Roomba remotely. Both the Roomba 650 and Roomba 675 use the same iRobot Home App. The software is available on iOS and Android. You handle the Roomba’s cleaning schedule and setup your preferences. The system could be quickly vacuumed more than once. These mapping devices can only work to clean each region once. If you want to make sure your floors are extra clean, you can use this machine more than once. We all need smartphones for work, but the Roomba won’t mind. The same app is used by both versions. There is almost identical experience.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and the iRobot Home App

Credit:. The Roomba 980 is fitted with a 10x AeroForce system, while the Roomba 960 is only equipped with a 5x AeroForce system. You may think the 980 would clean twice as well. However, no difference in suction power was observed. The Burt Medical Machines are very similar, and both have high suction. If you only care about the suction power, then the 990 should not be your only option. In general, for daily use, the extra cost of the 980 don’t justify its price. Included Accessories The 960 comes with 1 base, while the 980 comes with 2. You can use the power blanks to mark those places the Roomba does not clean. They can be set to block a doorway opening to a maximum of ten feet. Halo can be set to block off a circle 26 inches in diameter around an object. Bottom line: The 960 comes with 1 more obstacle than the 980. Bottom View Both cards are the same in terms of feature. There are few variations compared to conventional cigarettes. For the same cause, performance on carpet suffers for the 960 series. It will have the same power as the 880 and not have the carpet boost of the 980. iRobot believes the 960 would have five times more power compared to the 600 and 700 series. Homes with mostly bare floors and low pile carpets should not experience this issue because they already have the same agitation feature.

Cleaning Power Comparison

iAdapt 2.0 uses sensors, SLAM, and a top-mounted camera to help it navigate efficiently.

A quick look at the features of the Roomba 960

You can use the iRobot Home App to schedule and monitor the robot.

The lithium-ion battery will give you 75 minutes of run time

Equipped with acoustic and optical sensors to identify dirty areas and clean certain areas.

Tangle-free extractors do away with the bristles which mean less maintenance

You can make this robot schedule and clean anytime and wherever. The app helps you to monitor the robot’s cleaning status and preferences.

Cliff sensors prevent this robot from falling from stairs

Dust cut detect tells you when the bin is full