Best Soil Test Kits

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit For Soil Ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorous And Potash, 1 Pack

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit for Soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash, 1 Pack
Gardeners everywhere are always looking for ways to improve their gardens and make them more sustainable. One way to do this is to test the soil to see what nutrients it is lacking and to make adjustments as needed. With Luster Leaf’s 1601 Rapitest Test Kit, gardeners can quickly and easily test the soil for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. The kit comes with all the components needed for 40 tests and simple, detailed instructions are included. Additionally, the kit includes a soil preference list for over 450 plants, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.
  • Quick At Home Results For Soil Ph Nitrogen Phosphrous And Potash
  • Innovative And Inexpensive Soil Test Kit Features An Easy-To-Use Capsule System And Patented Color Comparators
  • Contains All Components Needed For 40 Tests. 10 For Each Of Ph N P And K
  • Simple Detailed Instructions Included. Great For Beginners And Experienced Gardeners Alike.
  • Soil Ph Preference List For Over 450 Plants Included

Looking to take a quick and easy soil test? Look no further than Luster Leaf’s 1601 Rapitest Test Kit! This kit features an easy-to-use capsule system and patented color comparators, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners alike. With all components needed for 40 tests, this kit is a great way to get a quick and accurate soil pH reading for over 450 plants. Plus, detailed instructions are included so you can get started testing right away!

Luster Leaf Products 1663 Professional Soil Kit With 80 Tests, Green

Luster Leaf Products 1663 Professional Soil Kit with 80 Tests, Green
The perfect soil kit for gardeners of all levels! This kit comes with 80 tests to help you determine the pH, N, P, and K levels of your soil, as well as tips for gardening and altering soil conditions. Additionally, the pH preference list includes information for hundreds of plants, making it easy to find the perfect soil for your needs.
  • Contains Components For 80 Tests. 20 Each For Soil Ph N P And K
  • Comes With Sturdy Plastic Case
  • Simple And Detailed Instructions Included
  • Ph Preference List For Hundreds Of Plants Included
  • Tips For Gardening And Altering Soil Conditions Included

Looking to take your gardening to the next level? Luster Leaf Products has the perfect soil kit for you! This kit comes with components for 80 tests, including pH, N, P and K. Plus, the sturdy plastic case makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, the simple and detailed instructions included make it easy to get started. And if you’re looking to garden with pH preferences for hundreds of plants, the pH preference list included is perfect for you! Finally, if you’re looking to alter the soil conditions in your garden, tips for gardening and altering soil conditions are included. So what are you waiting for? Get your Luster Leaf Products 1663 Professional Soil Kit today!

Garden Tutor Soil Ph Test Kit (3.5-9 Range) | 100 Soil Ph Test Strips

Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit (3.5-9 Range) | 100 Soil pH Test Strips
The Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit is the perfect tool for anyone looking to optimize their soil pH. The kit includes 100 soil pH test strips calibrated to 3.5-9 range, a detailed full color pH testing handbook, and lime and sulfur application charts to help you optimize your soil pH. By testing your soil pH and making necessary adjustments, you can ensure that your plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive. The Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit is the perfect tool for anyone looking to optimize their soil pH.
  • Calibrated Specifically For Soil Ph Testing With Fast And Accurate Soil Test Results In 60 Seconds At Home
  • 2Nd Generation Simplified 3 Pad Design For Improved Accuracy To Easily Optimize Soil Ph.
  • Enough Soil Test Strips For 100 Soil Ph Tests – Since Soil Ph Can Vary In Different Areas It Is Important To Take Multiple Soil Ph Tests Around Your Property. Essential For Lawn Soil Ph Testing And Adjustments.
  • Optimize Soil Ph To Plants Specific Needs To Increase Nutrient Availability. Proper Soil Ph Is An Essential Key Needed To Unlock Nutrients In Your Soil And Make Them Available To Plants. Great For Indoor And Outdoor Applications. Houseplants Flowers Herbs Potted Plants Annuals Perennials Trees Shrubs Fruits And Vegetables Benefit From Proper Ph Levels.
  • Includes Detailed Full Color Ph Testing Handbook With Lime And Sulfur Application Charts

