Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times

Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

Target may have recently sold you something you didn’t like. You might be curious about when you can return the item so that it doesn’t get lost in long lines.

  • Target enforces a strict return policy. You can also return goods at the applicable time. So I did the research and here is what I found.
  • Target Return Hours In 2022
  • Target offers customers the ability to return items through Target Guest Services from 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-9pm Sunday. This may vary by store and can be affected if Holiday Hours are in effect. For more information, call or visit the Target Store Locator.

  • More tips are available, including how and when you should return your item.
  • Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    What is the best time to return something to target?

    Target will accept your return during non-peak hour, which is when they are less likely to have customers.

    Because there won’t as many customers, you are more likely to skip long queues. Staff will also be quicker to get your order back.

    You should avoid trying to make a request for a refund when the guest services counter is close.

    This is fair to staff, as they must adhere to store policies to close on schedule. It can also save you from the hassle of having to return the following day.

    Are there any restrictions on the return of items?

    Target prefers that all returns are handled by their Guest Services desks, if possible. This is because these employees will have the appropriate training to assist you.

    You may still be able ask the cashier at Target for help, depending on where you are located. However, this isn’t recommended because these employees may not have any experience with handling returns (new hires, for instance).

    Target Team members should be available to you for assistance, even if they work very late.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Does it mean that I have to return the exact same products?

    The Target stores where your original purchase was made are not required to accept your return.

    If you are able to provide the correct proof of purchase (e.g. receipt, packing slip), you may return your item at Target. Target allows you to return items in any store if your proof of purchase is correct (e.g., receipt, packing slip).

    What is the best way to return items to Target?

    Target claims that you can return most products within 90 days from the date of purchase.

    All items must be in new condition. Refunds or exchanges will not be granted for opened products.

    This depends on the particular item.

    Some items sold by Target have a modified return policy noted on the receipt or packing slip of that item, so keep track of your receipts to stay informed.

    You can exchange it or return it to Target Own Brand within one year after you purchase it.

    Target electronics and entertainment pieces must be returned within 30 day to get a full refund or exchange.

    Music, Blu-rays and Blu-rays as well as video games cannot be returned, but they may be exchangeable in the store for the exact title or for a different platform.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Conclusion: Target Returns Hours – When are they open?

    Target’s hours of return are 7am-10pm Monday through Saturday and 8AM-9PM on Sunday. offers a store locator that can be used to locate your closest store. You may also call your local store to make sure you are there during the off-peak hours to avoid traffic jams and stress returns.

    Target may allow you to return items outside of Guest Services. But, this is not recommended. Staff may not know how to best assist you.

    When do they stop doing returns at Target?

    Target’s hours of return are 7AM-10PM, Monday-Saturday, and 8AM-9PM on Sunday.

    Target Open Returns

    Target will accept returns on opened products. Target allows you to return open items. Target will exchange or return your product as long the item is still in its original condition and within 90 days.

    How Do I Return Something To Target? Guest Services is available at 1-800-591-3869. We can accept returns if the item is not available.

    Target allows me to return clothes

    Target accepts return of unworn and unworn clothing within 90 days from the date of purchase. This is provided that customers retain their receipt (or other valid proof) of purchase. Customers can also return clothes without tags if they are in good condition.

    .Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

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