Bag Size And Capacity

For you, the best messenger bags is the one with enough room to hold anything you want. Look for a bag with enough compartments and pockets for all your EDC pieces.

If You Don’T Go Anywhere Without A

Notebook Make sure the bag sleeve is wide enough to match your device. All bags featured here can accommodate up to 15.6″ laptops, but only some can fit the 17″ ones. Additionally, don’t get a bag bigger than you like. It might seem like a smart idea, but most likely you won’t use the bag at all because it’s too big. That’s why it’s best to make sure you have something you’re going to use a lot about the things you already have in your pocket.

If you usually carry a lot of smaller items, look for a bag that has some sort of Organizing panel Or at least many pockets for fast organizing. If your bag is mostly packed with files and directories, you can concentrate on internal dividers. Some of the bags featured here are divided into two or three main compartments for better organization. And if you’re looking for a messenger bag you can also use for travel,

I highly suggest you go with an expandable bag. I’ve included a few in this review; both bags are sized and have several travel-friendly features including a luggage strap and a small stuff organizer.

Bag Color And Design

I like keeping it real, and I’d lie if I said the bag’s design didn’t matter. It normally matters more than the bag’s interior – no woman would buy anything she doesn’t even want! That’s why you should be searching for messenger bags, as well as being really practical. Yes, functionality and longevity are the most important considerations, but the architecture also plays a major part. The more you like the bag, the more likely to wear it, which essentially means better value for money. I’ve included all sorts of messenger bags here, so whether you’re a sporty or classy gal, you should have at least one choice.

Best Messenger Bags For Women: Stylish And Durable

Messenger bags are a perfect alternative to daypacks or backpacks – they suit all your daily needs and look much more professional. In fact, they can be so cute and fashionable you want to wear them everywhere, even at night out.

Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0

If you’re looking for a decent messenger bag, you’re probably right. We’ll tell you about the top ten women’s messenger bags, from sporty and rugged to some beautifully classy choices. So, what’s the hold? Find the right messenger bag for you!

Tocode Laptop Messenger Bag

Tocode Bag is one of women’s best messenger bags, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. This cute messenger bag retails around $35, which is a great deal for such a versatile bag. Made of PU leather and canvas cloth for excellent durability. What I like most about this bag is plenty of internal and external pockets.

The bag’s interior features a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate up to 16.5″ laptops and a small internal organizer. You get one zippered and three open pockets on the bag’s external body. One of the outer pockets is wide enough to accommodate an iPad, while the smaller ones are ideal for easy access to your phone, sunglasses and other items. In terms of organizational features, the Tocode bag is one of the best choices.

The main compartment has zipper closure, besides the Velcro secured flap. This is important because it ensures your belongings’ protection – the zipper makes it much harder for anyone to try and snatch stuff from the bag without you knowing. But some stuff about this bag, like the shoulder strap, you won’t like as much. It’s just a dense webbing without extra padding.

Wear won’t be super comfortable, particularly if you fill it to capacity. It’s a very solid strap that won’t crack or get broken easily, so there’s that. EaseWomen’s Briefcase Let’s face it ladies—we buy most of our bags because they’re cute and fashionable. And if you need a messenger bag but want to keep it sleek, the EaseGave briefcase is one of your best choices. It has the classic exterior satchel, with 12 different colors and two styles.

It’s good news. The even better news is that this bag is beautiful, but still very practical. Its interior is divided into three compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve. Inside the main compartment you can fit computers up to 15.6″ and a number of other things.

The bag’s interior also includes a small organizer and a small stuff zippered pocket. And there’s a zippered pocket on the back of the pack, perfect for things you want easily available. This messenger bag features the main compartment’s turn and lock closure, besides the zipper. So all inside will be perfectly safe. The biggest drawback is the lack of external pockets.

But that’s also why the EaseGave briefcase has such sleek exterior. If you’re comfortable not getting more than one easily accessible pocket, I think you’ll really like this bag. It’s also worth noting that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a comfortable grab handle. There’s no padding on the shoulder strap though, so if you make the bag very heavy, it could be a little uncomfortable.

