Walmart Team Lead Position

Walmart Team Lead Position

Walmart Team Lead Position

Five Best Walmart Truck Driver Jobs in 2022

Typical Pay: $80,000

Job Summary: Join the Walmart Transportation team and drive in the greater Texas area and have the responsibility to bring the merchandise back to your dedicated home store.

Average Pay: $56,000

Job Summary: As a Yard Truck Driver, you will be operating a Yard Truck/ to transport trailers safely to designated locations, while adhering to all regulations (e.g., company, local, state, and federal). As a City Driver, you will be operating a tractor-trailer delivering trailer loads of merchandise to stores.

Typical Pay: $90,000

Job Summary: Driving and operating a Walmart truck of shipments during the evening hours. This schedule includes working throughout the night in order to make the merchandise deliveries to your dedicated Walmart storefront.

Typical Pay: $13-$15 per hour

Average Pay $68,000

Description of the Job: This position involves communicating verbally with people or groups and/or writing to them (e.g. customers, suppliers, associates). Implementing and driving the business plans in the assigned area to reach facility goals. (e.g. production, quality and safety). Forecasting staffing and workload to ensure business needs are met.

This is not a pass or fail assessment: What the Truth Is About Tea Scores

Your score on each section will have a significant impact on your hiring decision as well as the Walmart opportunities you are eligible for.

Here’s the deal:

Four score bands are part of the TEA, which is similar to the Retail Associate Assessment. They are: Excellent, Poor, Competitive and Competitve.

Candidates who are in the “Poor” band for a particular position won’t be hired.

Now, the TEA scores are shown differently for applicants that come from outside as opposed to current Walmart employees, as detailed below:

Current Walmart Employees

After you complete the TEA assessment, you’ll get one of the following scores:

  • Competitive 2 year expire – Tier 2. You have passed the test and can now apply to all positions including Coach, Cap, Support and Team Leader.

Scoring high on each of the test’s sections ensures you get into Tier 2 and unlocks the most rewarding Walmart management jobs.

Note: You’ll also have to take the VR (Virtual Reality) Assessment if you want to apply for Academy Trainer, Team Lead, Coach, or Store Lead.

Walmart is open to new applicants

Once you finish the Teaming Employment Assessment, you’ll see a screen showing you if you failed or passed it.

If you fail the assessment, it will show you the date you can retake it. It will be 6 months from the day you first took it.

But here’s the thing no one tells you:

Even though you can pass the TEA, it is possible to still be rejected.

Walmart gives each section a separate rating. Walmart has a strict policy that you can’t fail an assessment if one section is not well-written.

Numerous applicants think they’ve passed the assessment and wait for a long time to get a call from Walmart, but it never comes.

That’s a bit frustrating.

To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you prepare in advance for ALL sections of the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment, even sections that seem easy and simple.

Walmart Team Lead Position

#1 Work With Associates

This section will show you how to deal with a range of scenarios that could arise as a Walmart leader. You have to choose a response to each situation. To answer the questions correctly, you must only use the information provided. Relying on your previous work experience and what you would have done will often not give you the right answer. Only use what is given to you.

Walmart’s “Work with Associates” Sample Question

One of your employees experienced a significant decline in sales performance over the last month. The decline in sales performance has been evident for several months now, but it is particularly severe during the last two weeks. In addition, she has started coming in late and seems very frustrated with her work. Her behavior is influencing the atmosphere in the office as she is a popular employee and has been working for the company for the past two years.

We are currently planning for Future Needs for 2022 Hiring! This job is scheduled for February.


