Does Usps Send Text Messages

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Is Usps able to send text messages about delivery changes?

USPS only sends you text messages about delivery updates, not changes. Only if you’ve signed up for text messages.

The USPS doesn’t send uninvited text messages.

People have recently begun reporting messages claiming to be from USPS, which read something like:

“USPS: the arranged delivery for the shipment XXXXXX got changed. Please confirm here:”

Finally, the message ends with a hyperlink. An example of this type of text can be seen here.

Other scam messages might reference an “Urgent Notice,” followed by a link.

You may get malware by clicking on the link.

You might be tempted to click that link, particularly if the item is on its way.

Because of these came, it is good to get in the habit of approaching any text message that contains a link with a wary eye, and you’ll be less likely to automatically click on one about a supposed “delivery change.”

Forgetful Phishers Or Long-Haul Social Engineering?

Scammers sometimes forget to ensure their scams go smoothly. They may only be interested in getting name and address details via the website. The logical progression would be to follow up by phone, mail, or post.

It’s also possible they realise they’ve attracted some heat and are trying desperately to put the flames out. This site can be flagged using the URL and will produce warning pages for browsers like TOR. It’s possible that the creators decide it is not worth taking the risk to keep payment details requests online – even if they are.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Do I Need To Register With Usps To Participate In Text Tracking?

To participate in Text Tracking, you do not need a account. However, upon your first use of the USPS Text Tracking service, you will be asked to opt-in to the service. This means that you agree to pay any applicable message and data charges that might be incurred on your mobile device upon requesting and receiving USPS Text Tracking messages. If you send a “STOP” request to 2USPS, you will need to opt-in again prior to participating in USPS Text Tracking. Additionally, if you make your request via, you will be required to reply “YES” to a welcome message to confirm that you do, in fact, want to participate.

How does a text tracking response from usps look?

The Text Tracking response might differ slightly depending on what information you requested. This is the typical reply, which contains status information.

  • USPS 01123456789123456789, Available for Pickup 4:55am BOWIE MD 20701 Reply STOP to cancel
  • This information is included in the tracking response:
  • Sender (USPS)
  • Tracking number (ZIP CodeA, routing information may be removed at the start of the tracking number)
  • Status (e.g., Delivered, Notice Left)
  • Date, Time, and Location (in most instances)
  • Instructions to stop receiving further messages

Other message types are now also available. These fall into several different categories:

Delivery Date

USPS has enhanced Text Tracking such that upon first request for status updates, you will receive the scheduled, expected, or updated delivery date information that USPS has for the item. You can also access this information throughout your request cycle using a keyword, as described in “How to use keywords?”

Take, for example:

USPS 01123456789123456789, Expected Delivery by: Monday, September 11, 2017 Reply STOP to cancel


US Text Tracking: An alert update was sent to 01123456789123456789

USPS 01123456789123456789: Request for Delivery Exception Updates confirmed

WINX News reports that the site linked to Hukriede’s fake email also requires recipients to input their credit card details to pay $3 shipping to repair their COVID order at home. But the USPS notes on its website that both the tests and shipping are free. The Postal Service states that payment or credit information are not required.

The tests are free. Shipping costs are not included and bank or credit card numbers are not required. You only need to give a name and address,” the FTC further explains on its website. You will receive an order confirmation number once you have placed an order. If you give your email address, you’ll also get an order confirmation email and delivery updates. Scammers will ask for additional information.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

What the Scammers Do

In the USPS smishing text ruse, a target will receive a text like the one described above. A message is sent to the target asking them to follow a link in order to schedule a new delivery. However, if the victim follows the instructions, they’ll be falling victim to a smishing text scam.

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) is warning of an uptick in smishing scams that use the USPS as a cover, conning unsuspecting victims into downloading malware onto their phones or sharing personal information with scammers they assume is the USPS. After stealing the victim’s identity, or emptying their accounts, they will continue to scam them.

This scam targets individuals who have recently purchased online and expect a delivery in the next few days. The text appears legitimate and the scammer can access the victim’s personal and device information with just one click.

You can avoid falling for the USPS scam by knowing one important fact: USPS does not send unsolicited texts about packages. The company will only send a message when a consumer has signed up for alerts about a package’s delivery. You know that you are being scammed if you don’t sign up for USPS messages and receive text messages such as the one above.


To know the information through mobile is SMS, by sending the SMS you’ll get your package information in reply.