Looking to improve the pH of your soil so that plants can thrive? Look no further than the Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit! This kit comes with 100 soil pH test strips calibrated specifically for soil pH testing, as well as a simplified 3-pad design for improved accuracy. Enough strips for 100 soil pH tests, this kit is essential for lawn pH testing and adjustments, as well as optimizing soil pH for plants specific needs. Proper soil pH is an essential key needed to unlock nutrients in your soil and make them available to plants. Indoor and outdoor applications are both great for using this kit! The handbook included with this kit contains detailed full color pH testing charts with lime and sulfur application instructions. So don’t wait any longer, order your Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Kit today!

Sonkir Soil Ph Meter, Ms02 3-In-1 Soil Moisture/Light/Ph Tester Gardening Tool Kits For Plant Care, Great For Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use (Green)

SONKIR Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Gardening Tool Kits for Plant Care, Great for Garden, Lawn, Farm, Indoor & Outdoor Use (Green)
This soil tester can not be applied to test pH value of any other liquid. If the soil is too dry the indicator will not move, and water it before testing.
  • Kindly Note This Soil Tester Can Not Be Applied To Test Ph Value Of Any Other Liquid. If The Soil Is Too Dry The Indicator Will Not Move And Water It Before Testing.
  • 3-In-1 Function Test Soil Moisture Ph Value And Sunlight Level Of Plant With Our Soil Meter Helps You Specialize In Grasping When You Need To Water Your Plant.
  • Accurate & Reliable Double-Needle Detection Technology Strongly Enhances The Speed And Accuracy Of Detecting And Analyzing Soil Moisture And Ph Acidity.
  • Easy To Use No Batteries Needed Just Insert The Sensor Probe Into The Soil About 2-4 Inches Toggle Switch To Test Moisture Ph Sunlight You Would Like To Measure.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use Design To Be Lightweight And Portable Easy To Carry Around For Outdoor Use Ideal Soil Test Tool Kit For Home Plants Garden Lawn And Farm.

Introducing the SONKIR Soil pH Meter, the 3-in-1 soil moisture/light/pH tester that is perfect for garden, lawn, farm, indoor and outdoor use! This soil tester can not be applied to test pH value of any other liquid. If the soil is too dry the indicator will not move, and water it before testing. With its double-needle detection technology, this soil meter is highly accurate and reliable. It is easy to use, requiring no batteries, and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fivota Soil Ph Meter, Fv03 Upgraded Large Screen Soil Moisture/Sunlight/Ph Tester Backyard Soil Test Kit, Reliable Gardening Soil Tool For Garden, Farm, Lawn Indoor & Outdoor Use

Fivota Soil pH Meter, FV03 Upgraded Large Screen Soil Moisture/Sunlight/pH Tester Backyard Soil Test kit, Reliable Gardening Soil Tool for Garden, Farm, Lawn Indoor & Outdoor Use
This product is designed to help gardeners and farmers monitor the critical factors that determine the prosperity of plants. With its easy-to-use design and large screen, this soil tester is perfect for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Upgraded Version The Upgraded Large Display Screen Will Provides You With Clearer Quicker And More Accurate Reading In Speedy Manner. The Updated Sunlight Sensor Can Receive Much More Sunlight Coverage In The Same Period Of Time Compare To Others Hence Offers More Precise Data To You.
  • 3 In 1 Functions In One Buy Moisture/Ph/Sunlight Levels Are The Critical Factors That Determine The Prosperity Of Plants And Now With This Soil Tester You Are Able To Monitor These Data In 10 Minutes Anytime & Anywhere You Want.
  • Easy & Handy To Use This Soil Meter Is Designed Rigorously By Our Engineers Who Expertize In Soil Test And It Is Extremely Easy To Use Insert It Into Soil For About 10 Mins And The Result Will Come Out. No Battery Is Needed.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use It Can Be Used Indoor And Outdoor According To Your Needs. Reliable Soil Test Tool That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Plants Garden Backyard Farm And Lawn.
  • Kindly Reminder This Is A Soil Tester Designed To Test Ph/Moisture/Sunlight Level Of Soil So It Will Not Be Able To Function Properly If It Is Used To Test Any Liquid Or Artificial Light.