  • Assume responsibility for driving future business strategic direction
  • You play a crucial role in the development, inspiration, training, and management of a highly-consultative, talented sales and service team
  • You can be recognized as a leader within the industry in NYC, Chicago, and/or San Francisco
  • Understand our client’s businesses and develop appropriate solutions to meet their needs
  • Collaborate with other functional teams in order to increase revenue with existing and new customers. Be a point for escalation for potential problems
  • Projects that involve quantitative analysis, industry research, and strategy development.
  • For support to client requirements in your region, consult Product Marketing
  • Evangelize WMC with agencies, clients and at targeted events, conferences and media opportunities and champion Facebook product releases internally and externally
  • Strong ability to forecast and efficiently allocate resources to drive profitable business results
  • Provide the best customer service possible and communicate WMC’s solutions to customers in an engaging, professional and positive manner

Minimal Qualifications

  • 10+ years hands on experience of building and capability to manage high performing teams.
  • Experience driving revenue growth through emerging opportunities or established partnerships
  • Solid understanding of advertising technology trends and performance measurement data
  • Experienced storyteller who can communicate the benefits of marketing to brands
  • Excellent communication skills and presentation with a focus on translating insight, product information and data into client value
  • Able to adapt quickly and be productive in a dynamic environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships with marketing decision-makers at top brands and agencies
  • Demonstrable success as a leader of change, achieving operational excellence by introducing new performance measures, processes and systems
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability and capability to coach, mentor, and build a team of high performers.
  • A demonstrated track record of leading teams to exceed their targets and grow business partners under their supervision
  • Ability to move fast, be bold, and thrive in a dynamic, quickly-changing environment
  • Ability to effectively influence and communicate cross-functionally with a strong focus on collaboration

Cultural qualifications

  • Customer-obsessed, Curious, Collaborative, Consultative, Courageous and Competitive
  • Focused
  • Interested in understanding a business’s finances
  • Authentic and passionate
  • Respectful, Inclusive, Honest, Transparent
  • Self-aware
  • Positive and solutions-oriented
  • Humor:
  • Accountable
  • Adaptive
  • Empathetic

About Walmart Connect

At Walmart, we enable the connection between supplier brands and retail shoppers at unprecedented scale. As primary stewards of our brand promise, “Save Money. Live Better,” we work alongside some of the most talented people in the world to engage with the more than 150M households who shop with us. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of a high-visibility, small team at the biggest company in the world. We believe all digital advertising can be targeted and accountable – and we have Walmart’s sales data to prove it. Walmart Connect is a winner when partners invest in digital media. Walmart and its suppliers win when their digital skills help sell more products online and offline. Growth in our digital advertising business is key to Walmart’s overall growth strategy.

Walmart Connect is committed to delivering measurable results for all our sellers, buyers, merchants and stores. Walmart Connect’s full-funnel ad solutions make use of its extensive online and in-store data to deliver measurable results. These solutions offer flexibility in pricing and purchasing models including self-service. They help companies build brand awareness and engage Walmart shoppers.


Walmart Team Leader Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Walmart’s team leader role involves the following duties and responsibilities.

  • Ensuring that his or her team carries out their tasks efficiently and effectively to achieve organizational goals
  • Perform performance reviews on an ongoing, weekly or monthly basis
  • Overseeing the day-to-day activities of the team, ensuring things run smoothly
  • Empowering team members with skills and abilities to boost their confidence, product knowledge, communications skills, and delivery
  • Team members can be maximized by assisting with their training.
  • To achieve your goals, you must develop and implement a strategy and timeline.
  • Setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals and ensuring they are achieved
  • To implement a sales strategy that works, it is important to stay current with the market’s environment and competitors.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Best Walmart Distribution Center Jobs 2022:

Typical Pay: $11-$19 per hour

Job Summary: Operates forklift following Company standards and guidelines by safely picking up, moving, placing, and positioning merchandise pallets. Manages inventory, stock, and orders merchandise from suppliers and distribution centers throughout the company.

Typical Pay: $160,000

Job Summary: You will be responsible for building one of the best-engineered e-commerce platforms in the world. Our teams combine creativity, curiosity, and drive to continuously perfect and revolutionize Walmart and our family of brands from the inside out. We are looking to bring more intellectually curious technologists who are passionate about innovation in general.

