Usps Food Shipping

Usps Food Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

USPS, a giant in shipping, is well-respected for providing the most cost-effective shipping option when it comes to shipping larger items.

  • How much would shipping food cost with USPS and can it be done? Keep reading the article to learn what I have learned.
  • USPS Food Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

    Are You able to Ship Food with USPS by 2022

    USPS’s 2022 regulations are different depending on whether perishable food is being shipped. It is possible to ship prepackaged items, such as potatoes chips, without extra steps. If the food you’re shipping is perishable, however, shipping is much more expensive and requires special labeling and packaging.

  • If you’d like to learn more about if USPS ships frozen food, what USPS services are in charge of fulfilling food shipments and more, continue reading through this article for more useful facts!
  • Does USPS Ship Refrigerated or Frozen Food?

    USPS will allow perishable items like refrigerated or frozen foods to be shipped. But, the shipping company must ensure the food does NOT spoil during transport.

    Refrigerated and frozen perishable food products are generally more expensive to ship as they require quicker delivery and use cooling tools, such as dry Ice (which is labeled as a hazardous substance in the USPS Handbook).

    It is important to note that USPS does not use refrigerators or coolers when shipping food, so if you’re planning on shipping perishable items that need to be kept cold, you’ll need to factor in the weight of any additional cooling items included in the package.

    USPS Food Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

    What USPS Shipping Services Can You Use to Ship Food

    The USPS shipping services you should use when shipping food depends largely on whether or not you’re shipping perishable items, such as produce, meat and similar foods.

    Nonperishable products such as beef jerky or potato chips can be shipped by almost any USPS shipping method.

    Shipping perishable food products can have a more restrictive shipping policy depending on your shipment.

    Shipping perishable foods is difficult. You need to ensure that they are kept in an airtight container.

    Dry Ice is usually used when food orders are being shipped.

    Priority Mail Express offers next-day delivery within most metropolitan areas. For rural areas, it guarantees 2-day delivery.

    Priority Mail or First Class shipping are also available. However, these options can only be used if your package contains 5 lbs dry ice or less.

    Keep in mind that the faster you can get your perishable food items to their location, the less likely it is for them to spoil in transit, so it’s always best to go with the fastest shipping option available.

    What is the shipping cost for food with USPS?

    Shipping costs with USPS are calculated by factoring in the size, dimensions, and overall distance traveled of any given package.

    It can therefore be challenging to estimate the cost of shipping food because the information above is variable depending on what type of food item being shipped and the amount.

    You can make some calculations to determine the cost before you send the package to USPS.

    For example, a package of food that weighs 5 lbs that requires an additional 5 lbs of dry ice weighs approximately 10 lbs, and packaged in a box that is 12 in x12 in x 12 in, your best options are Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail.

    Priority Mail Express costs about $102 to ship this package from Texas, Florida. Delivery takes 24 hours.

    To ship the package by Priority Mail, from Texas to Florida you will need to pay $35. You should expect your package to arrive within 2 to 3 days.

    Be aware that prices can differ for different packages due to differences in the way your package travels.

  • To get a more personalized estimate of how much it may cost you to ship your perishable items, you can visit this page of the USPS website- be sure to check the box for hazardous materials if you’re shipping with dry ice!
  • USPS Food Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

    How can you send food using the USPS

    USPS shipping perishable food can prove difficult, particularly since the perishable item itself and the dry Ice used to cool them are restricted items.

    You must follow certain rules in order for USPS to allow you to ship perishable items.

    A sturdy container must be leak-proof. It should also have insulation to keep the contents cool and avoid odors or spills while in transit.

    It’s recommended to use a thick polystyrene box, as the material is sturdy enough to prevent bursting and leaks while also locking in smells and any moisture.

    You can then place the perishable items into any container you already have.

    Fill in the gaps between your perishables and the shipping contained with some lightweight packaging material like bubble wrap, and then place your dry ice on top of and around your perishable items.

    When sealing your package, be sure to use high-quality packing tape and be careful to allow some gaps for condensation and the carbon dioxide gas from the dry ice to escape, or else your package may burst.

    You must properly label your packages once they are sealed.

    Both perishable and dry food items are considered restricted. You will need to place a Declaration of Dangerous Goods on every package. Also, include a Label indicating the food being shipped as well as the Net Weight of Dry Ice being shipped.

    Additionally, you’ll need a Class9DOT warning label to indicate to postal workers that dry ice is needed.

    You can find out more information on dry ice, and what shipping regulations USPS has.

    If you are interested in learning more about shipping perishables with USPS, this USPS page can be accessed.

    Learn more about USPS shipping service by visiting our post on whether USPS delivers to your door, Sunday delivery, or USPS Book Shipping.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS will allow food to ship, but you can choose from different shipping options depending on whether your food is perishable.

    If you are shipping perishable goods, dry ice will be required. Priority Mail cannot use Priority Mail, but you can use other faster shipping methods if you use less than five pound of dry.

    .Usps Food Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

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