The Fivota Soil pH Meter is the perfect tool for gardeners and farmers who want to take care of their plants and soil. This reliable soil tester can be used indoors or outdoors and is easy to use, requiring no batteries.

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest® Soil Test Kit

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest® Soil Test Kit
If you’re looking for a soil test kit that will help you to monitor your garden’s health, the Luster Leaf Rapitest 1601 Soil Test Kit is the perfect choice. This kit includes 40 tests that will help you to determine the pH levels, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash levels in your soil. By knowing these levels, you can make informed decisions about how to care for your plants and garden.
  • Rapitest 1601 Soil Test Kit
  • Rapitest Soil Test Kit Rapitest 40 Tests
  • Ncludes Ph Levels Nitrogen Phosphorus And Potash
  • Upc 035307016010
  • Pack Of 1

Looking for a soil test kit that is accurate and easy to use? Look no further than Luster Leaf’s Rapitest 1601 Soil Test Kit! This kit includes 40 tests that are specific to measuring pH levels, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Plus, the kit is easy to use and perfect for home gardeners and farmers alike. Order your Rapitest 1601 Soil Test Kit today!

Luster Leaf 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit For Ph, N, P And K, 1

Luster Leaf 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit for pH, N, P and K, 1
Why buy this soil test kit? With this soil test kit, you can get accurate pH, N, P and K readings in just a few seconds. Plus, the booklet has fertilizer guidelines based on your test results. So not only will you be able to keep your plants healthy, but you’ll be able to fertilize them to their optimum levels, too!
  • Reads Test Colors Utilizing Advanced Led Digital Technology
  • Just Push Test Button To Get Results In A Few Seconds
  • Includes Ph Preferences For Over 450 Plants And How To Adjust Soil Ph
  • Booklet Has Fertilizer Guidelines Based On Nitrogen Phosphorus And Potash Test Results.
  • Performs 25 Tests 10 For Ph And 5 Each For Nitrogen Phosphorus And Potash

Looking to keep your plants healthy and thriving? Luster Leaf’s 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit is perfect for you! With its advanced LED digital technology, this kit can quickly and easily provide you with information about your plants’ pH, N, P and K levels. Plus, the booklet has fertilizer guidelines based on the test results, so you can make sure your plants are getting the nutrients they need. So why wait? Order your Luster Leaf 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit today!

Jnw Direct Soil Ph Test Strips – 150 Strip Mega Pack, Best Kit For Accurate Soil Testing At Home, Ph 3.5-9.0, Free App & Ebook Included, Is Your Soil Acidic, Optimal Or Alkaline (Packaging May Vary)

JNW Direct Soil pH Test Strips – 150 Strip MEGA Pack, Best Kit for Accurate Soil Testing at Home, pH 3.5-9.0, Free App & Ebook Included, is Your Soil Acidic, Optimal or Alkaline (Packaging May Vary)
The JNW Direct Soil pH Test Strips are a great way to keep your garden healthy and thriving. The strips are extremely easy to use and provide instant reliable results. The pH range marked on the bottle is ideal for most gardens, and the free mobile app makes tracking your results easy. The JNW Direct Soil pH Test Strips are the perfect way to keep your garden in optimal condition.
  • Maintaining Optimal Soil Ph Will Help Your Plants Fruits & Vegetables Trees & Shrubs And Lawn Grow Quicker Bigger And Healthier. See What Will Grow Best In Your Garden
  • Extremely Easy To Use Soil Ph Test Strips Instant Reliable Results With Simple And Clear Instructions. Simply Dip And Compare With Large Color Chart On Bottle. Ideal Range Marked On Bottle
  • Bonus Free Mobile App Included – Record Track And Monitor Your Soil Ph Test Strip Results With Ultimate Accuracy. Available For Ios And Android
  • Pink Or Blue Hydrangea – You Can Now Decide Which Color You Want By Testing The Ph Of Your Soil And Making The Necessary Changes To The Soil. 150 Strips Means 150 Tests
  • The Ultimate Guide To Soil Ph Our Soil Ph Testing Strips Come With A Great E-Book Explaining What Your Results Mean And Lots Of Information All About Soil Ph And How To Increase And Decrease Soil Ph

Looking to take your gardening to the next level? JNW Direct’s Soil pH Test Strips are perfect for keeping your plants healthy and thriving! With a wide range of pH levels to choose from, these strips are easy to use and will give you accurate results in seconds. Plus, our free mobile app makes tracking your results easy – so you can always be sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your soil pH in check. So what are you waiting for? Order your JNW Direct Soil pH Test Strips today!