  • You can check the status of your package/mail by sending a message to 28777 containing your tracking number. In return, instantly, you’ll get the latest update related to your package.
  • To know specific information about your package like activity, expected delivery date, delivery attempt or not etc., send a text Message to 28777 with your tracking number and shortcode keyword. Instantly you’ll get the information through SMS.

Note – shortcode keywords are listed below.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

What can you do to tell if a text isn’t from usps?

Scammers use strange spellings to trick consumers.

You can see the extra space between “delivery” & “for” in the above image.

Anything you receive from USPS will be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

There is also the shipment number in the scam text. This looks like an order number that can be used by a range of retailers, such as Old Navy.

But USPS tracking numbers are much longer, 20-22 digits long, and do not contain any letters. And most domestic tracking numbers through USPS begin with “94,” “93” or “92.”

Final note: Legitimate USPS texts use a unique format.

It will look more like this: “USPS 01123456789123456789, Delivered 01/15/2014 11:10pm NORTH ANDOVER MA 01845 Reply HELP 4 info-STOP to cancel”

What Do You Do If You Get Usps Smishing Text?

You can respond in a small but effective way to smishing messages (SMS Phishing) that you receive.

You can send a report about smishing to, per the United States Postal Inspection Service website

You can copy and paste the message from the text (mind you don’t actually click the link) and take a screenshot and attach it to the email.

Give as many details as possible about interactions that you might have with this number.

Don’t be embarrassed if you responded and offered up information before realizing. The scammers are skilled at tricking us into believing them.

You can rest assured that you did not click on the link.

To know more, you can also check our related posts on if USPS first class has tracking, if USPS updates tracking, and if USPS delivers at night.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Which Notification Options Have Different Features?

  • Requests made via mobile devices: USPS will respond to a single SMS with information about the tracking status of the package. If a user would like additional updates on that package, a subsequent request needs to be sent.
  • USPS Tracking initiated request:

Option 1: Users can request that all activity be recorded on their package. If this happens, USPS will text the user to inform them. Users can generally expect to receive up to eleven scans of their package. Each scan will be provided in an individual text message.

Option 2: A user can request delivery notification or delivery attempt. “Delivery attempt” would encompass such tracking activity as a delivery attempt by the carrier, when the item is out for delivery, or if it had to be returned to the sender. Users can expect one individual Text Tracking message for each instance of delivery or delivery attempt.,

Text Message Phishing A Or ASmishinga A Scams

ATTENTION! Call now to activate your credit card.

Be the first person to visit this link and win a free gaming system!

Text messages like these are quick to grab our attention. Research shows that most text messages received are read within fifteen minutes. This is a common tactic used by scammers to target victims with SMS or text messaging scams.

Text message or SMS phishingaalso called asmishingaaoccurs when scam artists use deceptive text messages to lure consumers into providing their personal or financial information. The scam artists that send smishing messages often impersonate a government agency, bank, or other company to lend legitimacy to their claims. Smishing messages typically ask consumers to provide usernames and passwords, credit and debit card numbers, PINs, or other sensitive information that scam artists can use to commit fraud. It can happen like this:

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Are You Scammed by a Text from Usps?

A text from USPS is not always a scam, but if you can’t recall specifically signing up for text notifications about a delivery, then chances are good it is one.

Remember that USPS doesn’t send unsolicited texts messages. The only way or reason you will ever receive one is if you request delivery updates.

If you aren’t sure if you signed up to receive text messages about a delivery, revisit the tracking page, scroll down to “Text & Email Updates.”

Expand that section using the chevron to the right, and it will display whether or not you are signed up for notifications.

Mashable claims that websites had suspiciously similar URLs than the official USPS website, which was launched less than 24 hours later. One Twitter user shared details about “sketchy” domains that were created around January 13, the date when was launched. Some of the scam website links include,,,,,, and is one example of a fake website that links to high-end rapid tests online. This is to lure users who are looking to get free tests. This fake website in particular directs users to another site that has two-count rapid tests listed for $39.97, per Mashable.

Reported by: The USPS is Making Permanent Changes

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Special Delivery: Don’T Fall For The Usps Smishing Scam

According to Statista, 3.5 billion people worldwide are forecasted to own a smartphone by the end of 2020. These connected devices allow us to have a wealth of apps and information constantly at our fingertips – empowering us to remain in constant contact with loved ones, make quick purchases, track our fitness progress, you name it. Hackers are all too familiar with our reliance on our smartphones – and are eager to exploit them with stealthy tricks as a result.