Easegave Briefcase For Women

A messenger bag can be used on a plane to store your laptop and other important items easily. If you’re a remote worker, digital nomad, or business traveler, you can use this to store your laptop at various locations when you’re at your destination. You do not want to use it for sightseeing as it may be too wide and choose a crossbody instead.

How Can A Messenger Bag Be Used For Travel?

From canvas to leather, there are a range of types to fit everybody’s needs. We’ll cover different choices below. Note: Not all messenger-style bags are wide enough for a laptop, as you can find some cute bags in this design. Now, check out our top picks for fashionable messenger bags women travelers will love!

What Type Of Messenger Bag Is Right For Me?

Timbuk2 bags seem the realistic messengers’ holy grail. They have a fantastic unisex style (which comes in a lot of color options) and were designed to work for you with all the internal compartments, flaps and pockets you might need. One user shares, “It’s definitely the most well-thought-out travel or work messenger bag I’ve ever met.

This is heavy-duty, coordinated, well-stitched, fully rainproof, fantastic adjustable shoulder harness, built for people on the move, and probably has some of the best ergonomics to boot! “Timbuk 2 bags even come with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure they can fix it for you! Besides the Timbuk2 classic messenger bag, you can also get a Timbuk2 tiny messenger bag or a Timbuk2 wide messenger bag! Store: Nomatic Voyage

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag Medium

It can be your dream travel partner for a sleek and trendy look. This bag doesn’t just look amazing, it’s smart too, with a number of clever features including a reversible harness, adjustable inner panels for storing odds and ends, roller luggage sleeve for easy airport carrying, and a fast access water bottle pocket too.

Reviews are positive for this waterproof messenger bag, one shares, “This is a well-thought-out, masterfully made bag, quality. You can sense the goal in this bag physically. It’s not anything random. Every part of this bag has its function.” Amazon’s

Black Messenger Bag

So, this ECOSUSI must be one of the best messenger bags I’ve ever seen! Not only is the bow shape ultra-feminine (but optional if you don’t want it!) it has various carrying choices, shifting to a backpack style by modifying the clip-on straps. Yeah, it’s also very good value! Reviews are fantastic for these PU leather messenger bags, with many users raving about their amount of compliments and their practicality. One explains, “It’s the perfect combination of feminine and practical without a fortune.”

Ecosusi Women’S Bow Convertible Backpack

Ecosusi Women’S Convertible

Ok, it’s the same brand as the previous pack, but when a company makes things so trendy, you have to share both! This ECOSUSI vegan messanger bag has super cute detailing, including buckle hardware and detailed laser-cut floral front. Within it has many pockets and convertible belts.

Users love this vegan messenger bag, “Love, love this bag! Exceeded my hopes for this economic bag! It’s a beautiful bag, very feminine, unique, looks professional, and I use it for work every day.” Find out why Longchamps are the best travel handbags!

Vegan Messenger Bags

A decent messenger bag will see you in almost any casual situation. Messenger bags are small enough not to reach your fellow train passengers, formal enough to look home in an office (without being as stable as a briefcase), and sporty enough to remain in place as you ride a coffee shop to do some work.

Two Wirecutter writers checked 18 messenger bags for two months, commuting everyday. And because no two people are the same, we found the eight best choices for everyone.

Our Favorite Messenger Bags

The Executive Leather Messenger bag has a heavy price tag, but if you’re looking for a well-constructed and meticulously built messenger bag for the long haul, it’s worth it.

A Beautiful

Often enthusiasts write our guides best, and sometimes skeptics reveal more useful perspectives on a product. It’s fair to say that when we first started writing this guide, neither of us, Jordan Bowman and Haley Sprankle, were on the bandwagon.

We were both pretty set on backpacks for our regular commutes, sometimes swapping Haley with her Kate Spade tote bag when she felt fancy, and Jordan with his media totes on a weekend walk. But as we wrote this article, we came to the conclusion that messenger bags were a useful way to bring your gear to work.