Target Underwear Return Policy 2022

Target Underwear Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Bras + More)

Target, one of America’s leading retailers, has been selling a range of undergarment products in its more than 2000+ stores.

  • Target may have a return policy on clothing, but how about underwear returns? Let me tell you about Target’s underwear returns policy.
  • Target Underwear Return Policy In 2022
  • Target accepts returns for new and unused underwear within 90 days of purchase as of 2022, with a 1-year return window for Target-owned brands. Hygiene reasons do not allow for the return of worn and used underwear. If you provide alternative proof of purchase, then underwear can be returned.

  • You can read on to learn about Target’s return policy for underwear. It includes whether it is possible to return the item without receipt.
  • Target Underwear Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Bras + More)

    Can You Return Worn Underwear To Target?

    Target can not return underwear because they are intimate items.

    All underwear must be returned in new condition, except socks. Target brands can return them within 365 days.

    Target also informs customers that they can return unused merchandise for full refunds if the item is not in use.

    If you accidentally bought the incorrect size of underwear, you can return the product for a full refund or exchange.

    The policy states that items should not be worn.

    Can You Return Bras To Target?

    Target doesn’t specifically address bras in their return policy. However, the company does say that unworn clothes can be returned.

    If you want to exchange or return the bra, make sure the labels and tags are still attached. You might need to put the bra on again to verify the measurements.

    In addition to this, keep your original receipt.

    Do you have to give a receipt in order for underwear not to be returned?

    Target will accept returns even though you don’t have your original receipt. However, you must provide other proof such as the packing slip or another form of proof that you purchased the item.

    Target stores can also look for receipts in store and online by using the information provided from your original method of payment.

    However, the assistance of the store cannot guarantee the receipt’s retrieval.

    Target could offer a refund in return for merchandise if the item is not located.

    You can use this card only at Target.

    Target apps and online accounts can be used to locate your receipts. So it’s worth doing some research before heading into the store.

    Target Underwear Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Bras + More)

    Can You Return Underwear To Target After 90 Days?

    According to employees on online forums, Target may accept returns for underwear after the 90-day return window is over as long as the item is unworn and you have the original receipt.

    But, individual store manager discretion may decide to accept or deny the return.

    If you purchased underwear using Target RedCard (i.e. Your underwear may be returned up to 120 days following purchase.

    Target Brands allow you to return your item within a full calendar year.

    How Will You Receive The Refund?

    The item will be returned to you using the same payment method as it was purchased.

    It will take about 1-3 Days to get a refund to third-party cards and approximately 1-2 days to receive a Target RedCard.

    If you return the item via Target’s Online Returns Center, the refund may take up to five days.

    For more information on returning clothes to Target, please see the Target Shoe Return Policy, Target Clothing Return Policy, and Target Cat & Jack Return Policy.

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  • Conclusion
  • Target offers a return policy on underwear. You can return your underwear, bras and lingerie in 90 days, 120 days, or 1 year, if the Target RedCard was used to pay.

    Because these items are considered intimate, the return policy is stricter. Underwear must be new and unworn.

    To make it easy for you to return items, bring along your receipt.

    .Target Underwear Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Bras + More)

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