Best Guns For Women

Best Guns For Women

best guns for women

American women bought handguns in millions last year. What did they purchase? Here are 10 of The Most Popular Handguns.

News Firearms Support NRA Women DONATE We all know that gun ownership has increased dramatically in the past year. Most of the purchases came from first-time buyers. A significant portion of first-timers were also women. So what were women buying? While we can’t possibly know what every woman in the U.S. went home from the gun store with, we can get a good idea from the representative sample offered by the results of The Well Armed Woman survey of gun purchases, in which nearly 6,000 women participated and offered opinions.

These are the reasons we believe surveys such as this are important. Finding out what women enjoy and why may help you make a decision about which pistol to buy. It can be difficult to decide where to begin when there are so many options available. The good news is, as more women are buying and talking about their guns, industry leaders keep listening, designing even more female-friendly firearms. Check out what The Well Armed Woman’s women are purchasing!

1. SIG Sauer P365 It’s not surprising that the TWAW Women surveyed purchased the most expensive gun in 2020, which was also the top-selling pistol in America. The pistol which inspired the introduction of micro-pistols with higher capacity 9mm cartridges to concealed carry was the SIG Sauer P365. It was introduced in 2018 as the first pistol with a standard 10+1 magazine (10+1 with extended magazines), and now it is available in an “XL”, model that has a standard 12+1 and optional 15-round mags. These pistol features are most popular with women: grip, size and capacity. 2. Smith & Wesson M&P9 SHIELD EZ. This gun was first introduced in January 2020. We’d be surprised if it did not appear regularly in the top 3. It’s a replica of the M&P380 Shield EZ which is a popular and well-respected small firearm. It is smaller than the.380 ACP version, which makes it an ideal first CCW pistol for people who struggle to manipulate a slide on semi-automatics. 3. Smith & Wesson M&P380 EZ Shield EZ. Third on our list is the M&P380 EZ pistol. This gun was a lifesaver for shooters new and old, especially those with reduced hand strength, arthritis or other conditions. Its lightweight and effortless functionality are still a favorite feature of the gun, according to women who participated in the survey. The pistol can be easily concealed carried in conceal carry clothes and features a dual safety, which is ideal for EDC. 4. Glock 43 Glock43 The Glock43 was created to answer the question, “Why did you take so long Glock?” It was the first 9mm compact option from the manufacturer in 2015. However, it drops to 4th in the survey. Small and slender for optimal concealment, recoil is still manageable. 5. Glock 19 Perhaps the most popular pistol in the globe, the Glock 19 (9 mm) is small but reliable. The Glock 19’s 15-round magazine, light recoil, quick takedown, and reliability make it a perennial favorite for both men as well as women.

best guns for women

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Top Guns Women Have in 2020. The Well Armed Man conducts an annual survey in order to gather more information about women. In this year’s case, we discovered the most common guns women had in 2020. It is vital to understand which guns were purchased in order to best assist our customers. We also recognize that not all guns are the same. Keep reading to see the top 10 guns women carried in 2020!

Women’s Most Recommendations for Guns in 2020

The survey results have been analysed and the following are the guns most women bought in 2020. Before we get into the results, I want to thank the more than 5,000 women who answered our survey! It is vital that this information be available! Why? Thank you for answering our questions. We can show women shopping for guns which other women bought. The data also helps the industry understand how to best meet their needs.

Guns Infographic for Women 2019

A great infographic of my personal life shows who I am. If you want to know more about women gun-owners and their behaviors in 2019, you’re in luck!

It is all used to shape and improve the firearms market. The industry has long ignored women, and I want to change that. Mothers are friends, husbands, daughters, grandchildren, etc. This survey is shared with industry leaders every year to ensure you have the information you need.

Womens’ Most Recommendations for Guns – 2019,

best guns for women

There are some things to consider when looking for the perfect handguns.

There are many factors that women should consider when shopping for handguns, such as the weight and ease of shooting. Because women often have smaller hands and less upper body strength, the best handguns for women will typically be compact and lightweight.