Average Pay: $35,000.

Description of the Job: The job involves completing work assignments, prioritizing, adhering to company procedures and ethics, as well as complying with all policies and guidelines. You will manage the freight and assist other associates while maintaining a safe area.

Typical Pay: $13-$24 per hour

Description of the Job: The floor clerical completes assigned work and prioritizes while adhering to company procedures and policies. Floor clerical is responsible for maintaining accurate inventories and supporting the warehouse operations.

Average Pay: $107,000

#3 Manage Your Day

This test will allow you to identify the situations Walmart leaders are facing every day and help you prioritize.

Walmart’s “Manage Your Day” Sample Question

Rank the activities from 1 to 4, where ‘1’ is most urgent and should be handled first, and ‘4’ is less urgent.

(A) You hear one of your employees giving wrong information to another employee regarding a safety procedure.

(B) Today’s tardiness number is bigger than yesterday’s.

(C) One of your employees, who has been on your team for 2 years, says he is not content with the working environment.

(D) Tomorrow is the deadline for you to submit your end-of-the month report.

Walmart Team Lead Position

What Are The Questions Asked In A Team Lead Interview For Walmart?

If you want to be a team lead at Walmart, you might be asked several questions during the interview process such as the following:

  • What is your strategy to lead a team of associates?
  • What retail experience have you got?
  • Do you have the ability to collaborate effectively?
  • Do you recall any previous job experiences where difficult decisions were made?
  • What’s an example of a time where something unexpected came up at work and you had to deal with it?
  • How do you deal with an associate who isn’t performing well?
  • What is the best way to calm down a customer who has become upset?

The interview will also be used to assess your leadership skills and problem solving abilities.

To find out more, you can also see our related posts on Walmart people lead, Walmart general merchandise, and Walmart warehouse associate.

Order Filler

Order fillers at Walmart make an average of about $38,000 a year, according to Glassdoor. There is also additional annual compensation, like a $2,600 average cash bonus, $1,200 stock bonus, $1,100 profit-sharing and $220 commission-sharing. Order fillers are also eligible to make overtime, which can push compensation up to over $35 an hour.

Order fillers work out of Walmart distribution centers and are responsible for moving merchandise onto the company’s fleet of delivery trucks and keeping the warehouse organized. This can involve working off hours and operating machinery in a fast-paced environment. An order filler from Buckeye, Ariz., said on Glassdoor “everything about this job is good” and that Walmart is a “great place to start a career.”

Order fillers are 21 percent happier than other Walmart employees, according to job search and review website Career Bliss. Brundidge, Ala.’s former order filler reported that she was satisfied with the benefits and pay, but it required long hours. This job, despite the long hours, made it onto the top list of Walmart jobs because it is an entry-level relatively well-paid position. It doesn’t involve dealing with customers who are unhappy or managing employees.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Top 5 Walmart Jobs In 2022:

Typical Pay: $11-$15 per hour

Job Summary: This includes being at the cash register and standing for long periods of time while checking out customers quickly and accurately. Your responsibilities include keeping the station tidy, answering customer questions and being available to help other store associates as required.

Average Pay $17,000-35,000

Your job description: You will be responsible for keeping your aisles clean and tidy, working with several supervisors and other associates to stock shelves and answering difficult questions. Sometimes, you might even need to check on customers. The more you know about the store, the more successful you’ll be in the position.

Typical Pay: $12 per hour

Job Summary: Your duty will be to ensure high-quality products are available in produce, deli, bakery, dairy, meat, and other departments. You will also be responsible for packing and displaying products in the supermarket section. While also assisting customers in making any orders in the cake, deli, and produce departments.

Typical Pay: $15 per hour + Bonus Opportunities

Description of your job: You are an hourly supervisor responsible for a whole store. Sales associates in your area will look to you for leadership, direction, training, and support. Your area’s merchandise availability, standards for departments, and financial performance are all your responsibility.