One recent example of these tricks? Suspected text messages purporting to come from the USPS. According to Gizmodo, a recent SMS phishing scam is using the USPS name and fraudulent tracking codes to trick users into clicking on malicious links.

Let’s dive into the details of this scheme, what it means for users, and what you can do to protect yourself from SMS phishing.

Special Delivery: Suspicious Text Messages

Hackers send text messages to random numbers informing users that their delivery is delayed by FedEx or USPS. If the user clicks on the link in the text, the link will direct them to a form fill page asking them to fill in their personal and financial information to “verify their purchase delivery.” If the form is completed, the hacker could exploit that information for financial gain.

However, scammers also use this phishing scheme to infect users’ devices with malware. For example, some users received links claiming to provide access to a supposed USPS shipment. They were instead directed to malware-infected websites that infected their phone and browser. Regardless of what route the hacker takes, these scams leave the user in a situation that compromises their smartphone and personal data.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

What happens if Usps tracking doesn’t update for days?

USPS Text Tracking Cost: Although SMS is free, it’s not always available. … USPS and the mobile carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. For more help, you can follow the below steps: For help or information on the UPS Notifications text message program, send “HELP” to USPS.

Phishing for Info

The actual landing page, located at us(dot)awaiting(dot)host, claims to be a USPS parcel tracking page. The landing page states:

It asks visitors to “verify address”, by filling in their name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number and email.

At this point, clicking Continue would display an additional page asking you for payment details. At the time of writing, clicking continue triggers a .php URL and then redirects to the 3M science website. It’s likely the data entered has been submitted to the phisher, but why didn’t they ask for payment details too?

Does Usps Send Text Messages

How to Request Usps Tracking Text:

  • Simply send a text to 28777 with the tracking Number. After this USPS sends a reply, That reply will be the latest information about the package.
  • Register with USPS Tracking and provide your credentials.

Is There a Purpose to the Message?

Scam text messages often pretend to come from trusted sources so people are ready to give their details, including –

  • Passwords
  • You will be persuaded to install malware software and other programs that can bring viruses to your device.

These phishing schemes are laid down by the scammers who want to grab your money in one or the other way.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Avoid the Usps Smishing SMS Scam

You get a text message in your phone. You swipe it open to find a message from the USPS. The message is text to inform you that your scheduled delivery date has been changed. The message you receive isn’t from the USPS, and it may be a fraud.

This is what you should know about the scam USPS text-smishing.

What is the Message?

Jimmy Richardson has received a message from the US postal service related to the package’s delivery. This message was sent to him four times. It asked him to click the link to fill in his personal information to receive the package. This compels him to think, Does Usps Send Text Messages?

He later filed a formal complaint to the USPS fraud investigators against all of the scam messages being spread among the population.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Millions of Americans are waiting for free COVID testing at home from the USPS. Starting Jan. 18, one person per residential address has been able to sign up to receive a shipment of four tests on the Postal Service’s website. Tests should be shipped through the USPS within seven to 12 days, per the agency.

Can Usps send text messages?

Tracking your mail online is a great way to stay on top of its status–so long as you know what to look for. If you want USPS to send text messages, you’ll need to meet specific requirements and request for it first. Send a text message to 28777 with your tracking number as the subject. The most recent tracking information for the item will be included in the text response from USPS.

Does Usps Send Text Messages

Go Directly To The Source

Be skeptical of text messages claiming to be from companies with peculiar asks or information that seems too good to be true. Instead of clicking on a link within the text, it’s best to go straight to the organization’s website to check on your delivery status or contact customer service.

Usps Tracking Keywords Uses And Means?

You can find information about your package via SMS using shortcode codes. So make sure to check everything and take it with you. In the future, it can be useful for you.

These are shortcodes with definitions

As of now, This service is only available for domestic users only, not for international users or others.

Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

While every technology is vulnerable, phishing or other forms of scams can be a weak link.

The difficulty is that many retailers and organizations do send out legitimate texts to their customers.

  • You might be asking, “Does USPS send texts messages?” You can find out what I found by doing some digging.
  • Can USPS Text Messages Be Sent About Delivery Changes

    USPS sends text messages only about delivery updates – not changes – and only if you have signed up to receive text messages.

    The USPS doesn’t send uninvited text messages.

