How Long Does Usps Hold Packages

How Long Does Usps Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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Every single day, millions of mailpieces are delivered to addresses across the United States by the United States Postal Service.

Sometimes packages are returned to the Post Office by carriers because they cannot be delivered, or due to bad weather.

If you don’t have the time to go right now, it might interest you to know how long packages are kept by USPS. I’ve got the answer you seek just below.

How Long Does USPS Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

How long will the USPS hold package in 2022

The vast majority of USPS mailing services hold packages for up to 15 business days. USPS will issue a second, final notice in every case a few days later. Packages are returned to sender within 15 days.

  • Keep reading to learn how you can find out if USPS holds a package, where it is being held and if you have the ability to pick it up. Also, what happens to packages which can’t return to their sender.
  • How Do You Know If USPS Holds Your Package?

    When your U.S. Postal Service carrier attempts to deliver a package but, for whatever reason, finds they cannot, they will leave a peach-colored PS Form 3849.

    The PS Form 3849 is the Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt, and it’s the note that there is an item waiting for you in your local Post Office.

    From my experience, the mail carrier will put the note up at the top and make sure it isn’t hidden under other items (or thrown away).

    How Long Does USPS Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    It could happen that you misplace it. It could be that you don’t remember to get your parcel.

    Not to worry, because the Post Office will also issue a Second and Final Notice, generally three to five days after the first attempted delivery.

    You will find the same PS Form 384, with a small box to the left that reads, “Final Notice”. This indicates that it is almost time for you to collect the parcel.

    There is also a space where the postal carrier can enter the date that the holding period is over and the parcel will be sent back to the return address.

    There is one huge exception to the 15-day holding rule: items that are sent Priority Mail Express are only held for five days, and the Second/Final notice is given after three days.

  • The time it takes to receive your package is much shorter.
  • How do you find the location of your USPS packages?

    If there’s only one Post Office in your area, you will likely be able to find the exact address to pick up mail.

    However, if your move is close to one or more Post Offices you may be curious how you can find which one holds your parcel. explains that you can find this information in either one or both of these ways.

    The USPS Tracking page will first tell you where your parcel is, after the tracking data has been updated to indicate that your item was held by the Post Office.

    If this isn’t convenient, please dial 1-800-ASK USPS (1 800 275-8777) to talk to a customer care representative.

    How Long Does USPS Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How can you get a USPS-Package?

    The process of picking up your USPS parcel that has been held is very simple.

    Bring along your PS Form3849 and your current photo ID. (For some people, you will need a driver’s permit; for others, a passport/ID card).

    Your Form may not be signed yet. They will ask that you complete it at the counter. After they verify the ID, your names and signatures are in order.

    Is it possible for someone else to pick up your package from the Post Office?

    Authorize someone to take your package from the Post Office.

    However, you will have to either write on the PS Form 3829 or on a white sheet of paper something along the lines of:

    (Name of retriever) has my permission to pick up mail for (Your Name).

    This little note should then be followed by your signature.

    How Long Does USPS Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How Long does USPS hold packages to a PO Box for?

    The Post Office will notify you by mail if you receive an item that is not suitable for your PO Box.

    In the majority of cases they will retain that package for the required 15 days. It all depends on how the package was sent.

    What Happens if You Do Not Pick up A Package from The Post Office

    USPS attempts, after the period ends, to send the package back.

    Sometimes, however, there is no return address, or the information is illegible, making it an impossible return.

    Mail can sometimes be sent to these areas, and it may end up in the Dead Mail section. There, some postal workers will try to locate missing addresses or illegible addresses, so the package can ultimately get returned.

    The good news: If you miss your holding period, there is still a chance your package can make its way to you.

    It’s not a sure thing (it could be en route back to the sender), and it’s a bit of a process, but it can be done.

    It may have been returned by the sender but not received.

    After scanning the packages, if more than $25 is found, they will be held for another 60 days. You can only act during this time.

  • Your search is over if the item you are looking for is worth less than $25.
  • A Mail Recovery Center Request will be required. You should include all information regarding the parcel.

    This covers the Barcode/Tracking number, the packaging size and all contents (as much detail as possible).

    Next, wait. USPS will make every effort to return your package to you.

    Ultimately, though, the lesson to be learned is not to miss your initial 15-day window for picking up a package at your Post Office.

    If you want to learn more about USPS services and whether USPS will leave packages behind in the storm, scan packages or deliver packages at night, we have posts.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS holds most undeliverable packages for 15 days, and notifies recipients twice that they have a parcel being held for pick-up at Post Office.

    Only you’ll need to provide your PS Form3849, a valid ID or can you send it along with a consent note and your signature.

    Why are all my packages delayed 2022

    There are many reasons why your USPS tracking information may not be updated. These include inclement weather, busy buying seasons, missorted packages, or inclement weather.

    What is the reason why Usps has not updated 2022?

    USPS Tracking Numbers may not be up to date due to problems such as bad weather, not scanning the package, or delivery to an incorrect address.

    .How Long Does Usps Hold Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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