Personal security is a serious industry, but finding the right product for your needs can be difficult. A gun undoubtedly has stopping power, but carrying one in a bag requires legal identification, training, and willingness to own a lethal gun. A stun gun or Taser is simpler to procure, nonlethal, but involves direct contact with an attacker and variable stopping power. Therefore, many people seek pepper spray for self-defense purposes.

Pepper spray looks for nonlethal stopping power users but can be used at a distance with very little preparation. Most states do not require legal registration for less than four ounces of pepper spray, and when required, canisters are easily concealed and made. Our list of pepper spray dispensers is those we believe do the job in personal security. Our top pick, SABRE RED Police-Strength Pepper Gel Spray, features a handy runner strap along with all police-grade pepper spray stopping capacity. 

If you need to fend off an attacker or scare an animal, we studied the best brands of pepper spray, so you can purchase and carry with trust. To find the right pepper spray, we spoke to people on the pepper spray market, reading numerous online forums and reviews. We also reviewed technical requirements and guidelines for pepper sprays.

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 5-In-1 (Black) Free Gps Location Texts & Phone Calls, Optional Professional Monitoring Service, Siren, Strobe Light, 4-Yr Battery Life

Plegium Smart Pepper Spray can help.
This ingenious device not only sprays pepper spray at an attacker (up to 10 feet away), but also sends GPS location text messages and phone calls to your pre-selected contacts.
And if you opt for the professional monitoring service, an active tracking link will be sent to a 24/7 call center that will contact local authorities.
Look no further than Plegium’s Smart Pepper Spray 5-in-1!
This handy device offers maximum strength pepper spray (10-foot range), red marking dye, UV dye, GPS text messages and phone calls to selected contacts, and an included 130 dB siren to attract attention.
Plus, with the optional Professional Monitoring Service, you can rest assured that authorities will be alerted if something goes wrong.
So don’t go another day feeling unsafe – pick up a Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 5-in-1 today!

Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain, 25 Bursts Of Maximum Police Strength Oc Spray, Quick Release Key Ring For Easy Access, Finger Grip For Accurate Aim, Twist Lock Safety, 10-Foot Range, Assorted Colors

SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain, 25 Bursts of Maximum Police Strength OC Spray, Quick Release Key Ring Holster, Black The #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide (including New York PD, Chicago PD, and U.S. Marshals) SABRE’s professional-grade OC formula is backed by our in-house HPLC lab testing to guarantee maximum heat and stopping power in every burst; eliminates the 30% failure rate experienced with other brands (U of Utah study) This SABRE pepper spray keychain gives you the protection you need in a convenient and easy to carry self-defense product. This 25 burst canister is hot enough to stop an attacker and has a range of up to 10 feet (3 meters).

Our professional-grade OC Spray is backed by our in-house HPLC lab testing, guaranteeing maximum heat and stopping power in every burst.
With a 4-year shelf life (2X the industry standard), this reliable and long-lasting product offers maximum protection at a safe distance.
SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain provides you with maximum stopping power at a safe distance.
With a 4-year shelf life, this product is reliable and long-lasting.

Sabre Pink Pepper Spray For Women, Supports The Fight Against Breast Cancer, 25 Bursts Of Max Police Strength Oc Spray, Quick Release Key Ring, 10-Foot Range, Finger Grip, Multipacks Available

SABRE Pink Defense Spray is the #1 brand of pepper spray trusted by Police and consumers. SABRE Pink Pepper Spray for Women Supports The Fight Against Breast Cancer 25 Pack SABRE RED DEFENSE SPRAY IS THE #1 BRAND OF PEPPER SPRAY TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS: Studies show that women are more likely to use personal protection products when they are fashionable or designed with their needs in mind. SABRE Pink Defense Spray is made in the USA and GUARANTEED to be Maximum Strength. The #1 pepper spray trusted by police & consumers, SABRE Defense Spray gives you peace of mind, certainty, reliability, and safety! SABRE’s exclusive HPLC Laboratory guarantees that each canister will deliver maximum strength formula every time. SABRE Pink Pepper Spray for Women Supports the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

SABRE Pink Pepper Spray for Women is made with a Maximum Strength Formula and supports the fight against breast cancer.
With SABRE, you can trust that you’re getting maximum protection in every canister!
SABRE, the number one pepper spray brand trusted by both police and consumers, now offers a pink pepper spray designed specifically for women.
The SABRE Pink Pepper Spray supports the fight against breast cancer with every purchase, as a portion of profits are donated to charity.

Guard Dog Security Quick Action Pepper Spray Keychain – Maximum Strength Mc 1.44 – Pepper Spray Range Up To 16 Ft – Made In Usa – 2 Pack (Black/Fucsia)

This Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray Keychain is the perfect self-defense tool for women, men, and children. Its impressive spray span of up to 16 feet (60% further than other brands) guarantees maximum accuracy and effectiveness when you need it the most. No accidental discharge with our patented non-leak design and a safety slide. This keychain has been designed for safe storage in purse, pocket or backpack; simply flip up the safety slide before use! Guard Dog Security’s pepper spray keychain is the perfect size for your purse, pocket, or backpack.

Then reach for the Guard Dog Security Keychain Pepper Spray!
Plus, with a non-leak design and safety slide, it’s perfect for safe storage in your purse or pocket.
And don’t worry about accidental discharges – the keychain features a patented design that keeps you safe and sound.
The Guard Dog Security Quick Action Pepper Spray Keychain is perfect for anyone looking for an extra level of security.
The 1.44 MC formulation will give you enough time to abandon the scene and ask for help, and with a spray span of up to 16-feet, you can be confident that you’ll be able to take down your assailant from a safe distance.
Plus, the patented non-leak design ensures that accidental discharges won’t occur, making this keychain a safe choice for carrying in your purse or pocket.