    Recently, people began reporting messages purporting to come from the USPS. These messages read:

  • “USPS: the arranged delivery for the shipment XXXXXX got changed. Here is the confirmation:
  • The message then ends with a linking link. A sample image for this text is available here.

    Others scam messages could refer to an Urgent Notice, followed by the link.

    The click of the link can install malware to your phone and computer (for Mac users with iMessage installed on their Macbooks).

    It can be very tempting, especially if you know you have an item on its way, to click on that link.

  • To avoid these happening, make sure you approach all text messages containing links with suspicion. If there is a claim of a “delivery date change”, it will be easier to not click.
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    Is A Text From USPS A Scam?

    A text from USPS is not always a scam, but if you can’t recall specifically signing up for text notifications about a delivery, then chances are good it is one.

    Keep in mind that USPS will not send you unsolicited SMS messages. The only way or reason you will ever receive one is if you request delivery updates.

  • If you’re unsure if you were signed up for text messages regarding a delivery, go back to the tracking page. Scroll down to “Text & E-Updates”
  • Expand that section using the chevron to the right, and it will display whether or not you are signed up for notifications.

    How do I know when a message is not coming from USPS

    Scammers use strange spellings to trick consumers.

  • This image shows a fake scam text. You will see that there is extra space between the words for and delivery.
  • All mail sent by USPS is guaranteed to be error-free.

    In the scam text, there is the shipment number. It looks as though the order number is for several retailers (Old Navy springs to mind).

  • USPS tracking number are 20-22 digits in length and contain no letters. USPS’s domestic tracking numbers begin with “94”, “93″, and/or “92”.
  • Final note: Legitimate USPS texts use a unique format.

  • It will look more like this: “USPS 01123456789123456789, Delivered 01/15/2014 11:10pm NORTH ANDOVER MA 01845 Reply HELP 4 info-STOP to cancel”
  • Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    How can I check if my account has been signed up to receive USPS texts

    You might be receiving messages that look like frauds from the USPS.

    It is easy to verify if your account has been set up on the USPS website.

    As if you were tracking the progress of your shipment, enter your tracking number.

    When you get your results, scroll down just a bit to the “Text & Email Updates” section. This header can be expanded by clicking the chevron symbol to the right.

    You will be able to see a listing of email and text notification options that you may have chosen. If so, you will see a list of email and text notification options that you could have opted into.

    If no text notification appears, it is possible that you have not signed up for SMS notifications.

    You can also examine your text-message conversations to find out if you registered.

  • USPS will send you an initial SMS after you have signed up for their site. This is to verify that you are willing to sign up to USPS notifications.
  • From What Number Does USPS Send Texts?

  • You can sign up for text notification from USPS if you want to “28777” the number they send.
  • Also, scammers send texts messages using 10-digit numbers as a way to get their victims’ information, such as the one shown on this page.

    You can locate that text to confirm that you signed up for USPS notifications.

    That’s because all other texts from USPS would be part of the initial opt-in text conversation; it would not create a new conversation under a different number.

    Does USPS Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

    What Do You Do If You Get USPS Smishing Text?

    It can feel intrusive to receive smishing text messages via SMS. But you can take some steps back. can be used to report any smishing attempt.

    Copy and paste from the text, but don’t click on the link. Take a screen and attach it as an attachment to your email.

    Share as much as possible information about your interactions with this number.

    You shouldn’t be ashamed to have responded and provided information. It is not difficult for scammers to convince us.

    However, it is likely that you didn’t click the link. Therefore, nothing can be reported other than a scammer using a different number.

    To know more, you can also check our related posts on if USPS first class has tracking, if USPS updates tracking, and if USPS delivers at night.

  • Conclusion
  • However, the United States Postal Service will send SMS messages but they are only for customers who have registered for them. The message will not include a link nor ask for any personal data.

    All messages containing links, including those from 10-digit numbers, should be reported to authorities.

    What is the Usps Scam?

    “No one will call, text, or email you from the federal government to ask for your information to ‘help’ you order free kits. Only a scammer will contact you, asking for information like your credit card, bank account, or Social Security number. Do not respond,” the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns on its website.Jan 21, 2022

    Does the Scam of Usps Text Exist?

    You should not click on the link to sign up for tracking information from USPS for any package if this is your first time. Smishing, a type of fraud that uses text messages to scam people is called SMS. Smishing involves text messages or phone numbers.

    Which number is used to create the Usps-text?


    .Does Usps Send Text Messages In 2022? (It Is A Scam + More)

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