How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

Recent years have seen prisons add a variety of accommodation options for prisoners, such as therapy centers or the chance to increase their education via on-site courses.

  • In addition to these activities, companies like Amazon enable friends and family to send books and magazines to inmates. How does it work? You can find the answer in this article.
  • Amazon: In 2022, How to send magazines and books directly to inmates
  • Amazon customers may send magazines or books to prisoners by inputting the inmate number in the Amazon order form. As long as there are no depictions of violence, racism or sexual content in the magazines, customers may send them.

  • You can read on to discover more about Amazon’s sending prison packages and the steps for sending books or magazines to your inmates.
  • Amazon: What is Amazon’s policy for sending books and magazines directly to prisoners?

    Amazon’s policy for sending packages to inmates states that they are more than willing to provide this service.

    However, Amazon urges customers to contact the prison where the inmate is located to ensure that they allow Amazon packages to be delivered to inmates.

    Amazon won’t include special instructions like other package. It will simply include Amazon’s name, address and destination.

    How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

    How Many Books and Magazines Are You able to Send to Prisoners?

    To prevent any inmates from sending dangerous or worrying behavior, customers must follow these guidelines when sending magazines and books to prisons.

    This checklist will help customers choose the right books and magazines to send via Amazon.

  • Must be brand new
  • No more than 3 products per packaging
  • Paperback books only (hardcover copies can be used as weapons)
  • This book cannot include any explicit content, violence or racism, nor any gang-related behaviour.
  • It cannot be shipped by any third-party seller that doesn’t fulfil orders through Amazon
  • Must be sent USPS
  • You cannot send anonymously
  • Addresses must be made to specific prisoners and include inmate ID
  • If customers are wondering which types of books are most appropriate, it’s recommended they send books with overall positive messages such as self-help/self-improvement books, science and nature, sudoku and crossword puzzles, and other similar books.

    Inmates who are incarcerated for nonviolent reasons may be allowed access to a broader range of books.

    Customers are advised to be careful about what books they send, in order not to let other inmates access them.

    How Do I Locate an Inmate to Send Magazines and Books?

    Customers can locate the inmate they wish to send books to by contacting the prison they are currently being held in.

    Customers only require the inmate ID or unit number for the prisoner they are sending the package to, as well as the address of the prison.

    However, if customers are unsure which prison the inmate is located in, they can use a search engine such as DoNotPay to locate the accurate address.

    Customers should note that when sending magazines and books to inmates, they must not send the package anonymously, and it must be addressed to the specific person it is being sent to.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon offers the ability to ship magazines or books directly to prisoners. Customers must enter the prison address, inmate number and unit number into the Amazon ordering page.

    Customers may only send books and magazines that do not contain sexual, violent or racist content.

    Additionally, customers may only send books and magazines that are paperback, as hardback books could be used as a potential weapon.

    Customers are also required to ship packages via Amazon and cannot send them on their own.

    .How To Send Magazines & Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

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