Why Should Women Carry A Pepper Spray?

Why should women carry a pepper spray? Women can protect themselves from sexual assault or unwanted attention with a self-defense product such as pepper spray. Be prepared and always know where your personal protection device is so you can instantly grab it in any emergency situation! It’s important to know what the laws are in your state for purchase and use of pepper sprays. Some states, counties, and cities require that you be 18 years old to buy them – this is called an age restriction – and some others may limit their sale by barring buyers who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes. Take time to find out about laws related to the purchase and use of these products where you live. For more information check out http://www It’s not like rape is an uncommon experience. A 2000 study found that 15% of US women will experience rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault in their lifetime; this means 1 out of 7. Unfortunately, there are no statistics for unreported cases which would suggest the number could be much higher. So it’s important to stay vigilant and carry a pepper spray on you at all times – it doesn’t have to be sprayed but having some form of deterrent can really help out when faced with an attacker. Even better if you know self-defense techniques as well because then they have no weapons against you! For contact information please find on To send an

Should You Carry Pepper Spray?

If you’re traveling and unknowingly find yourself in a dangerous place, carrying pepper spray may be useful. But it’s not at all necessary to carry pepper spray for day-to-day life in environments where there is much less crime than the average. Some people even argue that concealed weapons such as guns or knives are more valuable forms of protection due to their quick access and preemptive use against violence when needed. The key is prevention, not mistaken identity. Crime can happen anywhere, but it’s actually quite rare in many places where we often go without feeling unsafe: malls, supermarkets, workplace buildings/offices etcetera. Anywhere with high density populations and few risks of violent crimes can be considered “low risk” It varies from region to region and person to person. For example, in many dangerous areas, guns are not legal and pepper spray is the best alternative. In other regions where crime rates are low (like Minneapolis – Minnesota), carrying a handgun would be better than pepper spray. Likewise for some cities like Boston where carjackings happen at high rates, it’s advised to carry an air horn instead of pepper spray because you never know if your car will be stolen while you’re shopping too close by.

Where Is Your Pepper Spray?

That’s a good question. Where do you keep your pepper spray? Here are some tips: – Determine where it should be based on your current activity and environment – For instance, I keep mine in my purse because I’m often running errands or going to the gym alone. – Consider other people members of your household and what they need their space for. My housemate uses a lot of latex gloves when he cooks, so we each have one in separate spots that doesn’t interfere with either of our tasks. – Keep it close enough to readily access it but also out of reach from children and pets who might get into it by accident. We put ours up high because the dogs can’t See the related question What is pepper spray? ##

Will The Pepper Spray Be Ready?

answer: The answer is no. Ready to use in 2-3 years, today it is impossible without compromising the product. With so much media attention on pepper spray, many copycats have come into the market to profit from the hype. More importantly, legitimate pepper sprays are being keenly counterfeited! Given that protection agencies can’t tell which product is genuine or not, they are hesitant to carry what could be a dangerous product for themselves and their clients. Yes. Skip to more information, click the link at the bottom. *Skip to more info* More than 10 ye, it became illegal for law enforcement officers and other governmental agencies within the United States to use pepper spray as a form of punishment or forced extraction. This is because it caused so many safety problems and deaths when put into widespread use in these countries. Skip this for now if you want more info on safety issues with pepper spray such as death or injury, seek medical advice if your contact with pepper spray requires any immediate attention up until 4 hours after exposure to be fully treated, etc.) The reality is that there has never been a perfect videotaped example of how police should handle someone who is under

At What Temperature Should I Store Your Sabre Pepper Spray?

The ideal temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sabre Pepper Spray should be stored in a cool environment. For best results store between 16° F and 60°F, never refrigerate the product. Make sure to store it in a cool, dark location. As for the temperature that you should be storing the product at, I recommend that you store your Sabre pepper spray at room temperature or below. It’s also important to keep any gear near the pepper spray clean and free from dust. One way to do this is by wiping it down daily with a slightly damp cloth or spraying disinfectant on it before putting it away for the night. Or, if using chemicals creates an unpleasant smell, simply put out some pine scent around your area! Just remember-synthetic substances are not friendly towards pepper sprays so avoid using bleach-based ones as they could damage them. It’s always best to err on the side of

What Do You Do When Your Sabre Pepper Spray Expires Or Is Empty?

As pepper spray is a perishable product, make sure to check the expiration date before purchase. If it expires, dispose of it. While expired or empty, with both safety and environmental concerns in mind use some alternatives that deal more specifically with your need for defense. Pepper spray that is not expired does pose some issues on safety because of potential leakage throughout storage – let alone if it comes into contact with flame – so store cans upright and never handle them if you’re wearing gloves or mittens unless they’ve been given specific treatment to be resistant to safety hazards. Remember, using an offensive weapon like pepper spray places responsibility on the safety of others as well as yourself! With regards to environmental impacts brought about by either Returning the question is not an option. If your pepper spray has expired or is empty, then this thread isn’t for you. Consider that it may be time to consider new self-defense options; if you’re not sure what they are, consult with professionals who specialize in self-defense tactics so they can help identify the right level of protection for your needs. Remember, security doesn’t come with expiration dates! Enjoy life and stay safe out there!

Pros Of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an affordable way of defending yourself. This makes it more likely you can defend yourself when other personal security solutions can be cost-prohibitive. The small size of a pepper spray means you can carry it to your activities. This gives you improved security whatever you do, from work-out to grocery shopping. Pinpointing the attacker post-attack can be difficult. Some pepper sprays have UV dye for fast processing. This means knowing who the attacker is.

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