Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

The U.S. government is one of the largest employers in the country, beat out only by Walmart. The U.S. government employs nearly 2 million people even before adding postal workers.

Is the USPS an official federal job? You may have received conflicting information, but the reality isn’t that simple.

  • I have done the research and come up with the answer you’re looking for!
  • Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Is USPS A Federal Job In 2022?

    Federal employees are technically not employees of employees at the United States Postal Service. USPS works independently and is independent from the executive branch. The agency does not receive federal funds to support its operations. The U.S. government is not their employer, although employees may receive benefits from the federal government.

    This is probably the reason you are curious about how it works. And whether it’s a good agency to work for, what those federal benefits are like, and even who makes the biggest salary at USPS. Let’s continue reading as I cover every detail.

    Why aren’t Federal Jobs available at USPS?

    Numerous websites will state that USPS employees are federal workers. However, I disagree.

    This assertion was based upon a recent announcement by President Joe Biden that all federal employees must be vaccinated.

    Additionally, his executive order mandated that all employers of more than 100 workers must implement a vaccine mandate.

    Although the initial announcement seemed to confuse even USPS employees, nobody was sure whether or not they could count as federal employees.

    It is easy to understand why: they get all the benefits of federal employees, and work in an agency which falls under the executive (the same as the president).

    But the Biden Administration realized that clarification was necessary, and so, a spokesperson made an announcement:

    The executive order that requires Federal employees to be vaccinated does not include the USPS. USPS operates a separate statute scheme that is independent of Federal personnel actions.

  • (USPS employees were actually obligated under the executive order – but because USPS employees well over 100 people.)
  • According to the spokesperson, the “separate legal scheme” is an indication of the USPS’s autonomy and separation from U.S. government work.

    Thus, USPS employees clearly are not technically considered federal employees, though the differentiation is obviously minute.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Does the USPS have a good job?

    While USPS employees may not technically be federal, the Postal Service can still be considered a great job.

    Benefits are identical to federal employees. This includes generous benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, fully-covered life insurance, sick time, vacation, and full coverage for all types of insurance.

  • Furthermore, hourly wages begin well beyond the minimum wage. (Learn more about the benefits below.
  • And career employees make enough to support their entire family, like Edward Dyer, who has a family of five, with one kid in college.

    USPS employees get every cent of the benefit and are especially well-paid, even for postal carriers. That particular job can be extremely physical, even dangerous.

    What Are USPS Employee Benefits?

    USPS employees receive the same benefits as federal employees, and they are impressive.

    Here’s a selection of highlights (via

  • The majority of medical expenses are covered by USPS.
  • Vision and dental at very affordable prices
  • FSA: Can help cover out-of-pocket healthcare and daycare expenses
  • Retirement benefits: USPS employees get federal retirement benefits. This includes a pension, disability and SSI coverage.
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Commuter Program
  • For the first three-years, leave: thirteen days for sick/vacation; twenty days after those three years; 26 after 15, years
  • Generous wages and generous salaries starting well over minimum wage and including time and a quarter on holidays
  • Students loan forgiveness
  • Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    What Is The Best Job At USPS?

    Redditors suggest that entry-level Post Office jobs be filled with MHAs, which is mail handling assistants.

    As r/User3971 points out, “Work inside.

    Some may prefer the physicality of CCA, the City Carrier Assistant (more like a 9.5-5), or an RCA (“Rural Carrier Associate”) to their daytime hours. claims that CCAs work longer and harder than other workers, making them more lucrative.

  • If you’re looking to get into the Postal Service for its excellent pay and benefits, these three positions are commonly hiring!
  • What is the Starting Pay at USPS?

    USPS’s average starting salary is between $18-$21.

    This is an average pay, so some people start lower than others – in the $15-16 category (which is typical for both City Carriers as well as Rural Carriers)

    While it may not seem like a lot compared the salaries of some career positions (the average salary is about $70,000), that is still more than the national minimum wages.

    Is USPS A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

    Are USPS employees eligible for student loan forgiveness?

    Although they may not be federal employees, USPS employees enjoy the same benefits as Federal employees. This includes forgiveness of student loans.

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program provides student loan forgiveness.

    Employees can check to see if they are eligible at this page.

    This document outlines the requirements for having direct loans and being full-time employed.

    What is The Most High-Paying Post Office Job?

    The highest-paid job at USPS is – no surprise – that of U.S. Postmaster General, which in 2016 netted a salary of $285,000 per year.

  • You’ll be the second highest-paid U.S. official, after the president. (The president makes around $400,000 per year.)
  • However, the U.S. Postmaster general, Louis DeJoy makes close to $300,000 annually, according to

    Learn more about USPS by visiting our post: Is USPS a government agency? How to deliver USPS mail, what is the USPS’s job and how you can get involved.

  • Conclusion
  • While USPS employees may not be considered federal employees due to their independent status as government agencies, they enjoy all of the same benefits.

    Additionally, USPS employees at entry level can still earn more than the minimum wage.

    .Is Usps A Federal Job? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

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