A handgun’s caliber has an impact on the feel of its recoil. Smaller ammunition chambers are popular with women. They produce less recoil, and they can be shot more comfortably. It is important to consider the purpose of your handgun. The handgun should be powerful enough to keep the shooter safe, yet light enough for comfortable shooting. Concealed carry requires a pistol that is lightweight and slim enough to be easily carried throughout the day. A handgun used for competition shooting should have a snappy trigger and large enough magazine capacity.

Here are a few considerations for the best handguns for women:

Caliber: A majority of handguns for small hands are designed to fire.380 ACP and 9mm rounds. Both of these calibers provide sufficient power to stop a threat with a light enough recoil to manage comfortably. The 9mm handguns offer a stronger feel than the.380 ACP ones, however this is usually balanced by their smaller size. The versatility of 9mm ammunition makes it versatile.

Recoil: Lighter recoil guns will feel more natural and comfortable without making the shooter tired. You can also take more precise and accurate follow up shots when you need them. The caliber and weight of the firearm determine the recoil. Smaller pistols may still produce high levels of felt recoil. You should test recoil because it will differ from one person to another. It is important to choose a compact and small handgun for concealed carry. The best models for conceal carry are usually subcompact or super-compact. Shooters who are looking to carry concealed weapons may want a larger gun. They can shoot more accurately with larger guns. Grip width is a key factor in how comfortable a handgun will feel.

Weighing: Handguns that are heavier often produce a lower feel recoil but may be harder to aim for those with shorter arms. When carrying concealed weapons, the weight of the weapon can impact the comfort and ease with which it will be carried throughout the day. A handgun should have a manageable recoil, and be comfortable to shoot.

Capacity of magazines: If you shoot competitively, it may be necessary to have a greater magazine capacity. Compact handguns are available with double-stack magazines for greater capacity. A single-stack Magazine is adequate for self-defense purposes.

best guns for women

1. Sig P365

SIG P365 is the first on our list. This concealed carry handgun from SIG Sauer was recognized as the 2019 Handgun of the Year by Shooting Illustrated 2018 Handgun of the Year by Guns & Ammo . This compact 9mm pistol, which measures just 9.9mm in length, is ideal for concealment and has an extended ammunition storage.

SIG P365 has a 1-inch-wide grip that is ideal for small hands. It also features a 3.1″ barrel which improves accuracy. With a stainless steel frame and slide, the SIG P365 weighs 17.8 ounces, making it lightweight yet well-balanced. Enjoy enjoyable shooting with this striking-fired pistol.

SIG P365 has a 10 round capacity, which is larger than other compact pistols. The SIG P365 has a length of only 5.8 inches and packs serious power.

SIG Sauer’s P320 striker fired 9mm pistol is highly accurate, reliable and fully configurable. Instead of modular backstraps, the SIG P320 offers separate grip modules in several sizes to perfectly fit the shooter’s hand size. Grips that are more comfortable can result in better performance and greater accuracy.

With a total length of 8.6 inches and a barrel length measuring 4.7 inches the full-size P320 handgun is one of this most impressive. Although the P320 weighs a substantial 29.6 pounds, it is not the first handgun that a woman would choose for concealed carry. However, the 17-round magazine and excellent sighted accuracy make the P320 perfect for target shooting or home defense.

You can also get the P320 in a smaller version. This model measures just 6.7 inches and weighs only 24.9 ounces. However, it has the same crisp trigger pull as the full-size versions and delivers the same reliable performance. It is great for those with limited hands and for concealment.

SIG P320-M17 was named the Modular Handgun System by the U.S. Army because of its remarkable performance. You can buy the P320M17 for civil use with the same PVD coated coyote tan slide and grip as the military version. The P320, a reliable, attractive handgun that falls in the middle of the price spectrum, is a great choice for women.

best guns for women


Best Self-Defense Handguns for Women Women account for one of today’s fastest-growing demographics in the shooting and hunting markets. Yet, the majority of major firearm manufacturers aren’t producing guns designed specifically for women. Luckily, this is changing and there are many more quality self-defense handguns for women on the market than there used to be.

