I love when Trevor Noah shares his own experience, it’s so genuine and interesting, and of course funny. I just wish the actual show was more like this. But it’l get there. Jon Stewart took a few years of silly gag jokes before getting to real interdicting satirical commentary.

Thank you trevor for putting this in a way that all can understand. Most Americans have no clue how America is viewed from others countries perspectives. Most only believe what they are told by the biased media, slighted & skewed education that is being taught in our schools. Until we as human beings see that unless we learn to recognize the humanity in each other, we will never really be fully humane ourselves!

I agree with you 100 percent. I’ll once in a while see people, state that Trevor sucks and he’ll never be Jon Stewart.. but what they still have to realize is Jon Stewart wasn’t amazing right off the bat. As you said, it took him some time to get to where he is.. much like any actor/comedian… takes time, no one is amazing overnight in their line of work. I think Trevor is doing a great job.. hope he keeps it going!