Average Hourly Pay: $18-25

Job Summary: As an HR Lead you will assist leadership with associate recruitment, hiring, staffing, development and succession planning. You will manage attendance and scheduling on a daily basis.

#5: Describe your Approach

This is a 33-question personality test that evaluates your preferred work style and approach. Some questions may be difficult and might ask you the same question but in a different manner.

So, it’s crucial to stay consistent throughout the section, or else the testing system will immediately flag you.

Here’s a sample question from this section:

Walmart’s “Describe Your Approach” Sample Question

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.

  • Most people like (b).
  • Somewhat like (b)
  • Somewhat like (a)
  • The most like (a).

It all depends on what position you are applying for.

For instance, if you apply to an administrative position, Walmart will expect you to have high boredom intolerance, indicated by statement (b).

That is because most clerical work is routine. Tasks require adherence to a company’s provisions and protocols, as well as a lot of paperwork. This job demands a lot of focus over time, as well as the ability to achieve goals. You should emphasize the following qualities: perseverance, thoroughness and good organization. It is also essential to show you have no problem with routine work, so you should get a low score on the Boredom Intolerance trait.

However, unlike customer service representatives who can easily build relationships with customers (announced by (a),) you won’t be expected to do so.

The practice pack contains a professional study guide to teach you the best ways to answer Biodata questionnaires and how to avoid common “traps.” Make sure you check it out!

Walmart Team Lead Position

Walmart Team Lead Work Environment

The Walmart team lead position is a full-time job that requires working 40 hours per week. The job is mostly performed during the day, but some night and weekend work may be required. The job is generally fast-paced and stressful, as team leads are responsible for ensuring that their team meets all of their daily tasks and goals. Team leaders must think quickly and be capable of making quick decisions. There’s very little margin for error. There is also some physical labor involved, as team leads may need to help their team with stocking shelves or unloading trucks. Travel is not typically required for this position, but team leads may occasionally need to travel to other Walmart stores for training or meetings.

Walmart Team Lead Skills

To be successful, Walmart team leaders need to have the following skills:

Communication: Information is conveyed to other people through communication. As a team lead, you may be responsible for training new employees, so effective communication is important to ensure they understand the information you’re sharing. You may also be responsible for communicating with other team members, so it’s important to be able to convey information clearly and concisely.

Leadership: Leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire others to work together to achieve a common goal. As a team lead, you may be responsible for training new employees and helping them adjust to their new role. Effective team leads are able to guide and support their team members to help them develop their skills and advance in their careers.

Problem solving: Your problem-solving abilities allow you to find and solve problems. As a team lead, you may be responsible for resolving issues that arise during your shift. You may be asked to assist customers who are unhappy with the purchase.

Organization: Organization is another skill that can help you advance in your career at Walmart. You may have to manage inventory and schedule employees, as well as maintain records. You can be more efficient if you have strong organizational skills.

Customer service: Customer service skills are an important aspect of a team lead position at Walmart. You may have to train new employees as a team leader. It is important that you are able to clearly explain the company’s policies and procedures. You may also be responsible for handling customer complaints, so customer service skills can help you to resolve issues and keep customers happy.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Walmart Team Leader Job Description For Resume

You can improve the quality of your resume if you include work experience from previous or current Walmart leaders in your CV or resume.

This means you will need to include the section on professional experience or work experience to your CV/resume to prove that you are capable of performing the duties and tasks required to be a leader.

If you have experience in team leadership, this information can be helpful to your CV/resume.

You can quickly make an effective professional experience section for your resume/CV by applying the Walmart team leader job description example above.

Walmart Team Lead Trends

Here are three trends influencing how Walmart team leads work. Walmart team leads will need to stay up-to-date on these developments to keep their skills relevant and maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Communication is essential

Better communication is essential as businesses get more complicated. This is especially true for teams that are spread out across different locations and time zones, such as those found in large corporations like Walmart.

