Does Walmart Take Passport Photos

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos In 2022? (Price + More)

Walmart has it all! There are many smart services available, like pharmacy services, retail items, and photolab services.

This is why one of the most frequent questions we get asked is: Does Walmart accept passport photos? The following is everything that I could find.

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos In 2022? (Price + More)

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos In 2022?

Walmart does take passport photos as of 2022 at locations with a Photo Center. Walmart charges $7.44 to make two passport photos 2X2 in approximately 5-10 minutes. Walmart can provide passport photos within the normal hours of trading Monday to Sunday.

  • Keep reading for more information about the locations and what you should bring. Also, learn how to make your passport photos cheaper!
  • Is it worth paying Walmart to get passport photos?

    The price is extremely affordable – Walmart charges only $7.44 for two passport photos (which is much cheaper than the USPS, which charges $15! ).

    Walmart customers are able to choose the cheaper option by taking the image themselves and printing it in-store.

    Does Walmart Take Passport Photos In 2022? (Price + More)

    Are Walmart Passport Photos Good?

    Walmart confirms that passport photos taken in their photo labs are compliant with all requirements for a biometric photograph of the United States.

    It is possible to take your passport picture yourself and use Walmart’s cropping tool. This will transform the selfie into a professionally-produced passport photo that meets all requirements.

    After the photo is transformed, you can print the photo out for only 19 cents.

    Any device capable of taking photos can be used to create your passport photo, whether your smartphone, tablet or digital camera.

    Walmart, How Soon Can I Receive a Passport Photo

    It all depends on when the Walmart stores close. Before the pandemic, most of the Walmart stores were open 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

    Until further notice, however, many stores will remain open between 7 AM and 11 PM.

    As an easy and quick way to get your passport photos ordered online, there is also an electronic passport photosystem. Just upload your passport-appropriate image and make all necessary changes.

    You can then pick up passport photos at the closest Walmart, or have them delivered to your home. Your photos should be available within one hour.

    The Best Way to Look Great for Your Passport Photograph

    Are you looking to make your passport photos stand out? These are some helpful tips:

    Make sure that you are properly groomed and made up.

  • Use concealer to cover problem spots and spots on your face
  • Trim your facial hair and shave off the extra stubble.

  • You can use powder to hide any shininess on your face (both men and women), especially around your nose.
  • Add some color to your lipsticks if you’re wearing makeup to make them pop in the picture.

  • You should wash and condition your hair.
  • You should choose an outfit that’s not too light. It is best to choose something with contrast, such as green or yellow. This will make you look more polished.

    It is prohibited to smile too wide.

    Keep your chin up and your shoulders down.

    Don’t worry about it. Keep in mind that this is a passport photograph and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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  • You may need to send your passport photo once you’ve taken it. Walmart offers postage stamps.
  • .Does Walmart Take Passport Photos In 2022? (Price + More)

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