Does Starbucks Have Boba

Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

Boba or bubble tea has become a very popular drink around the world. The sweet, milky tea combined with chewy tapioca pearls has also gained a strong following in the US.

  • Starbucks is one of the most popular stops for any kind of beverage. You may wonder: Do they sell boba at Starbucks? Here’s what we found out!
  • Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Will Starbucks have Boba by 2022

    Starbucks has boba not on its menu and doesn’t plan to soon. Starbucks has other refreshing drinks and teas that customers can enjoy. Starbucks customers can also find boba in other shops near them, particularly at Asian and Chinese restaurants.

  • It’s disappointing that Starbucks has stopped selling boba. But there are still other options. We did some research on your possible options, and here’s what we found!
  • Why Doesn’t Starbucks Have Boba?

    Starbucks has yet to include boba in their coffee menu, despite the fact that it’s rapidly rising popularity.

    It could be due to the cost involved in setting up equipment that makes boba tea at every store within the chain. In order to make boba, employees will need to be trained.

    Additionally, you will need storage space to store the ingredients, including the cooked tapioca pearls. There may not be enough room in most Starbucks to keep all the ingredients of boba.

    Starbucks may see boba tea more as a temporary trend than a beloved drink.

    Starbucks does sell boba, but it’s not true. Starbucks has a variety of drinks that look similar to boba tea in different international locations.

    Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    What Can You Get At Starbucks Instead Of Boba?

    Although you won’t be able to find boba at Starbucks, you might still enjoy similar tastes with other beverages. Sweet, milky teas and fruit flavors can help recreate the boba tea experience.

    Starbucks offers a variety of iced teas, including fruit- and herb-flavored iced teas. However, you can make a boba substitution with iced tea.

    You can try the raspberry milk tea or the Teavana line of iced drinks. Here are some Teavana teas you might like to try.

  • Iced Shaken Hibiscus with Pomegranate Pearls
  • Iced Shaken Black Tea with Honey and Ruby Grapefruit
  • Matcha and Espresso fusion
  • How to Make your Own Boba with Starbucks Tea
  • If you want to order boba tea at Starbucks, it is very simple to make your own. Starbucks tea is required, as well as tapioca pearls (which can be bought at Asian grocery shops).

    Many large grocery stores may also carry tapioca pearls in their international foods section. Tapioca pearls can be purchased online from Amazon or Walmart.

    The tapioca pearls have to be cooked by boiling them in water until they reach the right chewy consistency.

    You can make your own Starbucks tea boba. Simply add the cooked tapioca pearls, to your Starbucks milky tee and you’ll have your own cup of boba.

    For a variety of flavors, try adding cooked tapioca pearls into other Starbucks beverages.

    Where Can You Find Boba Near You?

    People have always been eager to see Starbucks serve boba. This is due to the fact that the Starbucks locations are conveniently located. Starbucks is conveniently located near your work or in your local neighborhood.

    You may need to travel a distance from the store selling boba in order to find other shops that stock it.

    Small boba-tea shops may exist depending on where you live. Many Chinese, Asian and fusion restaurants also serve boba tea.

    Some new chains sell boba and Kung Fu. Visit their site to find out if they are located near you.

    Kokee Tea is another chain that sells boba, though they’re limited to the Northeast US.

    Dunkin’ Donuts might soon offer boba in their stores, though that is not yet confirmed.

    Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Boba – What does it mean?

    The origins of bubble tea or Boba are said to lie in Taiwan. They were popularized in America by Asian American communities.

    Boba is basically milky white tea made with different flavors and tapioca pearls. The tea is sweetened with syrup, honey or condensed milk.

    The milky flavor of the tea is complimented by the chewy tapioca. Sometimes boba can also be called pearl tea because of its pearly appearance.

    The best way to enjoy boba tea with ice is as a cold beverage, however it’s also great when served hot. Sometimes, pieces of fruits and tapioca pearls can be added to boba.

    Boba is now available in many flavors. Favorites include fruit-flavored milky and black teas. Black tea boba is still very popular.

    The worldwide market for boba teas was worth $2.4 billion in 2019. The market is expected to reach $4.3 billion in 2027. North America leads the way.

    A growing popularity for boba tea is leading many to ask why Starbucks doesn’t offer Boba or when they might.

    Starbucks regulars would love to see their favorite tea available at their neighborhood store. Unlike smaller stores that sell boba tea, Starbucks stores are conveniently located near home and work.

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  • Conclusion
  • Starbucks unfortunately does not offer boba tea at its locations. You can try alternatives like the Raspberry Milk Tea or various Teavana Flavors. Y
  • You can buy boba in your neighborhood shops and Chinese and Asian restaurants. You may also be able to find it in chain stores.

    .Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

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