Team leads can use this trend to their advantage by developing strong communication skills. They will be able to manage and communicate better with their colleagues, and make sure everyone gets along well. It will also make them more valuable to the company.

Diversity is important

Companies are realizing the importance of diversity in their workplaces and the advantages of having employees that reflect the diverse needs of customers.

This trend is particularly evident in retail, where customer demographics are changing rapidly. Team leads who are able to understand and connect with these diverse populations will be more successful in the future.

A Greater Focus on Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is becoming a more important focus for businesses as they strive to create a positive work environment. Team leaders will have to look for ways to motivate and engage employees.

One way to do this is by creating a culture of feedback within your team. By doing so, you can learn what your employees want and how they feel about their jobs. This data can be used to enhance the workplace environment.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Assist customers/members and associates

This section will show you situations that you may encounter when working with customers.

Opportunities for Advancement

Walmart team leaders typically begin as entry-level employees. They are then promoted to team leader after showing leadership skills and strong work ethics. From there, team leads can advance to assistant manager, store manager, and beyond. The advancement opportunities at Walmart are virtually limitless for those who are willing to work hard and take on additional responsibility.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Get To Know The Walmart Tea Assessment Sections Inside Out (+ Sample Questions)

Five sections make up the Teaming Employment Assessments.

  • Assisting Associates
  • Manage Your Area
  • Manage Your Day
  • Share Your Story
  • Please describe your approach

Let’s describe each of them:

Walmart Assessment Test

Are you applying for one of Walmart’s many positions? If you are thinking of a cashier, frond end, order filler, or personal shopper position then you will face the Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA) commonly known as the Walmart Assessment Test. If you are applying for a management or leadership position you will likely face the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA). Here are our tips and tricks to help you understand the Walmart Assessment Test questions, answers and explanations.

Walmart Team Lead Position

What Is The Walmart Assessment Test?

Walmart Assessment Test, also known as the Hourly Retail Associate Assessment, is what we call it. This is the most common assessment given to those applying to Walmart or any of its associated companies for an hourly job. The Walmart Retail Associate Test contains four sections: Work with customers, handle customers, tell us your story, and describe your approach. There are no correct answers to the Walmart Assessment questions. That being said you can EASILY answer the question favorably based on the position you apply for.

Worst Jobs At Walmart

The five Walmart jobs that made it onto the top ten most hated were due to their high pay gap, low levels of management and lack of career progression. Check out these Walmart jobs to see the worst.

Walmart Team Lead Position

Best Jobs At Walmart

Even though Walmart has a reputation as a low-paying and demanding employer, there are some jobs that pay very well and report high employee satisfaction — especially if you are in management. Here are the top five best jobs at Walmart.

What is the best way to pass The Walmart Assessment Test

Excelling on the Walmart Assessment is all about knowing HOW to answer the questions correctly for your EXACT position. We recommend reviewing Walmart Test answers to get an idea of what the test questions will look like and what test answers they are looking for. Walmart offers tremendous growth potential. In the current market, Walmart is receiving record numbers of applicants for every position.

Walmart Team Lead Position

How will Walmart’s 2022 Team Leader look?

Do you want to learn other important details about becoming a Walmart team lead, such as whether it’s a good job and what the pay is like? If so, read on to find out all of the answers to your questions!

Staffing Agency Picks: Walmart Jobs 2022

With so many Walmart job opportunities, partnering with an award-winning staffing agency is the best way to land that dream job. As the most award-winning staffing agency experts, we understand that your time is valuable, so we know how important it is to have a team of top headhunters that is positioned to keep up with your growing business.

Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

Walmart Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Discount City (1962–1969)
  • Wal-Mart, Inc. (1969–1970)
  • Wal–Mart Stores, Inc. (1970–2018)



Sam Walton


Number of locations
10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



Area served
Key people






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


559.2 billion




US$22.55 billion




US$13.70 billion



Total assets


US$252.5 billion



Total equity


US$87.53 billion



Walton family



Number of employees
2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



List of subsidiaries

Footnotes / references




Walmart is one of the most well-known retailers in the world. They are constantly looking to fill vacancies for many positions like team lead.