Best Soil Test Kits

Best Soil Test Kits

10 Best Soil Test Kit Types: Which To Buy?

Many people are aware of the needs of their plants to flourish. How can you tell if your garden is getting everything it needs? Of course, you must test the soil.

And yet there’s so many test types available. What should you do?

There are tons of resources available on how to test your soil and what you can do. For those interested, I’m able to explain in detail the differences between soil test kits.

There are many options for digital as well chemical tests. Professionals can also do these tests. My services include helping you to find qualified professionals.

But let’s explore some options and help you find out what the best soil test kit for your needs will be!

Product features

Chemical test kit

Tests – N-P–K and pH

Total tests: Check Amazon Price

Hybrid test kit

Best Soil Test Kits

1. Rapitest Premium Silt Kit 1663

Type of Test: Chemical Rapitest Premium Soil Test Kit Lawn Flower Plant Test Garden Tester Ph Npk (80 Test Kit 1663)

The Rapitest soil test kits are quite affordable for such a high-end kit. You can measure pH, N.P, K, with 80 test options. This is a premium kit, however, it’s not able to do micronutrient testing like most home kits.

The instructions are a step by step guide for performing these tests. It may take some patience for the test results to show up, however, it is still faster than sending soil to an extension or lab. This test kit comes in an attractive plastic carry case. Refills can also be purchased for each of the various agents.

This soil test kit is perfect for anyone who wants to do a general home inspection. To me, this one even has better results than the digital kits. To extract the correct amount of chemicals from each vial, you’ll need to be able to hold it steady. This could make you feel a little like a crazy scientist.

This kit is a great value and I highly recommend it. It’s also the best for soil testing. Get one for your garden supply cabinet, you’ll be happy you did.

View the current price at Amazon

Best Soil Test Kits

2. Luster Leaf 1605 Rapitest Digital Soil Test Set

Type of Test: Chemical/Digital Hybrid Luster Leaf 1605 Digital Soil Test Kit for pH, N, P and K, 1

Colors tested using advanced LED digital…

Push the Test button to receive results in just a few seconds

The includes pH preferences for more than 450 plants.

The 1605 Rapitest soil test kit combines chemical NPK macronutrient testing and pH testing with a digital reader. Digital readers are a blessing for people who have difficulty reading the chemicals in shaken containers.

Like most tests of its sort, the Luster Leaf 1605 isn’t a replacement for a full lab test from an ag extension or pro lab. It serves as a convenient, easy-to-use home alternative. For your reader, you can purchase refill capsules as well as test tubes. The refill capsules and test tubes are available for your reader. For optimal functioning, your digital reader will require regular cleaning.

It’s a fantastic choice whether you are a novice gardener or an experienced one who hates matching colors to a poorly printed chart. I consider this to be an overall second best soil test kit amongst all the choices, and definitely a good pick.

Get the Current Price on Amazon

Best Soil Test Kits


10 Best Soil Test Kit Types: Which To Buy?

“>Best Soil Test Kits
Of 2021

You can take better care your garden with a test kit, which will show the soil health.

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Latest Price Soil Savy – Soil Testing Kit Latest Price Atree Soil Ph Meter Latest Price

Photo: depositphotos.com

To thrive, plants require light, oxygen, food, water, and a growth medium that provides the nutrients they need. Commercial and natural fertilizers can provide essential nutrients that soil may lack, but to get the correct type of fertilizer, the gardener should first know the condition of the existing soil.