When choosing a handgun for self-defense, there are several things you should look out for. Although pink seems to be the default color, there are many other important characteristics that you should look for in a self-defense handgun. If you are serious about finding a handgun that is both reliable and effective for self-defense, then the color should not be a top priority.

First, the handgun must be in chambered in a cartridge powerful enough to reliably stop an assailant when the shot is placed properly. This article does not discuss the pros and cons of each of the handgun cartridges currently on the market. However, we considered the .380 ACP as the bare minimum cartridge acceptable for self-defense when writing this article.

The handgun should be comfortable fitting the average female’s hands. This is an important feature to look for as it makes the handgun feel more natural and enjoyable to shoot. This makes it more attractive for shooters to practice shooting the handgun.

Despite being smaller, handguns that are concealable and easy to conceal are not necessarily as effective as bigger guns. The best choice for someone wanting a handgun that they can conceal or carry for their home defense is a larger one.

It must also be reliable. Handguns are a trustable investment. They must perform flawlessly each time. You don’t want it to malfunction or stop working at the range. The gun must work well under stress. When faced with a dangerous situation, all of our fine motor skills suffer. The best self-defense pistols for women are those that only require a few movements.

These are the characteristics that we consider when choosing self-defense guns for women. However, there are many other good guns for women out there that will also work well. It does not mean that a gun on this list is not a good choice for self-defense.

best guns for women

Final Thoughts

Women who are interested in purchasing a handgun to use for self-defense need to try out several handguns before making a purchase. See what fits your hand the best, experiment with manipulating the controls on each handgun, and compare how each gun shoots. Different people have different needs so the same thing that works for someone one may not work another. If you’re going to be trusting your life to a handgun, make certain that it is the right one for you.

The work is not over once you purchase the perfect self-defense handgun. If you can’t hit the target at the right time and use poor ammunition, even the most powerful handguns for women are useless. It is important to ensure you are using high quality ammunition, practice with it as often as possible, and that you know how it works. You can also get training from professionals if needed. An expertly trained woman, equipped with an accurate handgun, is formidable foe for those who wish to do her harm.

For self-defense, experts don’t recommend the use of novelty ammunition such as G2 RIP or target ammunition like full metal jackets or wacutter bullets. You should instead invest in the proven ammunition that is best suited for this task. You can read our blog about “Best Self Defense Ammunition”. You should also make sure to shoot hundreds of rounds with the ammo you choose for defense. This will ensure it works reliably and that it fires correctly. You can’t tell if different firearms prefer different loads so spend some time on the range.

best guns for women

Carrying Concealed

There are a few things that go into deciding which guns make the best conceal carry guns for women.

There are more options to conceal a gun with clothing for women than there is for men.

The fit of women’s clothes is usually more snug than that for men, which makes it difficult to conceal the gun print underneath your clothing.

Have you read the previous advice? Here are some suggestions to make your concealed carry handgun as comfortable and wearable as possible.

The concealed carry gun you choose should fit your frame and be easy to use.

You should get rid of any extra pistol features or accessories that are heavier than what you can comfortably carry, as well as those that make your weapon more cumbersome to use.

Your handgun should be relatively easy to conceal and carry and then deploy, after all, and its features must support those characteristics.

best guns for women

3. Glock G43X

Glock’s unique ability to create a reliable and light pistol was evident in the test results. The G43x remains a popular handgun choice for women, even though it is now lower down on this list.

Glock has a reputation for reliability and customer service. Glock G43x was recently released and has a 10-+1 magazine capacity. That’s four times the G43 standard G4. Although it isn’t as concealable as the standard G4, it makes shooting easier due to the extended grip. No one will dispute that the larger magazine capacity is an advantage. This gun weighs 16.4 ounces less than the S&W Shield but has two more rounds. Slide operation is much easier, trigger works well, sights easy to see, and it is a Glock. While the G43x MSRP is modest at $549 (but it’s readily available for as low as $500), its availability can’t be beat.

.Best Guns For Women

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