  • However, if you’re wondering what a Walmart team lead does and whether it’s a good job for you, keep reading to see what I learned about this position!
  • Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    How Will Walmart’s Team Perform in 2022

    Walmart team leaders’ primary job duties are to train and lead their sales staff in 2022. Track merchandise, sales, finances and greet customers. Team leaders also have to manage the company’s financial affairs. A team lead must also prioritize and assign tasks to associates while utilizing effective communication.

  • Do you want to learn other important details about becoming a Walmart team lead, such as whether it’s a good job and what the pay is like? Read on to discover all the answers you are looking for!
  • What is a Walmart Team Leader?

    Walmart’s team leader has many job responsibilities, including training and supporting sales associates.

    A team leader is also the one responsible for monitoring the availability of merchandise in the company and adhering to departmental standards.

    Other team lead duties at Walmart will include the following:

  • Keeping track of the financial aspect of the department you’re working in
  • Begin by greeting your customers upon their arrival in the area
  • Answering customer questions
  • Lead a group with up to 30 others
  • Assuring that your department meets customers’ expectations
  • Prioritizing your tasks and understanding how to accomplish them are two of the most important things you can do for your team.
  • Taking direction and communicating effectively
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest products in your area
  • Inspire employees to attain sales goals
  • Use constructive criticism as feedback to improve your department’s performance
  • Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    Walmart Team Leaders Make How Much?

    Walmart’s average hourly wage for a general team leader is $19.50, though it can vary depending on your location and previous experience.

    Are there any requirements to become a Walmart Team Leader?

    To be a team lead at Walmart you should either have 2 years of working in retail or have 1 year of supervisor experience, combined with 1 year of retail experience.

    But if none of the above applies, then you could be qualified to serve as a team leader if 2 years have passed from college.

    Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    What is the Schedule for a Team Lead at Walmart?

    Walmart’s team leads will be given a scheduled block of work, from 1:30pm-10:30pm or 5am-12:30pm.

    Additionally, the team block lead schedules should be rotated monthly. If you have worked an early block in a month, the following month you will work the late block.

    All in all, a store with a leader that closes will experience better customer satisfaction.

    Are Walmart’s employees doing a good job?

    Walmart employees report that Walmart’s team leadership is difficult because of constant change and the lack of communication.

    This would make a great job for someone who enjoys leading others, and is able to motivate people to achieve their goals.

    This job does have its problems. You will need to be able to take notes, complete documentation, and finish the work early when you have other tasks.

    People find it frustrating that more tasks are added to their jobs without any increase in salary.

    Being a team leader is a fulfilling experience that can allow you to rise up within the company. However, there are a lot on the plate every day with very little motivation from top managers.

    Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    What are the Questions Asked in a Team Lead Interview for Walmart?

    If you want to be a team lead at Walmart, you might be asked several questions during the interview process such as the following:

    What is your strategy to lead a team of associates?

    Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    What retail experience have you got?

    Are you an effective collaborator?

    Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    How many years of work have you had in which you were faced with difficult decisions?

    Do you remember a time when an unexpected event occurred at work, and that required you to respond?

    Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

    How do you deal with an associate who isn’t performing well?

    How do you calm down upset customers?

    The interview will also be used to assess your leadership skills and problem solving abilities.

    For more information, check out our similar posts Walmart People Lead, Walmart General merchandise associate, and Walmart Warehouse Associate.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart team leaders oversee associates within the department. They train, support, direct, and guide those in their group.

    But being a team manager is difficult. This job requires that you perform many different tasks during the day. There are also other duties which can be added, but not with a raise in salary. Therefore, it’s recommended to thoroughly consider both sides of the job before applying.

    .Walmart Team Lead Position (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

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