Garden soil testing is the best method to establish what kind of fertilizer it requires, if any. There are many soil test kits available, ranging from pH strips that can detect deficiencies to advanced chemicals that will pinpoint them. The best soil test kit to help achieve one gardener’s goals may not be the best for another because various kits offer different kinds of results.

Find out more about these products and how they can help you identify nutrients that are missing in your soil.

Soil Savy – Soil Testing Kit Atree pH Meter Garden Tutor Strips Kit

Kensizer Soil Tester

Photo: depositphotos.com

Best Soil Test Kits

Soil Tester Guide

Most gardening enthusiasts know what their plants need to thrive. You might be wondering how to tell if you garden has what it needs. Test the soil, of course!

To find out more about your soil’s chemical characteristics and deficiencies, a simple soil test kit that is quick and easy to use can help you. So how can you pick the right kit for your soil?

That’s exactly where we are!

This article will provide information about soil testing and a list of top-rated soil test kits that you can purchase online. You will learn about pH levels, soil moisture levels, and N–P-K analyses.

Best Soil Test Kits

Review of the Best Soil Testing Kits: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Test your soil to see if it has the proper nutrients to produce healthy plants. The best soil testing equipment is available. Does your garden have poor growth, or are you experiencing difficulty in flowering? It could be the quality of your soil that’s holding them back from achieving natural glory. It is a great way to make sure your garden gets all the nutrients it needs to thrive and grow magnificent flowers and veggies.

A soil pH Kit can provide you with the solution. These kits test the soil for nutrients and allow you to correct them with fertilizer or other nutritional formulas.

You’ll see dozens of DIY kits for self-testing in any online garden store. How do you know which one will best suit your gardening needs?

We will be reviewing some of the best soil tester kits on the market.

Before we get started, let’s be clear: some gardeners may prefer to ignore the final results. Here are our top options for DIY soil test kits.

Best Soil Test Kits

Are Garden Soil Test Kits A Good Alternative To Lab Testing?

A question of the week email. Many gardeners recognize that soil testing is an essential tool for growing vigorous, healthy plants. UNH usually conducts hundreds of soil tests each year. UNH has stopped accepting soil samples from the public until further notice due to public health concerns around COVID-19. What are your options, home gardeners?

The fertilizer recommendations for an existing soil test are valid for the current year. You might be curious if there are home soil test kits that you can use if you have never had your soil tested, or you want to plant a new garden.

One option is to use a home test kit or handheld soil fertility meter. The price ranges from $10 to $60 and are often available at online garden centres. Complete kits typically promise to test nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and pH, which are the most important basics.

While these meters and tests may sound like an excellent alternative to lab testing in many cases, the results are not always as exact. There have been several studies that have evaluated the quality of home gardener test kits. Some are better than others. The accuracy may vary depending upon what nutrient they’re testing for.

Also, it’s important to recognize that some test kits might not use the best NH soils tests. Although test kits are sometimes accurate and may be able to detect problems, it is not guaranteed that they will always work. These test kits can be useful for those who haven’t tested their soil before. However, you should still plan to have your soil lab tested at some point in the near future.

A soil test’s most significant measurement is its pH. Acidity of the soil can have an impact on soil nutrients availability, soil microbe activity as well as heavy metal mobility. It can be measured using a scale from 0 to 14, with 7 representing neutral. You can get the most soil nutrients when your soil pH is between 6 and 7. Many garden plants will thrive when it is at least 6.5.

But, soil pH cannot be calculated unless you know what your plants are. Most vegetable plants perform best between pH 6.5 to 6.8, while blueberries need an acidic soil of between 4.5 to 5.0. While not perfect, the garden soil test kits are able to tell you if the pH range is acceptable for your crop, as well as whether any lime or sulfur needs to be added.

Home garden soil test kits often lack tailored fertilizer recommendations and other amendment suggestions. After conducting its analysis, the UNH soil testing service sends a report summarizing the test results and providing recommendations. This report lets you customize lime and fertilizer applications to your specific plant needs.

Following those recommendations helps prevent the many problems that can arise from nutrient deficiencies, over-fertilization or a pH that is too high or too low. The following UNH Extension factsheets will provide fertilizer guidelines for home tests.

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Best Soil Test Kits

Use Soil Testing kits for your benefit

Some of the people that are most likely to want to buy a soil test kit are farmers, but they are not the only category of buyers that might be interested in such a product. If you’ve never heard about the soil test kit before, you might be wondering why this would be needed and what are the advantages it brings to the table:

The soil test kit can tell you if the soil in your yard is healthy and how to improve it. The physical, biological, and chemical properties of the soil are the three branches that contribute to its fertility. One part of these features is visible to naked eyes, including texture, structure and color. The soil chemical makeup is another factor that must be tested to see exactly where your stand. It is essential that soil samples are taken. However, soil testing kits may be able to help you get the right information. You will be able to determine the pH level or other soil nutritional levels with a soil testing tool. When you know all of this, you will then figure out which type of fertilizer to use and how much of it in order to improve the soil and bring it to the levels that interest you.

Knowing what is missing in your soil will help you avoid spending too much fertilizer or using the wrong kind. If you have a small garden or a few crops to grow, it might not matter that much. However, people who have large yards and big gardens can benefit from a soil testing kit.

You are more likely to avoid excessive fertilization by having a soil test kit. Many people are unaware of this problem and end up over-fertilizing their soils. Excessive fertilizer can cause environmental damage. However, excessive fertilization can cause water pollution and nutrient leaching. This information can be obtained by simply purchasing a soil test kit. You will avoid soil and crop damage and can prevent them from happening.

Once you have used the soil testing kits, it is possible to prevent soil degradation. It is more prevalent and worse than you might think. About 1.5 billion people suffer from land degradation. The process of soil restoration is time-consuming, complicated and expensive. It’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Healthy soil means you can contribute more to the world. A healthy soil will result in healthier trees and more oxygen. Healthier soil equals more flowers. This is good news for the bees who are essential to agricultural work. A healthier soil results in better crops and more nutritious food. A good soil testing kit can help you get a better soil. This will lead to healthier soil, which in turn offers many other benefits, depending on the type of food you plant.

Smallest Garden Tiller for Healthy Soil

Best Soil Test Kits

Some facts about soil

The soil that we live in is so fascinating and essential to our existence. How much knowledge do we actually have about soil, if anything? Check out these fascinating facts.

The unique and varied composition of soil can make it more than just one color and one texture. It is basically a mix of decaying critters, fallen tree branches and crushed rocks. It can be white, yellow, red or crumbly.

The healthiest soil composition is made from 25 percent water and another 25 percent air, 45 percent minerals, and 5 percent organic matter.

The soil contains 0.01% water.

About 5,000-7,000 varieties of bacteria can live in a single gram.

There’s a direct connection between the amount of soil you have and how much water they get.

The process of soil formation is extremely slow. It takes approximately 500 years to form a single inch.

There are multiple layers to the soil, also known as “horizons”.

We have 6 top-rated soil test kits Soil Savvy. See the deal. Our first product is a soil tester kit. This tool can be used to identify the conditions of your soil and determine how to improve it.

With the Soil Savvy testing kit, you get a full soil analysis. You will find information on: aluminum, boron. copper. manganese. iron. potassium. phosphorus. ammonium. nitrate.

Is Diy soil testing accurate?

So while test kits may sometimes test accurately, they don’t always. These test kits can prove useful for those who have not tested their soil in the past, however it is worthwhile to plan ahead and get your soil lab tested. March 17, 2020

How do you test soil?

Add about two teaspoons of soil to a jar and cover with two inches of cabbage water. Give it a stir and let sit for 30 minutes. The soil you have is acidic if it turns pink or red. You soil may be neutral if your water appears blue-purple, similar to original cabbage-water colors. Oct 4, 2021

Are digital soil testers any good?

Their meters work and are accurate. You don’t need to know exactly what the pH of your soil is, but it was discussed before. But it’s important to be able to estimate the pH of your soil so you can choose plants that are right for you.

Is A Soil Test Worth It?

To determine its fertility and health, a soil test will be an invaluable tool. This test is usually very inexpensive but well worth it if the goal of growing healthy plants in your garden is to keep them happy.

.Best Soil Test Kits

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